Draft Grades | Los Angeles Chargers | Brandon Staley Draft Player Breakdown

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  1. ByTheWillOfCrom YouTube
    ByTheWillOfCrom YouTube 2 May, 2022, 03:10

    It seems the majority of their picks were geared towards Special Teams.

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  2. maoscott
    maoscott 2 May, 2022, 06:42

    Awesome video that helps put things all together with how Staley felt about the picks.

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  3. JamesRichard
    JamesRichard 2 May, 2022, 08:25

    The Spiller pick is a solid A.

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  4. thunderbolts 24
    thunderbolts 24 2 May, 2022, 10:10

    I'm very excited for this year.. I like having a lot of quality DB's. You got a lot of good ideas working. I'm glad I subscribed. You surprise me every week. Good job.

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  5. Qwest360
    Qwest360 2 May, 2022, 11:48

    Had to beef up that O-Line! Love the picks! Also, keep the awesome contents flowing!

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  6. Ryan Thomas
    Ryan Thomas 2 May, 2022, 18:31

    That’s crazy giving Spiller a B grade. He may be one of the best picks especially for the round they got him in. He started 3 years including as a freshman at A&M in the best division in college football. He was also a 3 x All SEC player in a division with Alabama who puts out stud NFL running backs every single season, not to mention other teams like Georgia, And all the other NFL pipeline schools. Spiller is 6 foot 218lbs so he’s big enough to lower his shoulder and get those thought yards on short conversions, but he also had the highest percentage of forced missed tackles out of any RB in the draft. He was a full 2 percent higher than Walker and Hall. What’s more impressive is that Spiller played in the SEC with the best talent and competition and still had more forced missed tackles than two backs that played lesser competition and talent. Spillers dad also played TE for A&M and he grew up playing WR so he has great hands. Coming out of Fishers offense his backs have to be able to do it all, like Dalvin Cook and other guys he put out. He’s great at pass blocking and route running as well. Most people projected him as the 3rd best back in the draft, including Ladanian Tomlinson. Some actually had him graded as the best back in the draft and said he was a round 2 pick hands down. So to get him in the 4th is a slam dunk A!! He may not have the fastest 40 time but he plays way faster and Carries his pad very well with his size. Anyone saying this is less than a great pick clearly didn’t watch him play enough.

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  7. Ryan Thomas
    Ryan Thomas 2 May, 2022, 19:03

    The Deane Leonard grade is also off. His athleticism and raw traits alone make it a B grade at that point in the draft. His athletic traits are comparable to many players taken in top rounds. Yes he’s not a household name. Yea there was players there available in the 7th that fans wanted because they knew the guys or because they had seen them in mock drafts before. But almost all the time those guys aren’t the ones who ever make the team. 2 years ago every charger fan was so excited and gave the draft where they got Reed and Hill great draft grades, but how did that turn out? Neither guy made the team last season. Just because they have production in college doesn’t make them an NFL player. Most of the guys like that in late rounds have reached the height of their athletic abilities. They are at their ceiling. They may be good “football players” but they don’t have the athletic traits to keep up with the talent in the NFL. So rather than picking the guys who are taped out and have shown their best already on tape, why not go look for the guy like Leonard who is still growing as a player. I’d rather have the raw player who hasn’t reAched his potential yet and is still growing than the guy who we know exactly what he is and was still drafted in round 7 with a compensation pick. Leonard is Coming from Canada, and he doesn’t have the same playing experience as other college players. The same goes for Otito Coming from Nigeria and Zion who didn’t play football till he got to 11th grade. These dudes all have the size and very rare athletic traits to make it at next level. Now they just need coaching and to mature as an athlete. Leonard is a freak when it comes to testing. Dude came from Canada to the best Confrence in college football and started as a CB against the best WR in the nation. He’s physical, likes to tackle, has rare speed, size and is good in man to man coverage. He’s extremely smooth in his back pedal and with his hips. He has every single trait to be a good NFL DB, the only thing he needs now is the right coaching. I would much rather them take that kind of player then one who put up great stats in college but has physical limitations like height, speed, or just pure athletic ability. Those dudes almost never make it, but the ones with the talent and just need more time to develop have much more of a chance. Leonard is also extremely versatile as a DB and able to play in slot, and big enough to play outside and fast enough to cover bigger NFL WRs. One thing you’ll notice about this draft is every single player taken is extremely smart, with high football IQ, very very athletic even if they are still raw, and most of them are labeled as their best football is in front of them because they haven’t reached their full Potential yet, unlike most guys drafted in late rounds. The Chargers have been good with Kate round picks and UDFAs as a franchise. Ekeler, Adrian Phillips, Gates, Floyd, Dielman, etc…. JC Jackson was a guy that no one drafted but because he had all the traits, smarts, and belief in himself that’s what makes most guys make it and excel at next level. Not their draft projections or grade. Most draft grades and mock drafts are always wrong yet everyone, especially fans put so much stalk into it. Find a player that has what you want and fits what you need and has the athletic ability and mental toughness to compete, and take him without worry about what people think. I love that they did that and I have more trust of their opinion and evaluation of a player much more than any sports writer and YouTube personality of podcaster out there, especially when they have never played this game at a high level and have no clue what separates those who make it and those who don’t. Leonard has a lot of the same traits as JC and other elite NFL CBs, so why not pair that guy up with soMe of the best DBs in football and see if he can’t learn something and ride to their level just like JC did when he went to the Patriots after going Undrafted. Leonard has all the traits and talent to make it as a DB in the NFL with a little more time and the right coaching, but even if that doesn’t happen, he can easily come in and be a starter on special teams as a gunner or blocking kicks…. Especially with the speed he has and willingness to tackle.

