Film Study: This is what Micah Parsons so ELITE for the Dallas Cowboys

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  1. Shinjirozero
    Shinjirozero 27 May, 2022, 21:05

    you should revise the caption lol

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  2. Aaron
    Aaron 27 May, 2022, 21:11

    I don’t know what the video is about

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  3. MixTuRz
    MixTuRz 27 May, 2022, 21:15

    Very explosive, can get skinny at the point of attack or utilize power.

    That being said Dallas wouldn't want him as a primary rush DE. After a while those linemen will start to beat on him a bit.

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  4. Rancid Rylan
    Rancid Rylan 27 May, 2022, 21:15


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  5. Braxton Berrios
    Braxton Berrios 27 May, 2022, 21:49

    Matt hennesey??

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  6. FallForward
    FallForward 27 May, 2022, 22:47

    Failed English.

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  7. Stephen B
    Stephen B 27 May, 2022, 23:04

    He could also probably function as a bad RB, being that he went to PSU.

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  8. Drew Butler
    Drew Butler 27 May, 2022, 23:07

    5:40 that blitz is 100% designed. We ran a very similar blitz in high school. You have the blocking and such set up correctly, but that is a pick that is purposely set up to allow parsons to loop around free with the running back not picking up on the stunt

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  9. Nicholas
    Nicholas 27 May, 2022, 23:35

    As a Chiefs fan this is what I want Leo Chenal to become lol. Hoping anyway. They are by no means the same player, but that relentlessness to get after the QB is what I want to see from Leo.

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  10. sliver64209
    sliver64209 28 May, 2022, 07:23

    This is how travon walker is going to be utilized

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  11. Shane Gentry
    Shane Gentry 28 May, 2022, 08:52

    You need work

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  12. El Schungo
    El Schungo 28 May, 2022, 09:24

    great study. I wonder how much reps he gets as a rusher this season.

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  13. Morgan Poston
    Morgan Poston 28 May, 2022, 09:35


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  14. UnProVen _
    UnProVen _ 28 May, 2022, 10:55

    im excited to see him and Sam together. Doomsday 2.0

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  15. Raven Inc.
    Raven Inc. 28 May, 2022, 11:07

    He just wanna give some constructive criticism. Your videos are to way to ranty sometimes you will go off for fifteen or thirty seconds on you miss using a word or explaing a very very simple play

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  16. ryan quinn
    ryan quinn 28 May, 2022, 12:53

    Parsons value is being able to win his 1v1 as a blitzing LB against OL. Instincts are so good was sad to see him go to cowboys as a PSU and Eagles fan.

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  17. Patrick Burk
    Patrick Burk 28 May, 2022, 13:18

    Everyone wants to shove him to defensive end and then kick their feet up, but Micah brings as much value as a pass rushing mlb as he did at defensive end. He could literally have 16 sacks next year at stand up linebacker.

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  18. Patrick Burk
    Patrick Burk 28 May, 2022, 13:19

    I had a vision that this guy gets unblocked on a play week one and retires Tom Brady

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  19. Patrick Burk
    Patrick Burk 28 May, 2022, 13:22

    Clay matthews 2.0

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  20. Patrick Burk
    Patrick Burk 28 May, 2022, 13:24

    Micah himself says he wants to play wherever he needs to in order to match up against the opponents strength. If we play the Vikings, he wants play mlb to be matched on cook, if we play the chiefs, he wants to pass rush mahomes. I love that plan.

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  21. Danny Graham
    Danny Graham 28 May, 2022, 14:43

    He is awesome

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  22. Maybe WiFi William
    Maybe WiFi William 28 May, 2022, 18:05

    Anyone else have a hard time with the title lol

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  23. Steadman Smith
    Steadman Smith 29 May, 2022, 10:50

    omg, I stopped caring about the narriator's word when he stopped it the middle of the play at around 1 minute to go blaugh blaugh blaugh. for 25 seconds before showing the rest of it. You don't need to blab on for 25 second with the play paused to make your point.

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  24. Mudderfucknjee Holloway
    Mudderfucknjee Holloway 29 May, 2022, 21:24

    welp. hope it was fun while it lasted. Enter Nakobe Dean. New best LB in the NFC East.

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  25. Mac Tezeno
    Mac Tezeno 31 May, 2022, 00:40

    Your title reads stupid

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  26. Skeptical Fan
    Skeptical Fan 1 June, 2022, 01:34

    We need a film study on the coaches.

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