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Miami Dolphins Undrafted Picks – What Are Your Thoughts?

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    KEITH SCOTT 20 July, 2022, 12:53

    I am sure someone already said it lol. But ide be very surprised if miles Gaskin started at TE doug 😂 thanks for the video brotha

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  2. David King
    David King 20 July, 2022, 12:53

    Ahmed gaskin and doaks. Wouldn’t be surprised if they all go..

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  3. EnemyofCredulity
    EnemyofCredulity 20 July, 2022, 12:55

    Why do you not think Connor Williams will adapt and be good at center?

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  4. David King
    David King 20 July, 2022, 12:57

    It’s very important to get through this year with an overall positive outlook so we can replicate and improve on the same system offensively and defensively as opposed to switching coordinators every damn year. It feels like that could happen here. I’m stoked. But It’s all on Tua. It’s His show

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  5. Depressed_kawhi_fan
    Depressed_kawhi_fan 20 July, 2022, 13:20

    Everyone else getting these new helmets I hope we get some

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  6. Samuel Rosa
    Samuel Rosa 20 July, 2022, 13:28 for your content and all of your hard work. Have a great and safe day. Fins Up

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  7. Xeutonium Nyborg
    Xeutonium Nyborg 20 July, 2022, 13:33

    Of the players listed I think Kindley is on the hottest seat. If he shows up overweight/out of shape for camp, he could be a very early cut. Igbinoghene is going to get opportunities in camp as they will want to keep X fresh, but he needs to step up.

    I think Gaskin is traded before the preseason ends, especially if White breaks out early in camp. Eguavoen I actually think will stick because he plays special teams.

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  8. William Alzaga
    William Alzaga 20 July, 2022, 13:35

    Bring Tim Ruddy back.

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  9. Humble Warrior
    Humble Warrior 20 July, 2022, 14:31

    U were spot on with this list. I’m curious to see how things players perform. But I also hope everyone maintains good health and can go into the season fully ready to go

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  10. Michael Koszowski
    Michael Koszowski 20 July, 2022, 14:43

    Yes …Preston Williams was a good story …was a one year wonder (ok one and a half) was never the same after injury and it's a shame ..I was really pulling for him . But he is blocking a roster spot and needs to go . I did enjoy watching him develope that year he had . Good luck Preston ..👍

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  11. Michael Koszowski
    Michael Koszowski 20 July, 2022, 14:51

    As far as Sam e. Goes , I've seen plenty of players over the years where they shine in t.c. & pre-season but disappear when actual season begins …a real head-scratcher for sure .

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  12. Patrick Baidal
    Patrick Baidal 20 July, 2022, 15:05

    Hey Doug I have a suggestion for you for when you list players and it’s not a list by merit. Go alphabetical. That way you can say it’s alphabetical and not influenced by any other metric.

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  13. Kevin Marrero
    Kevin Marrero 20 July, 2022, 15:30

    Dug I’m sorry but I feel tua still doesn’t have the best line they could give him they should have signed jc tretter and Daryl willams both would have made a huge difference

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  14. Dan The Film Gent
    Dan The Film Gent 20 July, 2022, 15:31

    Oh yeah I keep forgetting that sony michel was on this team now. Sorry it's been a while since I've kept up with the team. I've been focusing on my heat so forgive me lol

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  15. Tim
    Tim 20 July, 2022, 15:34

    ok ok, it's eh-zoo-COMMA.

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  16. Jim Landry
    Jim Landry 20 July, 2022, 15:37

    Eric Rowe makes a lot of money to not play much

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  17. Stephen Dufresne
    Stephen Dufresne 20 July, 2022, 15:49

    It's Tua Time!!!! Fins up!!!!

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  18. Alex
    Alex 20 July, 2022, 16:46

    Gerrid Doaks, Hunter Long, Austin Jackson, Solomon Kindley, Michael Dieter, Sam Eguaveon, Noah Igbinoghene

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  19. Jason Stamps
    Jason Stamps 20 July, 2022, 17:07

    To be fair when it comes to Williams and his injury history, I'm not sure if he's injury prone. I'm not yet convinced he's Parkeresque. Let's look at it. His rookie year he got hurt on a return. How many 6'5" Return men have you seen in the history of the NFL? He shouldn't have been doing that. Trees get chopped because they're not very elusive. His 2nd injury (2020) was and still is a question mark as far as I've heard. Some say it was Willkins ' celebration that hurt him by landing on his foot. If so, that's 315lbs, most guys are getting hurt. Some say it was the twisted airborne tackle on the play. If so, that's a freak thing attributed to crap happens. Last year, he didn't look 100% and maybe he wasn't. The offense was so dysfunctional only Waddle looked consistently good.

    So I see it as two freak things. If he doesn't stay healthy this year, well ok then.

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  20. Tyler Daniel
    Tyler Daniel 20 July, 2022, 18:37

    Eric Rowe !! I still think we trade him but as of the moment he’s on the roster, and with the depth at safety you’ve got to think with his age and contract 🤷🏻‍♂️

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  21. Juan Carlos Beyer
    Juan Carlos Beyer 20 July, 2022, 19:04

    Almost agreed. I think Ganskin and Ahmed are on the hot seat; Doaks is almost gone, would be a huge surprise if he makes the roster.

