New York Giants | Brian Daboll Wants Daniel Jones To "Let It Loose" And So Do I! Go For It!


  1. D P
    D P 25 May, 2022, 13:26

    They want Jones to let it loose so they know that when they cut his ass they know it was the right decision

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  2. Sattvik Papanasam
    Sattvik Papanasam 25 May, 2022, 13:28

    Jones doesn't need to be an elite signal caller to succeed, he just needs to be average or good at best. Eli Manning was never a really elite quarterback in the league, but he was good enough to win at the highest levels possible.

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  3. hard2fathom1
    hard2fathom1 25 May, 2022, 13:38

    Joke Judge is the kind of coach that wrecks players. Guy has a silver tongue with zero substance and caused Jones to regress from the promise he showed in his first season. Jones may not be salvageable, and now Judge got hired back by Belichick where he will wreck another guy named Jones.

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  4. TOM LIU
    TOM LIU 25 May, 2022, 14:15

    20 picks season incoming

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  5. Jeffrey Abbey
    Jeffrey Abbey 25 May, 2022, 14:23

    5 years waisted…

    This better be the last season I see or hear about this QB

    This franchise has gotten worse since he arrived but you all fans you still have HOPE

    Will be awaken soon. Time is literally up and no other options left

    He perform out of his mind and compete with his peers or MOVE ON!!!

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  6. skellysharpz55
    skellysharpz55 25 May, 2022, 14:34

    Brian daboll is my twin

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  7. Amazing Guy
    Amazing Guy 25 May, 2022, 14:44

    2019 DJ coming back

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  8. Ryan Williams
    Ryan Williams 25 May, 2022, 15:47

    Daniel Jones is not a quarterback, he is a natural and will never improve he will do okay for a little and go back to the same crap , and this is what the giants don’t need

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  9. Nameless Grifter 2
    Nameless Grifter 2 25 May, 2022, 16:02

    I'd love for us to win our first game. Been far too long.

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  10. Ettinosa Omorodion
    Ettinosa Omorodion 25 May, 2022, 16:04

    Bro don’t be negative, I feel, depending on how much better Daniel is we’ll be great…

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  11. Dominic Palmer
    Dominic Palmer 25 May, 2022, 16:23

    If he doesn't let it loose successfully (and we hope he does, but I don't expect him to) he'll be cut loose

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  12. World's Heaviest Jam Band
    World's Heaviest Jam Band 25 May, 2022, 16:31

    It's been an unwatchable product on the field. I would take 4 INTs a game instead of the dink dunk punt game we've played for the last 2 years. I'll take losing by 40 over PLAYING TO LOSE by less than 10 points.

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  13. Juice
    Juice 25 May, 2022, 16:37

    I think Daniel Jones felling is Alex smith and that ain’t to bad I think like you he has nothing to loose so let r rip great video as always

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  14. Dave Russell
    Dave Russell 25 May, 2022, 16:43

    Right on. I hope at the end of the season we have to figure out how to afford him long term because that will mean he finally played to the level of his talent. And I do believe Judge and the porous offensive line almost completely ruined his confidence.

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  15. Robert Tiscione
    Robert Tiscione 25 May, 2022, 16:45

    Joe Judge was worse than we could have ever imagined. How that man could have ever been hired is totally beyond me

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    LI_YANKEEKING 25 May, 2022, 17:34

    What are your thoughts on this
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    #Steelers ACQUIRE
    QB-Sam Darnold
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    QB-Kirk Cousins
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    3rd Round Pick
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    2023 3rd from #Bengals to #NYGiants
    #NYGiants take on the full Kirk Cousins contract and any dead money goes to #NYGiants not #Vikings
    #NYGiants and QB-Kirk Cousins agree to a contract restructure of 1 year 68 Million Dollar deal fully guaranteed
    (Cousins real contract 2 year 67.6 million dollar deal)

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  17. Shaun Clowney
    Shaun Clowney 25 May, 2022, 17:57

    Ball Security is my main issue , but less see what he can do , like u said let it rip

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  18. Informal Deviant
    Informal Deviant 25 May, 2022, 18:12

    DJ is gonna ball out this season. Can't fucking wait till this season starts. Go Big Blue!! 🤘🏼

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  19. Ron Ryan Fabellore
    Ron Ryan Fabellore 25 May, 2022, 18:19

    It's the Judge mentality – playing not to lose rather than playing to win.

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  20. James Williams
    James Williams 25 May, 2022, 18:37

    I love you brother you know that and all my Big Blue brothers but the problem is HE'S ALREADY BEEN "LETTING IT LOOSE" LOL!!! …. that's why he leads the league in turnovers since he came in lol … fingers crossed hoping for the best but also staying grounded and REALISTIC with my expectations…. stay safe everyone people trippin out here

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  21. Joshua Achaibor
    Joshua Achaibor 25 May, 2022, 19:09

    I think the Giants just want to see what they have with Daniel Jones if they feel he's not the right quarterback they're not tied to him they can go into next year's draft and drop the kid out of Ohio State or Alabama and I think that's where we'll find out

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  22. Joshua Achaibor
    Joshua Achaibor 25 May, 2022, 19:10

    I think Joe Shane has surround him with a decent offensive line like I said poor Joe Shane had to work with Dave gettleman's garbage he was behind the eight ball as a GM so he only had to do bargain basement shopping

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  23. Joshua Achaibor
    Joshua Achaibor 25 May, 2022, 19:11

    It's like I said Joe judge and Jason Garrett handcuffed him but you can't blame God in a sense because he wasn't sure the type of quarterback he would be

