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  1. Wayne Arballo
    Wayne Arballo 22 July, 2022, 09:31

    Thanks for posting!

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  2. Anthony Guido
    Anthony Guido 22 July, 2022, 09:32

    Great content

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  3. David ganz
    David ganz 22 July, 2022, 09:32

    That's good news Ian

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  4. Jerry
    Jerry 22 July, 2022, 09:32

    His weight is getting down = his weight is still a problem. Gotta read between the lines. If his weight was good, he would have said that.

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  5. Giovanni
    Giovanni 22 July, 2022, 09:36

    Stealth black sooooooo sexyyyyyyy🖤🖤🖤💚

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  6. Anthony Guido
    Anthony Guido 22 July, 2022, 09:37

    Benton is going to be a stud they can’t get in his way

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  7. BluntedVegas702
    BluntedVegas702 22 July, 2022, 09:45

    I wish you were part of the Jets media staff. Smh, those guys still praise Gase. It's a shame because they need a quality staff reporter and here he is. Goodluck brother! Enjoy the day sir!

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  8. Rich R
    Rich R 22 July, 2022, 09:48

    It seems like there's some type of personal issue between Connor Hughes of the Athletic and Becton and that's where a lot of the negative Becton articles come from. I still think the Jets need to sign a solid swing tackle just in case.

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  9. Giovanni
    Giovanni 22 July, 2022, 09:49

    Mekhi we will make everyone eat their words like he said he would!!!

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  10. Amir B
    Amir B 22 July, 2022, 09:49

    Thoughts on black helmets? I was hoping for something more like throwback uniforms

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  11. Johnathan
    Johnathan 22 July, 2022, 09:50

    Hope Mekhi kills it this year just to shut all this talk up – also your video cut off so will probably see a re-upload a bit later.

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  12. Tbiz
    Tbiz 22 July, 2022, 09:54

    It just shows some in the media always have a agenda regardless of facts. I am very happy to hear this news from the HC!

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  13. Vladimir
    Vladimir 22 July, 2022, 09:56

    ❤Only for fans over 18 year⤵️ Alles sehr schön. Aber zuerst zusammen die Nummern 10 und 1. Eine warmthh.Online Brünette und eine andere Blondine. Es wäre unfair, wennh ich 4 wählen würde

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  14. Andrew Candela
    Andrew Candela 22 July, 2022, 09:56

    I wonder if Saleh took so long to say this so the negative storylines would circulate and that would motivate becton. That would be next level strategy lol but either way sounds like he'll be good week one barring injury and that's good. Him and fant staying healthy is really important this year

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  15. Ryan Garcia
    Ryan Garcia 22 July, 2022, 09:59

    I’m so over this guy.
    He’s always going to be that player who’s overweight/lacking in fitness to the point where he’s not only an injury concern but the time it’ll take to recover/rehab will always be a factor too.
    Plus he’s thin skinned and doesn’t comprehend as to what all the concern is about.
    Can’t get behind someone who’s not at least self aware.

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  16. Rich
    Rich 22 July, 2022, 10:03

    Thanks Ian!✈️✅️

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  17. audition
    audition 22 July, 2022, 10:04

    good news

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  18. YoitzVin
    YoitzVin 22 July, 2022, 10:08

    Is it just me, or did the video just abruptly end?

    Anyways, good stuff JC! Glad to hear good news on MB

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  19. Daniel Beware
    Daniel Beware 22 July, 2022, 10:12

    I hope to Becton have a D'Brickshaw Ferguson carrer type. I want him to succeed and be a franchise tackle for years to come.

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  20. speeddoctor
    speeddoctor 22 July, 2022, 10:14

    Thing are looking good, Becton looks like 370lbs

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  21. dimi trov
    dimi trov 22 July, 2022, 10:17

    Alles sehr schön. Aber zuerst zusammen die Nummern 10 und 1. Eine Brünette und eine anderez Blondine. Es wäre unfair, wenn ich 4 wählen würde

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  22. Joe M
    Joe M 22 July, 2022, 10:18

    Hilarious how the beat is dead silent about these quotes. If these quotes were negative in any way they’d be all over them and blowing it up even more. Just shows you they have an agenda about Becton.

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  23. Alicia Araujo
    Alicia Araujo 22 July, 2022, 10:21

    Alles sehr schön. Aber zuerst zusammen die Nummern 10 und 1. Eine warmthh.Online Brünette und eine anderez Blondine. Es wäre unfair, wenn ich 4 wählen würde

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  24. JetOrange
    JetOrange 22 July, 2022, 10:24

    Beat writers need to apologize to Becton for their fake news

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  25. Chris Cadesca
    Chris Cadesca 22 July, 2022, 10:27

    Oh thank God I’m not gonna lie I was concerned I hope he continues to improve and the fans treat him better

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  26. FoSsiL924
    FoSsiL924 22 July, 2022, 10:27

    Connor is a clown and he’s always pushed conspiracy theories regarding players the other issue is some Jet fan listen and believe everything they read kind of pathetic especially the fan sites or podcasters who mainly do it for hits!

