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  1. Jason Goodwin
    Jason Goodwin 27 May, 2022, 09:45

    Jenna facial expressions are so cute ☺️she know she fine thanks Chris for putting this beautiful gorgeous sexy queen 👸 on your show I love women that know they football especially my Steelers quad 😇🥰🤩😎🥳

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  2. M Ladd
    M Ladd 27 May, 2022, 09:52

    You're doing all these interviews, wondering, why you don't show them? They some kind of secret interviews or what? Rather see the players talk then listen to you two!

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  3. Steelernation1
    Steelernation1 27 May, 2022, 09:55

    Jenna gorgeous

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  4. Jesse Jackson
    Jesse Jackson 27 May, 2022, 10:09

    Jenna looking good and insightful as ever. Love the locked on podcast. My question pertains to what shouldn’t we expect from the offensive coordinator this year. He did not look like a great play caller last year.

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  5. darwin nolan
    darwin nolan 27 May, 2022, 11:09

    I posted this on the 17th of May: This 2022 Team is FAR Superior than the 2021 Team. Here are 6 Reasons Why the Defense will be back in the TOP 5. Number 1. The Return of Tuitt and Alualua Being Healthy. 2. The Signing of Myles Jack. 3. The the Development of Loudermilk in year two. 4. DT Adams being Acclimated with the Defense in year two. 5. Devin Bush 1 year removed for his ACL and Playing for a Contract year!. Trust Me we will have a TOP 5 Defense! Our Pass Defense will be better with WItherspoon as a Starter and Levi Wallace who is an upgrade over Joe Hadden. The Safety Room has upgraded With Kazee. Pass Coverage will improve with Myles Jack! 6.BRIAN FLORES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His influence will be significant!

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  6. James Chestnut
    James Chestnut 27 May, 2022, 11:18

    Why are Pittsburgh media girls always so beautiful

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  7. Laurence Weaver
    Laurence Weaver 27 May, 2022, 18:48

    Greetings to all steelers fans around the world from Somerset Uk.
    Big season coming up

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  8. Thor Muntz
    Thor Muntz 27 May, 2022, 20:12

    Daily listener.. but I have an off topic question. How i can find that beat for "Locked on Steelers".. that ish is 🔥🔥🔥

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  9. Paine
    Paine 27 May, 2022, 22:34

    Her constant head nodding bugged tf out of me

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  10. James Thomas
    James Thomas 27 May, 2022, 23:50

    I usually listen to this on podcast at work Jenna makes me want watch it on YouTube sheshhhhh lol

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  11. Mightyguru Nolastname
    Mightyguru Nolastname 28 May, 2022, 20:11

    I hope this all works out and Flores hangs around till Tomlin retires.

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  12. Michael Jackson
    Michael Jackson 28 May, 2022, 22:13

    Jenna is so bomb.🔥🔥🔥😍😍😍

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  13. Daniel Meehan
    Daniel Meehan 29 May, 2022, 08:48

    Jenna players in miami didnt love playin. for Flores. If youre not a dolphin fan you are not privy to the toxic enviroment that flores created. The best thing we ever did was fire flores. How is minka getting along with flores.

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  14. Kip Allen
    Kip Allen 29 May, 2022, 20:35

    Jenna Herner saying Cockiness

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  15. John McMurray
    John McMurray 29 May, 2022, 23:44

    Good stuff, as always. While watching that Claypool interview, I recognized Jenna's voice. Very distinct. Go Steelers!

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  16. D C
    D C 30 May, 2022, 08:22

    When Tom Flores is your dad, you know you have good jeans. The pants don't fall far from the legs.

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  17. Reginald Howard
    Reginald Howard 30 May, 2022, 09:55

    Ben wasn't into Claypool, he was pushing D.J.

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  18. Josh Laubach
    Josh Laubach 30 May, 2022, 12:40

    If this defense is on top again it won’t be because of Flores but rather Tuitt, Alualu and Miles Jack and the rest healthy. If Flores was so great he would not have been shit canned.

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  19. 27sincity
    27sincity 30 May, 2022, 19:08

    Steelers should of cut ties with Butler many years ago. Having a new outlook & different perspective is a plus for the Steelers.

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  20. Magnum casting
    Magnum casting 31 May, 2022, 02:34

    Are you serious a commercial during your pod cast then the same from you tube if you are going to put commercial in your cast then turn off the utube commercials

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