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  1. The D.A.N show
    The D.A.N show 17 July, 2022, 06:21

    What is your opinion of the Houston Texans for the 2022 NFL Season?

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  2. Slo2Roll
    Slo2Roll 20 July, 2022, 14:04

    I think you have hit the nail directly on the head. But you may have buried the lead. None of your likes (or dislikes) would be possible without Nick Caserio. He should be General Manager of the year. The older free agent pass rushers will be platooning. Paying big bucks for pass rushers (Mario Williams, JJ Watt and JD Clowney) did not work out in the past. In this division the Texans need to stuff the run. Take a flyer on the Texans to win the division good odds there.

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  3. Alex Longobardi
    Alex Longobardi 20 July, 2022, 23:29

    Well there's a few things I do disagree with. 1) the Metchie injury as its reported seems to not be as bad as presumed. Hou and Metchie himself expect him to be back by at least week 3. 2) the draft peice. I think Hou had a very solid draft. The Stingley pick was right for Hou as he fits in the Lovie scheme better than Sauce. Hes more versatile at the position able to change between man and zone. A thing Lovie has talked about being a very important ability to have as a player. So going for Stingley and not Sauce along with trading up for Metchie for me was good moves. Along with that Nick Caserio, Hou's GM, is very big on SEC teams. Along with that he's high on "how good CAN he be" instead of "how good IS he" which can be seen not only in Hou 2021 draft, but in his time in NE aswell.

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  4. Slo2Roll
    Slo2Roll 22 July, 2022, 21:00

    Do you think the Texans schedule is that tough? Last year we beat the Jaguars twice, almost beat the Titans twice, but did lose badly to the Colts. Carson Wentz played really well against us. So not sorry to see him go. Think about this we play the Colts the first game they are slow starters historically and then we play them the last game. Who knows what will be happening then?

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