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  27. DBD×VeggieS×eNJx
    DBD×VeggieS×eNJx 22 July, 2022, 10:27

    Peace n good vibes ✌🏻💨💨💨FX the ewish ny media hate mongers team lockerroom dividers

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  28. Brandon Shiely
    Brandon Shiely 22 July, 2022, 10:28

    This is the news I want to hear
    Personally I think that the reporters were late to report he was over weight so people think he has been over weight more recently than he actually is. I really hope Mekhi can get back to 💯%

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  29. FoSsiL924
    FoSsiL924 22 July, 2022, 10:29

    It’s why I usually ignore most of them and it reaches a fevered pitch whenever nothing is going on during the off season

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  30. caseydog3
    caseydog3 22 July, 2022, 10:32

    At the mandatory mini camp he looked overweight let’s hope he didn’t lose it all in 40 days since weight loss should be done gradually

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  31. George Wodicka
    George Wodicka 22 July, 2022, 10:44

    Hey Ian, something happened with the end of your video. It ended too abruptly, probably 20-30 seconds too early…

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  32. Chris Curtis
    Chris Curtis 22 July, 2022, 10:44

    As always Jets central digesting all the information and giving it to us jets fans straight! As always negative storylines make better press than positive ones so take them with a pinch of salt 🧂

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  33. JetsCentral
    JetsCentral 22 July, 2022, 10:54

    Hey guys so it looks like youtube sliced off the last 2:15 from the video. I'm not sure why it did, but in the last 2 minutes I basically was saying how if something sounded off in Saleh's interview, the negative headlines would fly. Also, IF the Jets coaching staff was frustrated with Becton, the answer probably wouldn't have been as detailed as the one Saleh gave. Sorry about the confusion! Go Jets!

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  34. Charles Gorman
    Charles Gorman 22 July, 2022, 10:57

    This is amazing news as far as I am concerned.

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  35. Bear 7453
    Bear 7453 22 July, 2022, 11:01

    We kinda put ourselves in a corner because we are gonna (maybe) pay George Fant left tackle money to play right tackle.

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  36. Quantum Geography
    Quantum Geography 22 July, 2022, 11:51

    Mekhi gonna bury people this season.

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  37. Sam Rosendahl
    Sam Rosendahl 22 July, 2022, 11:54

    Time to play out of your mind big M

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  38. Steven Fulmer
    Steven Fulmer 22 July, 2022, 11:55

    Thanks for your time and info my Dear Friend 👍 FEAR THE JETS ✈️

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  39. bmitarotondo
    bmitarotondo 22 July, 2022, 12:00

    Salah's statement sounds like pure coach speak to me. "He's been really good over the last 40 days" means he wasn't putting in enough work before that. And "His weight is getting down" means he is so overweight that they had to put him on the PUP list because there are "no restrictions with the knee". I've had almost enough of Becton. Like you said, I need to see him on the field. But if he doesn't look like the same player he was his rookie year, it is time to move on.

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  40. barry adler
    barry adler 22 July, 2022, 12:13

    Great news re Mekhi! What's his wt count now? Would like to know what he clocks in @ in the 40.

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  41. Mit Flair
    Mit Flair 22 July, 2022, 12:17

    Im tired of all the Becton talk as well. Lets just see what happens on the field.

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  42. Rider live
    Rider live 22 July, 2022, 12:17

    This reminds me of Zion in the nba he’s a great player he just needs to be out there

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  43. snakebytes007
    snakebytes007 22 July, 2022, 12:57

    Saleh's comments are encouraging. With a healthy Becton this OL can be a top 10. IMO that's the reason Jets traded up for Breece Hall. Along with Carter and the two TE's, Jets will run on the Bills and rest of AFCE, to set up play action with all those talented receiver weapons. If Jets were truly worried about Becton, JD would've addressed OT in early part of the draft. Instead of WR and RB. Go Jets!

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  44. Jim Kelly
    Jim Kelly 22 July, 2022, 13:12


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  45. Gary Avenoso
    Gary Avenoso 22 July, 2022, 14:03

    Nice to hear something positive in his regards. 🏈

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  46. Mark M
    Mark M 22 July, 2022, 15:14

    Thanks for these videos man. Jet fan in Scotland here and it's great to get a fan's POV on media noise etc. Informative and keeps me in the loop. Cheers 👊🏻🟢⚫⚪🟢

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  47. Jefftonio
    Jefftonio 22 July, 2022, 16:19

    Big Ticket is gong to put a hurting on the rest of the league

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  48. John Menyhard
    John Menyhard 22 July, 2022, 18:28

    We need him bad

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  49. Uncle Tee
    Uncle Tee 23 July, 2022, 09:33

    JetsCentral we have joint practices so starters will get live reps

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