Why do Chicago Bears Fans Focus on so Many Stupid Things?

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  1. aakar88
    aakar88 24 July, 2022, 12:07

    "A third rate stadium in a second rate city" LOL!! yeah with a fourth rate team and owner, Go Bears

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  2. Rob Morris
    Rob Morris 24 July, 2022, 12:19

    The Packers have owned the Bears for 30 years. THIRTY. YEARS. The entire careers of two Hall Of Fame Quarterbacks, back to back. Pathetic. It is virtually guaranteed that the Bears get humiliated by Rodgers two more times this coming year.

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  3. Yusuke Knight
    Yusuke Knight 24 July, 2022, 12:20

    BEARS FOOTBALL for the W ….. 🏈.

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  4. Alex M.
    Alex M. 24 July, 2022, 12:22

    Thanks to you, whenever I see teams that are built on running the ball and defense, I think BEARRRSSSS FOOTBBAALLLLL and I love it 🤣🤣🤣

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  5. mo-hunnit
    mo-hunnit 24 July, 2022, 12:34

    Jeff you should make BEARS football a t-shirt without trying to get copyright of course

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  6. Ivan Boggs
    Ivan Boggs 24 July, 2022, 12:41

    This is why I stop considering myself a bears fan years ago bc the fan loves losing and I don't want to be counted among happy losers. The worst part is they will act like the McCaskeys are their family or you're hurting fan feelings by saying this ownership needs to go. It's a mom and pop operation that only cares about making sure future McCaskey generations have this expensive heirloom, financial safety net. As long the Bears are profitable they don't care, and the fan base is all too happy losing while ownership lines their pockets. Why would any sane person want to be a fan of that?

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  7. YFNA
    YFNA 24 July, 2022, 12:44

    I always console myself with the fantasy that things can't get much worse…..

    Then I am proven wrong ….again.
    You never disappoint me Chicago.

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  8. Carl
    Carl 24 July, 2022, 12:49

    If justin not a top 10 qb in two years he's a bust imo but i root for him to be great

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  9. T’Challa Campbell
    T’Challa Campbell 24 July, 2022, 12:51

    Lol your videos funny asl 😂

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  10. Greg Wilson
    Greg Wilson 24 July, 2022, 13:01

    Jeff is going to be only thing that will make the upcoming 3 win season bearable.

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  11. Mitchell Webb
    Mitchell Webb 24 July, 2022, 13:24

    I think focusing on what stadium they play in is a stupid thing. The product on the field is what’s most important. I could care less if the stadium is multi purpose. Bears aren’t the only team in sports that play in an outdated stadium. Problem is the outdated ownership and their outdated executive management in addition to their outdated way of running a professional sports franchise in the 21st century.

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  12. Shadow Kombat
    Shadow Kombat 24 July, 2022, 13:41

    they need to move the team to play in a city with lower murder rate lol

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  13. The Rebellious One
    The Rebellious One 24 July, 2022, 13:57


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  14. emmit brown
    emmit brown 24 July, 2022, 14:28

    Can I rent you to speak these same truths to my Seahawks fan base? Most are wearing rose colored glasses and trying to pump up Geno/Lock. It's bad enough Pete's a damn in game moron with dementia. But I don't need to be blown smoke up my @$$ about 2 bust QB's. These new age 12's are driving me nuts with their stupid @$$ talking points/topics.
    I'm a 12th Man, not no punk ass 12've. Texas A&M can kiss my ass!
    I dig you're style bro! I'll always remember, that you were the 1st person to identify Carson Wentz as a top draft prospect. I respect the hell outta your draft videos. So… Thank you S.D.TV.👍

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  15. Nathan Johnson
    Nathan Johnson 24 July, 2022, 14:37

    Everytime I try to escape the Bears they do just enough to keep me interested and that was drafting Fields. I had already packed my bags after Pace and Nagy stayed after that abortion of 2020 season. But I’m here ready to die for BEARS FOOTBALL. It doesn’t help that Chicago Sports as a whole is a joke

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  16. AlexShirley
    AlexShirley 24 July, 2022, 15:18

    Jeff it’s bears Twitter that care about stupid stuff bears fans in the real world care about winning

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  17. Marcus
    Marcus 24 July, 2022, 15:27

    Call me crazy but I think that's the reason why the quarterback play has been shitty maybe it's the wind,that was always my theory on the browns

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  18. Jose Mercedes
    Jose Mercedes 24 July, 2022, 16:39

    Yup I kind of agree. As a pats fan the pats don't even play in boston. They play in Foxborough Massachusetts which yes its about 40 minutes away from Boston. But I am used to it. There is a way to get there without driving. We have a commuter rail train that can get us there.

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  19. EagleFang86
    EagleFang86 24 July, 2022, 17:22

    Get off twitter and you'll see more people are relatable and not fake like that website/app haha

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  20. Nath John
    Nath John 24 July, 2022, 17:38

    I think these are my fav Jeff vids, the ones where he tells fellow Bears fans how stupid they are (rightly so) always crack me up.😂

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  21. Dank Burrito
    Dank Burrito 24 July, 2022, 17:38

    This is what should be said to Eagles fans who think Jalen can be the dude.

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  22. Don Wanderley
    Don Wanderley 24 July, 2022, 17:49

    Chicago is NOT a second rate city. I don’t care about the Bears.

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  23. The Darius Truxton Show
    The Darius Truxton Show 24 July, 2022, 21:24

    Get stuffed at the line on offense, then get burned deep down field on defence. BEARS FOOTBALL!!

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  24. Michael Renouf
    Michael Renouf 24 July, 2022, 22:50

    Agreed with everything you said with the exception of chicago being a second rate city. Unless it’s in the context of sports; which you are right.

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  25. Eli
    Eli 25 July, 2022, 00:20

    2:062:18 explains my feelings perfectly

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  26. Amahd cole
    Amahd cole 25 July, 2022, 00:24

    Because that's how us as fans are it chicago the fans are going to expect the team to win but we know it never happens

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  27. Ad Tastic
    Ad Tastic 25 July, 2022, 08:36

    I follow a lot of different sports and a lot of different teams with a lot of stupid fans. But Bears fans are easily the most delusional.
    Having said that, not wanting the team to move out the City is not one of those delusions. Stadiums in downtowns are just better. It's a better match day experience. Arlington Heights is boring. Build a new stadium if you must, even change location, but keep them as close to the city as possible.

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  28. Merryl Derrickson
    Merryl Derrickson 25 July, 2022, 08:49

    good takes, but excruciating to listen to. had to turn it off. if the audience has to turn the volume up to hear you talk and then has to drop the volume cuz you're blowing out your input again….it means your gain, attenuation and dampening are all off.

    its a shame, as i said, the content is good

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  29. mattwingo89
    mattwingo89 25 July, 2022, 09:47

    They should move to Decatur

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