1. Erik Wahlberg
    Erik Wahlberg 25 May, 2022, 12:32

    I’ll be honest, the first time I saw your show I rolled my eyes and thought, “Who is this goofball regurgitating Chiefs news from his living room?”

    In just a few short weeks you are my go to channel because of your sensible and honest perspective on the news and because you drop videos EVERY. FRIGGIN. MORNING. Hell yeah. Your interaction with your viewers are top notch as well…including the clap backs.

    Who would have thought a guy who looks like Ragnar Lothbrok, has the gentle voice of Mr. Rogers, and the speech patterns of Christopher Walken could deliver such quality content. Let’s go…let’s go…CHIEFS!

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  2. andymc58
    andymc58 26 May, 2022, 01:01

    Well said on the terrible shooting. I have a daughter around the same age and feel the same.

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  3. andymc58
    andymc58 26 May, 2022, 01:18

    You’d think the Chargers were the Raiders, the way people are acting so appalled that we’d possibly be ranked 1 single spot behind them. We split games with them with a total of 58-58 last year. They added J.C. Jackson and Khalil Mack. We lost Hill and Mathieu. Not sure why that prediction is so controversial. Just go take it.

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  4. Herping Pennsylvania
    Herping Pennsylvania 26 May, 2022, 01:19

    Let's be honest it was going happen sooner than later that another team will challenge for the West!! Chargers look good on paper!!! Let's see what happens as the season goes on. I feel 3 teams in the West will all have winning records so who knows. This is looking to be a different KC team they could be nasty!!!

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  5. Yung Shepherd
    Yung Shepherd 26 May, 2022, 01:31

    Ight bet. Imma do it for my How bout those chiefs video!

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  6. LeiasStandIn
    LeiasStandIn 26 May, 2022, 01:31

    Peter King is a doink. Just doinking along after Teh [sic] Sexy Pick. It’s a recurring joke that all these talking heads pick the Chargers to win the division. Every. Freaking. Year!
    Cole: No joke. What a beautiful closing statement. Thanks for that.

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  7. Zachary Patterson
    Zachary Patterson 26 May, 2022, 02:25

    The bearded one sounds like a wizards name

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  8. Daniel Guerrero
    Daniel Guerrero 26 May, 2022, 02:41

    Cole are you concern about the chiefs secondary and pass rush or do you think they have the personnel to slowdown every elite offense in the afc west division

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  9. Kevin Lambert
    Kevin Lambert 26 May, 2022, 02:58

    Being a Father too, I understand being upset by the most recent school shooting! Hold them close, tell them you love them & pray for the families. Thanks for sharing your feelings my man, and as always thanks for your channel! How About Those Chiefs!!

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  10. davis faumuina
    davis faumuina 26 May, 2022, 03:38

    All these quarterback rankings, putting mahomes below josh Allen and now saying the chargers and the rest of the afc west is better because of the upgrades?! We’ll see when the season starts, the recent clip of Ross catching that spectacular catch and juju and the gang putting in work bro we are still elite #howaboutthosechiefs! Love your channel showing love all the way from Oahu Hawaii let’s go chiefs

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  11. Joffy Joffa
    Joffy Joffa 26 May, 2022, 03:46

    For the first time in years you can say the Chargers have a BETTER ROSTER than the chiefs almost top to bottom ITS TRUE. The chiefs loose all of thier best skilled position players with the exception of Kelce (Hill,Ward,Mathieu) and you replace them with a bunch of EXSPERIMENTAL rookies and think that makes the chiefs better if not worse? OKAY

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  12. Danelle DeRuse
    Danelle DeRuse 26 May, 2022, 08:56

    Do tight ends sacrifice their bodies less than other receivers? That’s my only question when it comes to the pay discrepancy

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  13. Wifehaver69
    Wifehaver69 26 May, 2022, 09:25

    The only theping the chargers will do better than the chiefs is shoot themselves in the foot. The only teams I'm concerned about is the broncos and bills.

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  14. Jake Colvin
    Jake Colvin 26 May, 2022, 09:45

    2 people i never agree with Florio and King…….. They're probably mad that we're going to have a 2022 season because covid is still looming and monkey pox. Peter King team lockdown clown. Peter King Liberal Elitest douche. Good thing Peter King don't know his shit from his oatmeal

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  15. Ron Smith
    Ron Smith 26 May, 2022, 09:59

    Hey Peter king what are you smoking saying that the chargers will be better than the chiefs hahs

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  16. Robert Seaman
    Robert Seaman 26 May, 2022, 13:11

    Actually the Chargers last playoff win was in 2019

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  17. ace man101
    ace man101 26 May, 2022, 14:04

    why does everybody think the chargers are so good 🤣🤣

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  18. Austin Wilder-Tramell
    Austin Wilder-Tramell 26 May, 2022, 16:13

    Chiefs must have a lot of young fans or fans with short memories because they don't recognize how long the Chiefs were considered the bottom of the division. the fact that the Chiefs are now on the top and have been on the top of the division should not give Chiefs fans the delusional idea that the Chargers can't make it to the top of the division. Yall must've forgot where you came from which should make you nervous. Because Pride cometh before the fall.

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  19. A.P. Hill
    A.P. Hill 26 May, 2022, 21:01

    Peter who?

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  20. Josh Roberts
    Josh Roberts 27 May, 2022, 09:27

    Good morning, how are you and your family? My family absolutely loves your videos so much we got hooked from your first video! Our morning routine includes watching your videos every morning! We appreciate you and your sense of humor! Thank you

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  21. Cory Wetherby
    Cory Wetherby 29 May, 2022, 09:58

    The Los Angeles Chargers will sweep the Chiefs this year and will sweep the Denver Broncos and sweep the Raiders

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  22. JamesRichard
    JamesRichard 30 May, 2022, 00:06

    The reason Peter King put the Chargers above the Chiefs is because the Chargers beat the Chiefs the last 3 of 4 In Arrowhead.

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