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  22. Antonio Hernandez
    Antonio Hernandez 20 July, 2022, 19:22

    Noah, Rowe, AJ, Williams , and Shaheim all can go.

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  23. miami dakota
    miami dakota 20 July, 2022, 19:38

    I know this player is going to sound crazy but what about andrew van ginkle and butler or eric rowe and teddy bridgewatet

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  24. m black
    m black 20 July, 2022, 20:14

    I hate the heat. I still want an MLB before camp ends. At! This point, baker is more of an edge rusher and Roberts is a part time player. Tindall is essentially the guy; in line to take bakers lb spot. Anybody else on the roster listed as a lb is not a lock to make the roster. Not drafting Creed Humphrey last year was a huge mistake.

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  25. Brandon Watts
    Brandon Watts 20 July, 2022, 20:53

    Probably a surprise in the hot seat could be Thomas Morstead. Our punter. I believe them dolphins picked up a young undrafted punter

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  26. KevinLGittens
    KevinLGittens 20 July, 2022, 21:00

    Preston-cut him or trade him I don't care, dude can't catch got hands made out of bricks.
    Gerrid Doaks-practice squad so they have a heavy boy to practice against for heavy opponent backs weeks
    Gaskin or Ahmed are trade bait…see if we can get something out of either of them
    Cethan Carter-CUT
    Shaheen – Trade if possible
    Hunter – if shaheen isn't gone he's on the practice squad
    Iggy- is under contract…keep him for if somebody gets injured otherwise take any trade offers people have for him if they come and try to get something for him

    I think Elandon Roberts is the only one on the hot seat to possibly lose their starting job…to Channing Crowder—TINDALL I mean Tindall, aw crap it's another Channing LB to let us down :'(

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  27. Sam The Chulo
    Sam The Chulo 20 July, 2022, 21:24

    Comment of the day!!

    The dolphins announced a new patch to honor the perfect season. Do you think we would’ve been better off wearing the throwbacks all season? I feel like it was a waste of an opportunity

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  28. Stephen Wilson
    Stephen Wilson 20 July, 2022, 21:55

    We need to bring back John Denny!

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  29. Hammer
    Hammer 21 July, 2022, 00:03

    Comment of the day: Which Coach do you think will have the most impact? I think it's Darrell Bevell myself but who do you think?

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  30. Ben Arrue
    Ben Arrue 21 July, 2022, 00:58

    Comment of the day:
    I am thinking the reason we did not go with a right tackle and instead went with a great left tackle is the fact that if Tua doesn't do what we need as a franchise qb this season then we will draft a qb and most qbs are right handed. What do you think about this possibility?

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  31. Fabio Del Toso
    Fabio Del Toso 21 July, 2022, 01:07

    Comment of the Day: Doug what do you think about the Idea of Kindley at Center if we not sign another one like Jc.

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  32. Robb G
    Robb G 21 July, 2022, 03:38

    Noah was a wasted 1st round pick. They could've addressed the oline with that pick. Same could be said about Austin Jackson. 🤣

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  33. • defender of virginity
    • defender of virginity 21 July, 2022, 05:50

    we are only carrying 3 TEs into this season. Gesicki, Long and Smythe (as they just extended him). Looks like shaheen is the odd man out

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  34. Ben Yoshi
    Ben Yoshi 21 July, 2022, 08:47

    BRing issah Ford BACK!!!

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  35. GeX13
    GeX13 21 July, 2022, 09:51

    Hey Doug, I just thought about an idea regarding your intro theme. How about for short, little informative vids, you use the DDW theme and for longer, in-depth vids, you use the longer intro theme. Just a thought. 🤷‍♂️ Anyways, keep up the good work, brotha.

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  36. Ku Zach
    Ku Zach 21 July, 2022, 09:54

    Eric Rowe

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  37. Andrew Jones
    Andrew Jones 21 July, 2022, 11:48

    Bro as usual. Your right brother on time. 🙏🏾

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  38. Don Davis
    Don Davis 21 July, 2022, 12:45

    I heard Preston was in Flo's doghouse as well

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  39. DeboMyGuy
    DeboMyGuy 21 July, 2022, 17:11

    Hey Doug . What streaming app you use to watch all Dolphin games ? I’m not trying to miss a game this year

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    DOLPHINSFAN🐬 21 July, 2022, 18:21

    What about Jerome Baker's 'momma' is she gonna make the 53??… I can't live without Jerome screaming on the sidelines "you seen my momma?" 🤣 FINSUP 🐬

    And yes I agree 💯 with the hot seats DDW

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  41. Danny Ogus
    Danny Ogus 23 July, 2022, 01:39

    The running backs and wrs are going to be an interesting competition couple guys my surprise and make the roster if they can excel on special teams .. like bowfin Jr. Or sam eguoevan forgive the spelling ..has hunter long showed enough injured as a rookie most of the season…. I think doaks makes the team … We got to see his t.d. dance the okie doak

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