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  1. Deez
    Deez 1 May, 2022, 14:25

    JoJo Domann was a UFDA who was far better

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  2. Lyle Huling
    Lyle Huling 1 May, 2022, 14:56

    A legenda di mikujava.Monster snowquen hè u mo idolu. Hè a persona chì aspiru à esseb, hè a mo luce di ghjornu

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  3. The G Man
    The G Man 1 May, 2022, 15:11

    Good deal, hope at least one of these guys makes the roster.

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  4. michael pet
    michael pet 1 May, 2022, 15:19

    I hate to say this but Cold Holcomb needs to get hurt for these idiots to realize how much they've neglected the position whether it's because they overreached, signed gap players, or simply filled positions with special teams players at best. It's hard to believe that RR and JDR actually played LB in the nfl! That SHOULD be our strongest position!

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  5. Jason Jones
    Jason Jones 1 May, 2022, 15:30

    We should have drafted a linebacker in the middle rounds

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  6. Gym Rat Drew
    Gym Rat Drew 1 May, 2022, 16:26

    Was hoping WSH would draft Chenal out of Wisconsin on day 2.

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  7. Andrew Altice
    Andrew Altice 1 May, 2022, 16:59

    The worst draft in my 44-45 years as a fan!!! Unless we have a miraculous season this will be Ron's last year coaching this team and probably any team

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  8. Tim Foisie
    Tim Foisie 1 May, 2022, 17:33

    Washington should beg Luke Kuechly to come out of retirement and play Mike for us. If that doesn't work, sign Anthony Hitchens or Dont'a Hightower.

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  9. Tim Foisie
    Tim Foisie 1 May, 2022, 17:35

    Tre Walker, LB, Idaho is another UDFA for the Commanders.

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  10. Christopher Spillman
    Christopher Spillman 1 May, 2022, 17:38

    Looking forward to the full UDFA cast. I’ve been listening to you since your first couple and you’ve come a long way! Great job 👏

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  11. David Covington
    David Covington 1 May, 2022, 20:09

    I think ferrod gardner will make the roster

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  12. Anthony Orman
    Anthony Orman 1 May, 2022, 21:34

    Just insane to me Ron was a Lb on a championship team he knows how important the mic Lb is and passed on a day 1 starter in Dean for a back up Dt at least he'll be one this year having a solid signal caller n the middle of your D is just as important as the qb on the O so im honestly wondering wtf Ron is thinking he damn well knows buy now we don't have a solid mic on this team right now its like we will be solid everywhere on the D but right up the middle smh starting to think if we don't see big improvement from the team this year we might need to start looking for a new HC ive gave Ron the benefit of the doubt up to this point but him just ignoring the giant hole in the middle especially as a former Lb just frustrating from a life long fan smh

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  13. Brian & Sarah
    Brian & Sarah 2 May, 2022, 06:28

    I have been watching white for years very scrappy I pray he makes it

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  14. Freddie Lee
    Freddie Lee 2 May, 2022, 20:30

    Bro, Drew White the real deal, I like him as our starting MLB.

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  15. Freddie Lee
    Freddie Lee 2 May, 2022, 20:34

    Drew White played his ass off at MLB for ND, if givin a chance he will take the starting MLB position this year…pin this cause it’s happening!

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