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  1. Peter Campisi
    Peter Campisi 19 July, 2022, 08:19

    Gov DeSantis stepped on Disney's throat. Took away their tax free status

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  2. Harlan Abraham
    Harlan Abraham 19 July, 2022, 08:51

    Good morning folks. Already subscribed and hit that like button. The one that looks like the thumbs up. Congrats on 1.63K subscribers. How come we have 60 views and only 18 likes??? Come on people, You seem to like to watch the program that Frankie puts out. It is a good show. Frankie puts a lot into these shows. Hit the like button, if you are in doubt, hit it anyway. Just in case you didn't know, Frankie has one of the better shows. SO HIT THE LIKE BUTTON!!! This is not a paid endorsement. I just like this show.

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  3. B Trav
    B Trav 19 July, 2022, 08:54

    We are in July, and it's a quiet month for football. People are at the beach I guess…..maybe this is why the new subs are slowing down.
    This channel is a gem Frankie. Maybe if the Jets start winning the FFF show will pop the way it deserves to…….or you can always put an irrelevant picture of some large breasted female in your thumbnail……."monday-buns-day" or something….

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  4. Harlan Abraham
    Harlan Abraham 19 July, 2022, 08:56

    Don't need Conner Hughes to tell me anything. Besides, I am not a particular fan of golf. Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player, etc, etc, are pretty much retired.

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  5. Harry W
    Harry W 19 July, 2022, 09:10

    I would rather join and pay for your patron then pay for Dick Chimney

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  6. Eddy McGuire
    Eddy McGuire 19 July, 2022, 09:46

    Great media cartel breakdown. Why would anyone pay for espn+
    The 2 things that have done more damage to all of YOU that none of you realize is the FCC allowing the media mergers in the 90s and the 2012 Smith–Mundt Act. It's 80% propaganda to control you. Anywho. Always support indy artists/sports reporters, etc. Unfortunately YT purged many indy reporters. But… we'll stop here. Blessings and fight the fake power.

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  7. L T
    L T 19 July, 2022, 10:16

    Another good YouTube channel is called " The QB School" It's very informative

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  8. Hawk
    Hawk 19 July, 2022, 10:25

    Heard you're going on Jake Asman's show friday! Looking forward to that.

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  9. salmanjets718
    salmanjets718 19 July, 2022, 10:42

    I’ve been canceled Disney markets.. but I still watch marvel movies in the theater 😫. I’m gonna stop tho. Their movies have been horrible lately. After endgame it’s been downhill. And they’ve been pushing weird agendas for the kids. I haven’t even seen Disney plus show, ms marvel.

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    PHIL ADAMS 19 July, 2022, 10:43

    This is a MUST WATCH episode for all JETS fans; new, old or inbetween……….for spot-on tips (if you didn't know already) for getting the best JETS coverage.
    We don't need to give the likes of ESPN or their slimmy click hunters a single cent!!!!! $9.99 a month……. you may as well start wiping your ass with $10 bills…..
    Hell yeah, 1.7K and here's hoping the country club clown and his pals caviar taste like sidewalk dog dirt………

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  11. Booker Uzzell
    Booker Uzzell 19 July, 2022, 11:20

    Man,everytime I watch your podcast I come away just a little bit smarter!Thanks Frankie,you're the BEST!!

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  12. Slougo
    Slougo 19 July, 2022, 11:25

    Disney is the New Joseph Goebbels of NWO & WEF

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  13. J C.
    J C. 19 July, 2022, 12:21

    Great to see you bringing attention to the corrupt, globalist media companies Frankie. So many out there dont pay attention and have no idea. Mainstream news and sports coverage is dying….and the faster that more people realize it, the faster the quality options can grow and replace them.

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  14. Alex Vargas
    Alex Vargas 19 July, 2022, 14:06

    Another excellent upload Frankie! Thank you for the consistently awesome content! 🛩🏈

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  15. COTA2600
    COTA2600 19 July, 2022, 17:35

    Love your content. By any chance does anyone know if Greenbean is ok? Where is he?

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  16. big green
    big green 19 July, 2022, 20:01

    Call it what it is Frankie pedophilia

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  17. FBJayTee
    FBJayTee 19 July, 2022, 23:48

    Great news briefing! I can’t wait to see our team take the field in September

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  18. GinPok
    GinPok 20 July, 2022, 07:59

    Disney has gone woke (did not know about their human trafficking) so I don't subscribe. Can't make me watch something I don't like. This is why I come here. Thx Frankie!

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