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  24. Joshua Achaibor
    Joshua Achaibor 25 May, 2022, 19:11

    I do agree that he doesn't have it between the years but this is make a break time for him if he's not our quarterback Joe Shane and Brian table are entitled to him you cut him loose and go get the quarterback that we need

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  25. Robb
    Robb 25 May, 2022, 19:11

    Yeah Danny let it loose…straight to big play slay and bradberry. Go birds

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  26. Joshua Achaibor
    Joshua Achaibor 25 May, 2022, 19:11

    That's what parcels told Phil Simms let it rip I don't know how many interceptions you throw don't be scared to throw the ball

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  27. Joshua Achaibor
    Joshua Achaibor 25 May, 2022, 19:12

    I think Daniel Jones has to learn how to process better and if it's not there deep throw it in the flat and just go with your instincts but this is make or break for you

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  28. Joshua Achaibor
    Joshua Achaibor 25 May, 2022, 19:17

    Yeah I definitely feel you can't force feed him I think Joe judge and Jason Garrett were telling okay play this playbook instead of asking him what he likes what he doesn't like

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  29. Joshua Achaibor
    Joshua Achaibor 25 May, 2022, 19:18

    Enjoy listen to you

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  30. Garrett Heyns
    Garrett Heyns 25 May, 2022, 19:38

    Spot on as usual Baddog! I will never need to have a YouTube channel to talk about the Giants because you always say what I would have said. I’m hoping that even if this is Jones’s last year in. Giant uniform he goes out on a good note. He deserved a better situation than was handed to him and I for one will never harbor any ill will.

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  31. Charles Longwell
    Charles Longwell 25 May, 2022, 20:04

    In my opinion the NFC East QB rankings is simple Dak, Wentz, Jones and Hurts I don't think any of them are great none of them have the ability to be elite I do not think the Giants will or should extend Jones after this season I could see them tagging him if they are picking at a spot where they do not believe they have the ability to trade up and get the QB they want next season I think right now Schoen wants CJ Stroud but a weak schedule and a lack of tradeable assets may make it difficult to get a top QB in the draft next season especially if Jones has a good season I think the best option is to reset the QB rookie contract savings by drafting a QB in the next year or 2 and fixing the wholes on the roster before extending an average QB

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  32. Jason LaBrake
    Jason LaBrake 26 May, 2022, 01:10

    He'll be lucky to get a job playing in Canada after we cut him..

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  33. Kenny W.
    Kenny W. 26 May, 2022, 07:16

    Definitely like this approach for DJ that Daboll has

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  34. Ronell John
    Ronell John 26 May, 2022, 08:15

    Anybody defending Jones at this point is delusional!

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  35. Rosario Guzzo
    Rosario Guzzo 26 May, 2022, 18:08

    Dog totally agree that they got to turn Jones lose and let him go full blast I hope Jones will ball out but I am not sure he can do it constantly. This is his shot it's all on him now. Great video Dog keep up great work. Go GMEN

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  36. James Kirchner
    James Kirchner 26 May, 2022, 19:09

    I believe that the offense is better

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  37. Larry Fisher
    Larry Fisher 28 May, 2022, 22:39

    Baddog, please help me out here. When Brian Dabol was first named the the Giants new HC he said that D Jones was the man at QB in 2022. Prior to the draft the Giants GM comes out and says that the Giants are NOT going to resign or pick up DJ's option year. That statement says to me that he's NOT the future of our franchise. There could be a number of reasons for this. Maybe they saw enough tape to conclude that even when he had time, he made poor decisions with the football, he's injury prone, or he's going to cost too much before the other pieces are in play. (OL, WR, TE, DF) I'm not a fan of DJ. I'm also not a fan of running QB's. In the last * years or so how many run first QB's won a SB? I think that if they can, the Giants should resign Jones to a 6 year contract right now while the leverage is on their side. under DJ's past few HC's he never had a real good QB coach. He has the tools, but if he isn't taught how to use them correctly the rust. Look at his fist year. He may have been thrust into the lineup way to soon, but look at what he learned from Eli. You can't tell me that Eli didn't help in some way. Upper management is confused regarding how to handle him. One minute he's the starter, and the next he's not going to get resigned. If he's not going to get resigned, Why start him? If Taylor has a super camp, does he now sit? If you sign Jones now to a long term deal the price will be a lot lower that it would be at the end of the year. What's your opinion? I don't think that with only 1 first rond pick neck year we would get who we want without giving up a Kings ransom.

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  38. Larry Fisher
    Larry Fisher 28 May, 2022, 23:22

    I agree with you 100%. Just go out there and have fun. Remind him that he does have an improved OL. He has to know how to TRUST both his arm & his WR's. When you have so many WR's and the receivers that you do have drop the ball, you lose confidence. He has to understand that the WR's hate to drop balls. Give them that second chance. DJ has worked out some in the off season. The kid wants to do better. They're s only 2 things that worries me me this year on offense. What happens if Barkley goes down "again?" Can the other RB's step up their game? I also question the Robinson pick. Like every other Giant fan, I don't get the pick. A WR, sure. Another slot WR that early, NO! A nice sized WR that runs clean routes is what DJ needs. Nice size is between 6 – 6'3". This is something that DJ needs to build his confidence. Not only that, the Giants are always near or at the lead in dropped passes. SHIT! The season isn't even here and I'm freaking out. Being a fan since 1975 makes you think about the worst of times. – -Hey, great therapy session. Just put it on my bill.. LOL

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