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  8. Ryan Thomas
    Ryan Thomas 2 May, 2022, 19:22

    Everyone gets adding Horvath as a low grade is crazy. Yea Fullback may not have been a need for them, but Horvath is a very very good athlete for his size. He’s a great runner with fantastic hands. He’s also runs well and blocks extremely well. I saw one Analyst grade that as an A and a fantastic pick. Why take the 35th ranked CB or WR on the board when you can take the top Fullback. Horvath immediately comes in and adds a bunch as a special teams player day 1. He is so versatile as a player and guys like him are so important to success on special teams. In the past Chargers try to find some WR or someone that late and they have never played special teams as a starter in college, and they hardly ever end up actually playing WR the poison they were drafted for. So why not draft a guy that late for specific need on special teams just like you would a punter. Not to mention he adds depth at fullback and he is a much better runner and receiving option than Nabbers. He’s faster than Nabbers, he’s more athletic, better pass catcher, and a much better runner. Plus he’s cheaper as a 7th round pick. This dude could be used like Stephen Anderson was considering he’s 6’3, a gray blocker and pass catcher, not to mention great after the catch. He’s a very similar profile to Kyle Juszczyk, but Horvath is an inch taller. Oh btw Juszczyk had an RAS score of 9.75 out of 10, Horvath was 9.83 out of 10. Horvath was one of the most elite athletes in the draft much less to steal him in round 7. They said if he wasn’t hurt last season he would have been drafted 3 rounds earlier easily. He’s seriously a good enough athlete and physical enough to even make the transition and play LB if they wanted him to. That’s how good of an all around athlete and football player this guy is. Not to mention a much better option to hand him the ball on 4th and short than Nabbers or any of the running backs they used last season. If They told you they were Signing Kyle Juszczyk to replace Stephen Anderson as a backfield option and extra pass protector, most Charger fans would jump all over it. So why not take a flyer on a guy who has the talent and athletic ability to be that guy but a much cheaper option as a 7th round draft pick. Everyone gets so caught up on poisons of need, but poisons of need change every singe season and they still have Alcoa space to address the position of need they still want to fill but with actual proven NFL talent. That’s where you go to fill your real positions of need, not with some flyer on a 7th round pick when the odds say he won’t be there at the start of the season. Take the guy with the best chance to make it and add value to your team, not just the best player at a poison you need when you probably believe that guy won’t be around come game 1. Everyone out there has this basic trivial style of thinking and they all regurgitate the same BS and some other beat writers draft grade all because they didn’t draft some player you thought they should or someone you know. Instead try thinking outside the box and trying to see why it’s a great pick, why they made it and what it actually adds to this team. Great teams don’t just draft for the 22 potions available on offense and defense, they find ways to make all 3 phases of their game great and add players that can add value in any and every way possible.

