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  1. Bills News Consolidated
    Bills News Consolidated 1 June, 2022, 19:38

    How else do you think Ken Dorsey will change the Buffalo Bills Offense in 2022? Comment Below! #GoBills

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  2. FHP
    FHP 1 June, 2022, 19:48


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  3. scott fraser
    scott fraser 1 June, 2022, 19:57

    Let’s hope josh plays better than he has in the match

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  4. Vincent Vaughan
    Vincent Vaughan 1 June, 2022, 19:59

    to amp up the running game with singletary and james cook who could be like his big brother dalvin cook, and allen could try out shakir or the shark and see how he does he is a good backup for diggs.

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  5. SONNY da CUSE
    SONNY da CUSE 1 June, 2022, 20:04

    Love the stache!

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  6. scott fraser
    scott fraser 1 June, 2022, 20:10

    Let’s just hope that Dorsey makes better adjustments than Dabol did last year and I think he will number one being he’s not auditioning for a head coaching job and two our weapons are more abundant than ever and josh will have maybe the Oline he’s ever had

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  7. RoamTek
    RoamTek 1 June, 2022, 20:54

    We well definitely see Dorsey's offense during preseason and will see it truly unfold during Opening Day.

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  8. King P
    King P 1 June, 2022, 21:03

    Dorsey will leave after one year to be a head coach

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  9. Chris Julian
    Chris Julian 1 June, 2022, 22:14

    Funny when I just seen a ken Dorsey interview a few days ago saying he’s not changing anything lol

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  10. J. Anthony Battaglini
    J. Anthony Battaglini 1 June, 2022, 23:12

    I feel like Dabs took his foot off the gas way too much when the Bills had a lead. The only game I remember ever seeing aggressive play calling in the 4th quarter, was in the playoff KC game when he had no choice. Josh has never really had the chance to pad his stats like other QBs. For past 2 yrs, I've watched play calls where we get the lead, and then run in the 4th with a sub par running game…. and it was projected so much that every team had no problem stopping the run. I truly feel he was overrated as an OC. It was more about Josh. I believe now we are getting back to fundamentals with a solid run game, and Josh is breaking 5,000 urd passing this yr

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  11. harvey carter
    harvey carter 1 June, 2022, 23:20

    Let’s go Buffalo

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  12. harvey carter
    harvey carter 1 June, 2022, 23:23

    I’ve heard some of the national media say we’re going to miss Brian as our OC I think we just upgraded a slight bit with Kim his flexibility and his willingness to take pieces from Eric Kramer’s run game and listen to Joe Brady as his quarterbacks coach but maybe Brian had OG Bobby Johnson who is trying to make players fit the mold instead of the mole fitting the player only time will tail and we can just hope that they’ve got it together for week one of our Super Bowl run

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  13. Kristopher L Roseboro
    Kristopher L Roseboro 1 June, 2022, 23:39

    I'm confident that Dorsey will do a better job than Daboll.

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  14. Diligent Disciple
    Diligent Disciple 1 June, 2022, 23:55

    Bro that hat is 🔥🔥🔥 got a link 🤔 Thanks! And great channel!!

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  15. Erin Freize
    Erin Freize 2 June, 2022, 00:34

    I'm really excited to see Dorsey's offense. I think he'll unleash Allen in new ways and use our new weapons like Cook and Shaq and hopefully even Stevenson.

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  16. Erin Freize
    Erin Freize 2 June, 2022, 00:38

    Like you say, I definitely agree we'll see more two TE sets and focus on a more balanced attack featuring power running plays.

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  17. Jack Long
    Jack Long 2 June, 2022, 01:28

    Adding two TE sets will add a lot to the passing game as well as the running game! We now have two established TE’S in Howard and Knox together with a great corp of WR’S! Should see some high scoring game from us. Thanks, keep up the good work.🏈

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  18. Jack Long
    Jack Long 2 June, 2022, 01:32

    Given time, I can see our offensive game opening up a great deal more than last season! A better running game and more two TE sets! Go Bills!

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  19. The Reality Realm
    The Reality Realm 2 June, 2022, 05:17

    I like the fact that the core and or verbiage of the offense will remain the same that's a huge plus for the Bills in order to maintain continuity! I also think that the game plan will be more balanced now with the addition of "Kromer" as the O Line coach in effect powering our running game making the Bills even more difficult to prepare for!! There's definitely a lot to be excited about and I can't wait to get this party started!! And That's Reality! #TruthHurts #RealTalk #KeepinIt💯 #JustSayin🤷🏾‍♂️ #RealRecognizeReal #RealBillsFan #NFL #BillsMafia #ThemBillsBaby🦬 #StopFnPlayinWitUs #SuperBowlBound #NoRoomForFraudFansOnThis🚆

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  20. Obi Vincinninninni Na
    Obi Vincinninninni Na 2 June, 2022, 09:27

    Yo. I have a feeling he is gonna be GOOD as a play caller. Smart dude.

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  21. Donny Foster
    Donny Foster 2 June, 2022, 10:46

    Our OL should improve drastically, singletary got going towards end of the season, Cook should add some good screen plays. Can’t abandon our strengths . I’m just hoping he’s not a total dud

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  22. UltraDuck747
    UltraDuck747 2 June, 2022, 12:19

    I think we are gonna run the bll more to take pressure off Josh

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  23. Jason Gue
    Jason Gue 2 June, 2022, 14:03

    This is a good thing. Dabol held the offense back.

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  24. Isaac Chandler
    Isaac Chandler 2 June, 2022, 21:03

    I can’t wait to actually see a run game and short pass play out the back this year tha that’s all we was missing with Dabol involved.

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  25. Bill White
    Bill White 3 June, 2022, 00:52

    Do u think the Bills will win the Super Bowl this year?

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  26. Raymond Quero
    Raymond Quero 3 June, 2022, 01:16

    Man I can’t wait. Your boy is Intense. Bills super bowl champions

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  27. That Guy Eli
    That Guy Eli 3 June, 2022, 08:28

    Also I want to see alot less trick plays. Bad offenses and teams have to do that stuff. Seemed like there were more than a few times were a bad call killed a drive when Dabol tried to get cute.

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  28. Andrew King
    Andrew King 4 June, 2022, 02:01

    I believe McDermott has given Dorsey a few mandates. Hopefully UNLIKE the Bull Shit and worthless "Mask Mandates." These McDermott Mandates will actually be effective.

    1.) PASS to Get Ahead! And RUN to WIN the Game!!!

    2.) Install Krommer's run schemes.

    3.) Take passing input from Joe Brady and Krommer.

    4.) Protect JoshAllen FROM Josh Allen more times than NOT!!!

    5.) Do whatever it takes to WIN the Game!

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