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  1. Jack Gaming317
    Jack Gaming317 9 July, 2022, 16:17

    Bills and Jets

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  2. J Monkey
    J Monkey 9 July, 2022, 16:44

    The bills and fins will both make the playoffs next year

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  3. Mac Jones
    Mac Jones 9 July, 2022, 16:46

    pats and bills
    maimi always has a great offseason then disappoints

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  4. Timothy Cordwell
    Timothy Cordwell 9 July, 2022, 16:50

    Well all I know is BUFFALO ALL THE WAY!!!!!

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  5. GFC
    GFC 9 July, 2022, 17:38

    Bills and fins

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  6. Earthwax
    Earthwax 9 July, 2022, 17:47

    Allen is a bust

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  7. Earthwax
    Earthwax 9 July, 2022, 17:47

    Josh Allen sucks, tua is a bust

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  8. Gorge Volgs
    Gorge Volgs 9 July, 2022, 19:09

    The two are dolphins and bills

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  9. Jk Jji
    Jk Jji 9 July, 2022, 19:14

    🐬🏈 🐆 (I’d like to see tua even throw 60 yards to tyreek)

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  10. Odd Operator
    Odd Operator 9 July, 2022, 19:34

    Fins are overrated imo they still need 4 people on that o line and a better d line

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  11. Taejae47
    Taejae47 9 July, 2022, 21:59

    Dolphins and the jets and pats

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  12. MossGod
    MossGod 9 July, 2022, 22:59

    Bro you fell off

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  13. Hawks Fan
    Hawks Fan 10 July, 2022, 00:20

    Bills will be the only AFC East team to make the playoffs

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  14. terpmaniac
    terpmaniac 10 July, 2022, 10:02

    God you AFC east fans are truly delusional, delusional. Bills and Dolphins the rest are garbage.

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  15. Fluffshep Network
    Fluffshep Network 10 July, 2022, 11:20

    I think the Bills will be the only AFC East team in the playoffs. The Jets are doing a good job rebuilding, but are still at least a year away, the Pats roster is too weak to make the playoffs, and I'm just not sold on the Dolphins, who had a poor draft from where I sit.

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  16. ProGoat
    ProGoat 10 July, 2022, 13:04

    Tua make or break year

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  17. Rich
    Rich 10 July, 2022, 18:03


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  18. Sonny and Lance YouTube channel
    Sonny and Lance YouTube channel 11 July, 2022, 04:28

    I think it will be the dolphins and bills

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  19. Grossi Theory
    Grossi Theory 11 July, 2022, 11:32

    Bills, and maybe Fins

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  20. Jayden Christ
    Jayden Christ 11 July, 2022, 18:29

    Yes there good

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  21. Nick Garrison
    Nick Garrison 12 July, 2022, 00:55

    Probably only the bills this year afc is tough wild card is likely going to the north and west

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  22. Bethpage Chris
    Bethpage Chris 12 July, 2022, 16:55

    Bills and jets

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  23. Scott Jackson
    Scott Jackson 12 July, 2022, 17:50

    This is tuas completely fckn broken year!!

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    THE FREEDOM LIFE 13 July, 2022, 00:05

    Bills and dolphins

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  25. randymcfallon
    randymcfallon 13 July, 2022, 00:33

    Broncos and Raiders

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  26. Mister Independent
    Mister Independent 13 July, 2022, 01:56

    All hail the new Miami Dolphins dynasty.

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  27. Ethan Brewster
    Ethan Brewster 13 July, 2022, 02:49

    Josh Allen & Bills are legit

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  28. Luis N
    Luis N 13 July, 2022, 02:53

    AFC WEST 💪

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  29. Bobby Daniel
    Bobby Daniel 13 July, 2022, 05:33

    Where have you been for the past 2 years?

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