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  9. Ryan Thomas
    Ryan Thomas 2 May, 2022, 20:27

    The New England Patriots get shit draft grades almost every single year, and everyone gives them shit for reaching on certain players or drafting guys that no one sees how they fit the team or where they are going to be used at….. Rarely do they ever go out and spend a ton in FA, so clearly those picks he’s drafting and getting shit for are turning into something, cuz every single season the Patriots are in the playofffs making a run, and they have won the Super Bowl more times than any other team doing things that exact same way…… Why? Cuz Bill sees How that player fits. Bill see the value the player adds and he’s willing to go out and draft that person wherever he wants in order to get him, even if it means he gets shit for it. Tom Brady, Jc Jackson, Malcom butler, David Andrew’s, Rob Ninncovich, Edelman, Ted Karras, the list goes on and on…. Needs change, schemes change, take the player that you think add the most value and has the highest upside. Most late round picks don’t make the team and when they do they are gone a year or two later…. So take the most athletic guy with the highest upside, or the guy who adds the most to your team right now, even if that’s on special teams. They may not have the flashy name or the numbers in college but id rather have someone who adds something to
    Special teams and who fits the team, or has the athletic ability to play at the next level and might just need better coaching and more time to develop. The Chargers have had one of the worst special teams in football for a while now…. Drafting guys who
    Can change that should be something we all love to see. Those things are what make all the difference between winning a playoff game or losing one. Don’t believe me, go
    Watch the Green Bat game vs 49ers last season and see how GB messed up two special teams plays and the plays made we’re by special team core guys on the 49ers not some starter or stud poison player just waiting to get his start on offense or defense. That late round DB who has an insane 40 time, ridiculous vertical, and is super twitchy and explosive, is the one who blocks that kick when you need it becaue he has that little extra speed and gets a few more inches when he dives or jumps for that ball then the WR or DB you took that was a stud in college but never played special teams and he runs a 4.48 and a 30 in vertical, rather than a 4.38 – 40 time, 37 inch vert that the other guy has. Or they lined up in a Different gaps because the other guy has a higher football IQ and is smarter and sees things that the other guy doesn’t. It’s a game of inches and every inch matters.

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  10. Ryan Thomas
    Ryan Thomas 2 May, 2022, 20:59

    It’s hilarious to me that every Charger fan was begging for them to draft the fastest dude possible at WR and has been praying they draft another speed WR almost ignoring how poor the route running was or the fact that the WR was 5’7. They basically ignored all of the other great WRs available or the one we drafted last season who will be a stud (Josh Palmer) all because he run a 4.5 and that’s “not fast enough”, but as soon as they draft some of the fastest DBs in the draft to neutralize that speed that other offenses have, they would rather then draft the DB with a bigger name and higher draft profile, from the biggest school, even though that guy runs 4.55 and gets burned by those faster WRs out there now and all the ones coming out in the draft. Davis, 4.4 , ASJ 4.43, DJ 4.47, JC Jackson 4.46, JT woods 4.36, Campbell 4.35, Leonard 4.39. Elite Speed and athleticism is what Staley is looking for out of his DBs. Guys who can fly around and cover just about anyone and line up just about anywhere. Zone or man coverage. That’s what he is looking for. You can teach technique, you can teach what to look for, how to turn your hips and get in and out of breaks, or which way to turn ur head when looking for the ball…… you can’t teach size, speed, fast twitch, how to jump higher or elite athleticism. A guy can either learn quickly and diagnose things on the fly or he can’t. He either has a high football IQ and can pick up on certain things on film or he can’t. Those are the traits he looked for in the draft, especially the late rounds. He knows, as long as they have all the things You can’t teach, then he can teach them all the things they might not do well yet.

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  11. M_B
    M_B 2 May, 2022, 22:05

    To all the haters of the late rd DBs. Troy Hill was a late rd pick and Darious Williams both went on to play great and get the next big contract after Brandon Staley started working with them.

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  12. Adam Akemon
    Adam Akemon 2 May, 2022, 22:53

    Seems like ryan is running shit down here

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  13. John Andrei
    John Andrei 2 May, 2022, 22:55


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