Trey Hendrickson Film Breakdown: How Bengals star cracked top 5 sack leaders | Voch Lombardi Live

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  1. The Volume
    The Volume 22 July, 2022, 14:36

    Bet with us at FanDuel Sportsbook:

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  2. Rishi Raj
    Rishi Raj 22 July, 2022, 15:45

    lets gooooooo

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  3. FlemLo Raps
    FlemLo Raps 22 July, 2022, 16:26

    Dude's been one of our best free agent additions ever….& I know he gotta be one of the most annoying people to block lol…he just never stop bro lol

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  4. 4heavens8k
    4heavens8k 22 July, 2022, 16:27

    Fantastic analysis.

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  5. Nate Johnson
    Nate Johnson 22 July, 2022, 16:29

    Yup Trey underrated asf

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  6. B M
    B M 22 July, 2022, 17:00

    You should one every week one highlighting a defensive play and another highlight an offensive player that you shined their game

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  7. Denzell Campbell
    Denzell Campbell 22 July, 2022, 17:46

    Wait till they see Joseph Ossai

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  8. Daniel Dycus
    Daniel Dycus 22 July, 2022, 17:48

    Voch is the GOAT of NFL insight, don't sleep on his ability to bring you into the fam 😎

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  9. Lemans Trent
    Lemans Trent 22 July, 2022, 17:53

    @thevolume I am a cowboys fan but some bengals film be awesome don’t see much of them. Love sack school

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  10. VikingsFan721
    VikingsFan721 22 July, 2022, 18:39

    love this series

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  11. HighWarlordJC
    HighWarlordJC 22 July, 2022, 20:07

    Great breakdown. Even an idiot like me understood.

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  12. Billy the Kid Balboa
    Billy the Kid Balboa 22 July, 2022, 20:15

    Lions ravens fan here… twitch sub, represent

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  13. IEradicate
    IEradicate 23 July, 2022, 01:08

    Heck yeah man. Trey is one of my favorite players out there, he’s such a joy to watch. Never ever stops moving and pushing. I’ve never seen a higher motor ever.

    Not only is he top 3 in sacks the past 2 years, he also had the top disruption rate per NGS, and near the top in pressure rate from other sources.

    One thing I’ve been noticing about elite pass rushers is, the great ones stop getting holding penalties in their favor because they’re just disrupting way too often. The officials can’t call it every time. So, when guys start getting choked out every game and it’s never called, it’s a good indication of how well he’s playing. Trey gets this treatment lately, and it’s been infuriating to watch, but the more I’ve started to realize why it happens, the more I can appreciate it.

    The guy is truly an elite pass rusher and deserves way more love. Appreciate you putting some spotlight on him.

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  14. RyTrapp0
    RyTrapp0 23 July, 2022, 02:14

    Awesome material Voch – I didn't realize just how legit Trey Hendrickson was, that's some damn impressive film! These strong athletic pass rushers man, like Trey, like Parsons, Garrett, if their work rate can keep up with their physical talents, good luck no matter who the OLman is. There's a couple brick wall mofos in the league, but these top pass rushers are a handful every snap!

    In fact, it could make for some interesting film covering the OLmen who had the best success against these all elite everything pass rushers, see what it is that they're able to do to just slow these dude's rolls. OL stuff is probably still what I'm weakest at breaking down – but Voch got that shit on lock of course

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  15. Jedd Seredni
    Jedd Seredni 23 July, 2022, 08:54

    Do more of these! I want to watch your videos but I’m not a cowboys fan. I swear your audience would expand ten fold

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  16. Settle Down
    Settle Down 23 July, 2022, 10:20

    Great breakdown. Hendrickson deserves his props, but is overshadowed with Burrow, Chase, etc. Top 5 guy at this position in the league at this point.

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  17. Al Tortugas
    Al Tortugas 24 July, 2022, 10:30

    Breaking down film of a Bengals player, I don’t think you get to say other teams and quarterbacks give up too many sacks.

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