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  1. Wally Gator
    Wally Gator 21 July, 2022, 15:40

    I must be old school… my day, you had to EARN before you DESERVE it

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  2. Joel Wood
    Joel Wood 21 July, 2022, 15:42

    How about win something first before the big contract. Biggest bust since Manziel.

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  3. Butthurt Pleb
    Butthurt Pleb 21 July, 2022, 15:45

    Rich “Old man nipples” Eisen

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  4. Ayay01
    Ayay01 21 July, 2022, 15:51

    Good for Kyler ..but Arizona will regret that contract. But the way the whole NFL been screwing the players since ..well forever ..
    Well Kyler can laugh all the way to the bank watching journalist and Fans screaming about him not living up to the money …good for him .

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  5. It's All Fun and Games
    It's All Fun and Games 21 July, 2022, 15:55

    Like we tell women soccer players, you earn what you negotiate.

    Also, as expected Kyler didn't get Watson's deal, despite what Rich has been talking this whole time.

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  6. theRealicon
    theRealicon 21 July, 2022, 15:56

    Cardinals rewatched the playoff loss to the rams and said yup that's gonna be our QB for the next 4 years. 😳

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  7. Spongerob0
    Spongerob0 21 July, 2022, 16:01

    Cleveland Browns have the dumbest management in the NFL.
    Steve Keim "Hold my beer"

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  8. Matthew Roy
    Matthew Roy 21 July, 2022, 16:03

    Only one stat matters: Zero playoff wins.

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    BOLT UP BABY! 21 July, 2022, 16:05

    No way Kyler Murray deserves this contract. He does not have the physical makeup nor the talent & therefore is unable to win a SB, period.

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  10. Erick Woody
    Erick Woody 21 July, 2022, 16:06

    He will be hurt by year two..

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  11. Wild D
    Wild D 21 July, 2022, 16:06

    He doesn’t.

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  12. Matthew Roy
    Matthew Roy 21 July, 2022, 16:07

    They did it and after 30 years a loyal fan I am done with the Cardinals. Going back to the Bengals. Three decades of sucking and I am out.

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  13. torchup
    torchup 21 July, 2022, 16:12

    It's really simple.
    If you can get it, then you deserved it and the Cardinals were ready to pay it.

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  14. PHILosophy 1990
    PHILosophy 1990 21 July, 2022, 16:22

    He's not there yet….idc idc idc 🙅🏽‍♂️

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  15. Cole Draper
    Cole Draper 21 July, 2022, 16:28

    After all the times Rich has held up that statement, the closure I need would be Rich holding a ceremony and burning that stationary with a candle

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  16. Josh Unbehaun
    Josh Unbehaun 21 July, 2022, 16:50

    He lost last year to the Lions. Good luck with that.

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  17. Big Boss
    Big Boss 21 July, 2022, 16:57

    very happy to see the Cards commit to long term mediocre QBs that can't perform under big stages.

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  18. JoeSirr
    JoeSirr 21 July, 2022, 18:23

    “Generational” has lost all meaning

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  19. J G
    J G 21 July, 2022, 18:41

    RIP cardinals. 3rd place for the foreseeable future.

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  20. David mitchell
    David mitchell 21 July, 2022, 18:45

    We are seeing the reasons why teams like Cleveland and Arizona are always bottom dwellers. Jus sad.

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  21. Tyler Dail
    Tyler Dail 21 July, 2022, 18:50

    So you guys predicting a Cardinals vs Jets SB?

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  22. Cinnur Giants
    Cinnur Giants 21 July, 2022, 19:02

    BS contract. DOES NOT DESERVE IT. Guarantee he declines in performance. They get paid and lack motivation. Good luck AZ.

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  23. Mike Litty
    Mike Litty 21 July, 2022, 19:03

    Maybe I'm not seeing what others are seeing! How many games has this kid won after Thanksgiving!!! 😖

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  24. Jay Cutty
    Jay Cutty 21 July, 2022, 19:43

    If the Cardinals win 1 or 2 playoff games by the time this deal is up then it was a bad signing by today's standards

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  25. Flying Spacerock
    Flying Spacerock 21 July, 2022, 19:52

    Kyler Murray went from 3.5 Mil to $46 Million a year. Why ya'll hating?

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  26. joe valenzuela
    joe valenzuela 21 July, 2022, 20:47

    Get ready for a 7-10 season

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  27. Nick Sibilla
    Nick Sibilla 21 July, 2022, 21:12

    Hate it or not, Rich is correct here. I was a big Kyler fan up and through last season. That abysmal playoff performance was hard to watch and his childlike actions that followed really put me off. That being said, the kid is still uber talented and it simply was his turn as Rich mentioned. Now, prove it.

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  28. Joe King
    Joe King 21 July, 2022, 21:21

    He's not worth it. He'll never get to the Super Bowl.

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  29. Stephen Esch
    Stephen Esch 21 July, 2022, 21:23

    They will regret this contract

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  30. Jacob Melecio
    Jacob Melecio 21 July, 2022, 22:25


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  31. Eagles Fan420
    Eagles Fan420 21 July, 2022, 22:40

    What a bad move by the Cardinals, Kyler Murray is nowhere near being worth that kind of contract. Should've waited a year and made a move for Lamar Jackson.

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  32. Kemet Gold
    Kemet Gold 22 July, 2022, 01:59

    The Josh Rosen,Sam Donald and baker comparison just hit me deep when all teams skipped LJ just for there backward looking in selecting a modern day QB now whats meant for you will always come .

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  33. Clint Moses
    Clint Moses 22 July, 2022, 03:27

    Since Kyler has gotten into the league qb money has jumped from 25mill to 50mill per year. And it is only going up for qbs. Signing early gives teams a discount, cowboys could’ve signed dak early for cheaper but pushed til last day and now are paying top dollar. Lamar is sitting back watching qb contracts get bigger n BIGGER

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  34. Parker James
    Parker James 22 July, 2022, 04:31

    Kyler lost to the lions…. The Detroit lions…

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  35. BirdManJoe
    BirdManJoe 22 July, 2022, 05:46

    Going to be very interesting when it comes time for Herbert and Burrow to get new contracts.

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  36. SeanFication
    SeanFication 22 July, 2022, 06:04

    Very overrated QB, and now a very overpaid one as well. He's an average quarterback being paid like an elite one.

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  37. Chris Allen
    Chris Allen 22 July, 2022, 10:47

    Noooooo he doesn't deserve none of that money. He only plays half a season

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  38. Jim Robbins
    Jim Robbins 22 July, 2022, 12:01

    Murry looked like he was lost in space during that playoff game. What has happened since then for him to show he has improved?

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  39. Chris Prosser
    Chris Prosser 22 July, 2022, 16:13

    Folks, love your clips, but please check your stereo mix. I'm getting a heavy dose of Rich in my left ear, less so in the right

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  40. Ronnie Smith
    Ronnie Smith 22 July, 2022, 17:29

    Thanks so much Rich. Thanks for not backing away from the elephants in the room.

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  41. Gold Tau
    Gold Tau 23 July, 2022, 03:36

    As a Chiefs fan, can't wait to see Herbert and Burrow get paid.

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