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  1. Monnie Brown TV
    Monnie Brown TV 7 July, 2022, 13:13

    I love the channel as a Rams fan, you keep me updated with all the good news. Continue being great✊🏿🔥

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  2. Stan The Ramsfan
    Stan The Ramsfan 7 July, 2022, 13:23

    Have to do with the Rams????

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  3. rvhopper
    rvhopper 7 July, 2022, 13:27

    Travis I look forward to your daily show everyday! Being a Rams fan for 50 plus years and a So Cal Native. I enjoy your insight each and everyday! Thanks

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  4. Peter Rossetti
    Peter Rossetti 7 July, 2022, 13:38

    Hi Travis, Been a fan since Roman Gabtiel took over at quarterback. Should the Rams trade D. Henderson for an edge rusher? PS Please sign OBJ!!!!!

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  5. Craig Osterberg
    Craig Osterberg 7 July, 2022, 13:44

    Trade the 1 pick with proven top tier players. Draft we’ll with your scouts. Rams do it right.

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  6. Willie BOWEN
    Willie BOWEN 7 July, 2022, 14:19

    I love the LA Rams. Im biased towards the Royal blue and Gold.

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  7. Willie BOWEN
    Willie BOWEN 7 July, 2022, 14:21

    The LA Rams needs a strong power Fullback .John Chenal from Wisconsin if he isn't signed with another team or in the USFL.

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  8. Mr. Italiano
    Mr. Italiano 7 July, 2022, 14:39

    Horns up!

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  9. Charles Davis
    Charles Davis 7 July, 2022, 16:28

    Ashawn Robinson (spelling) is a more than capable backup and was probably the Rams defensive MVP in the playoffs. What that man did in the running game with Greg “No” Gaines was just awesome.

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  10. ron haggerty
    ron haggerty 7 July, 2022, 17:24

    love your updates long time ram fan from florida via ny

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  11. Mike Romero
    Mike Romero 7 July, 2022, 19:04

    Long time Ram fan since 1969. Thanks for all the updates on the Rams 🐏

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  12. Shawn Johnson
    Shawn Johnson 7 July, 2022, 19:26

    I had to warm up to you at first because the original guy was amazing but I love the fact you do daily videos and it's always great content

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  13. Darin Humbert
    Darin Humbert 7 July, 2022, 20:08

    GO RAMS !!!!

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  14. Corey Levine
    Corey Levine 7 July, 2022, 22:14

    Nothing much the trade Goff for Stafford and won the Super Bowl the Browns letting Mayfield go and getting Watson because Mayfield had a down year

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  15. Rees Britton
    Rees Britton 7 July, 2022, 23:17

    Didnt LA pay Goff a huge contract (chasing… trying to cover up…?). Then they admitted their mistake and moved on… just like Cleveland…? Stafford could have fallen on his face and Watson could fall on his, but you can’t even compare the two at this point.
    Weak take👎🏼

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  16. littlesame
    littlesame 7 July, 2022, 23:44

    Stafford’s throw the power and velocity are different ask Calvin Johnson, hope he not spend time with Kupp, also sync with ARob not just treat him as a 2nd option if Kupp isn’t open, maximize the weapons Rams assembled for him

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  17. HomeDefender30
    HomeDefender30 8 July, 2022, 00:20

    The browns didn’t chase, they panicked and tried to take a shortcut to the super bowl. They don’t want to put in the time and effort it takes to do things properly.

    They gambled their entire competitive window on this one move. If it doesn’t pan out, they don’t have the assets to move to a plan B.

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  18. Jack Sandler
    Jack Sandler 8 July, 2022, 01:15

    Rams are pathetic. Lucky to win 1 title by destroying their future with 3 postseason wins that should’ve all been losses. Now they’re using upfront cash bonuses that don’t count towards cap to further destroy their future to try to repeat. I can’t wait til it all comes crashing down on them. This idiot is such a homer.

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  19. eric backderf
    eric backderf 8 July, 2022, 15:41

    The Panthers got Baker for a song. They have little to lose with that investment. Although the HC may lose his job. Baker doesn't produce in the 4th quarter when the game is on the line. He us too short and too slow to extend plays. He does have a howitzer for an arn but pooor touch. I agree that he is not the long-term answer. Watson could propel the Browns to the SB if he plays half the season. I didn't like the trade due to the creepy factor. Jimmy Haslam is a major creep and the root of the Browns current/past disfunction. He bet the farm on Watson. I agree that the Browns paid too much for Watson… a player with questionable morals. I was a life-long Browns fan and I will now root for the Bills.

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  20. Thomas Flynn
    Thomas Flynn 8 July, 2022, 17:18

    Lets see if the Rams are interested d in Baker when he is a free agent in 2023.

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  21. Brian S.
    Brian S. 11 July, 2022, 00:24

    I disagree that the Rams don't chase. Matt Stafford, OBJ, Jalen Ramsey are all possible chases. The main difference between other NFL teams that have chased and lost is that the Rams chased and succeeded. Whether it's better scouting or just luck, the Rams have made it work, where the Bears, Browns, Panthers chase and it's been hit and miss. With the Jags and Jets it's been nothing but misses. Enjoy it while it lasts but know it probably won't last for an extended time like the Patriots and Steelers.

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