NFL Total Access | Kurt Warner "100% believe" Joe Burrow will be in MVP hunt & Bengals win AFC North

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  1. Cory Wetherby
    Cory Wetherby 20 May, 2022, 20:54

    Sorry to bust your bubble but Justin Herbert‘s wins MVP this year hands down !!!! ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️

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  2. D.E. Eliot
    D.E. Eliot 21 May, 2022, 16:37

    😂😂😂 the Chiefs couldn't beat the Bengals with a bad line but now they'll beat them just because. Yea, OK. The Ravens wasn't hurt that first game and it's crazy that everyone thinks them being healthy this year is a hot take. #clowns

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  3. Rebecca Lyle
    Rebecca Lyle 21 May, 2022, 21:59

    Joe Burrow is one of the most famous and recognizable people in the world. Friends of mine from all over the world ask me me about Burrow, including people people from Finland, Norway,most of Europe and Russia. And, you are dead wrong. He will beat the Browns, Ravens and Chiefs. But, hey keep saying he won’t, he thrives on that.

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  4. Rebecca Lyle
    Rebecca Lyle 21 May, 2022, 22:01

    Watson probably won’t even play. 22 women.

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  5. Dave Autrey
    Dave Autrey 22 May, 2022, 00:14

    Kurt Warner?

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  6. Real N!gga
    Real N!gga 22 May, 2022, 13:17

    This idiot said their losin to the cowboys n tampa wk 15 who gives these niggas jobs smh

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  7. Chef Antonio Wooten
    Chef Antonio Wooten 22 May, 2022, 15:09

    Right also these guys still think of the Bengals as the old Bengals if they went to the Super Bowl with backup lineman got 3 new starting linemen faster with two safetys Hybrid With 4.3 Speed and say we won’t beat the best teams Still no respect

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  8. BGill 40
    BGill 40 24 May, 2022, 11:28

    This is worst case scenario for us. Don’t see us losing to Dallas or KC.

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  9. Chris Lester
    Chris Lester 24 May, 2022, 12:23

    They will definitely beat the ravens and the chiefs.

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  10. Jace Woods
    Jace Woods 24 May, 2022, 15:56

    Kurt the AFC North boasts 1 Unanimous MVP already 37-12 coming up on 1st 50 games last year Burrow took advantage of an injury and virus depleted team twice the year before in the only meeting he suffered 7 sacks and took an L for a 4-12 team I would pump the brakes on that anointing of Burrow as the next best thing if Lamar returns healthy the Bengals surely will be looking up at the Ravens AGAIN like the Browns

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  11. StrangeShredz
    StrangeShredz 25 May, 2022, 15:09

    Why does everyone assume the chiefs are gonna be the same. Chiefs lost the cheetah

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  12. CMOH 59
    CMOH 59 26 May, 2022, 11:07

    Good to see Hawk. Is it just me or doesn't there seem to be more than a few Bengals that are commentators.

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  13. terpmaniac
    terpmaniac 27 May, 2022, 23:23

    You guys go to a super bowl in like FOREVER and now your poo don't stink.

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  14. Adam Collett
    Adam Collett 28 May, 2022, 09:49

    That was some lazy ass picks. The team that upset so many teams last year, doesn’t get one upset

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