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  1. J Taylor
    J Taylor 30 April, 2022, 18:52

    Not a bad draft for only having 4 picks

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  2. Jose A. Lucas
    Jose A. Lucas 30 April, 2022, 18:52

    Love the relationship so far between McDaniel & Grier. They don't act like they're above one another cough cough 😮‍💨

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  3. indade
    indade 30 April, 2022, 19:03

    Underwhelmed but of course i would be. I think I know how to scout better than the people paid to scout.

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  4. Maverick
    Maverick 30 April, 2022, 19:05

    These dudes sound like good friends.

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  5. Cynthia Myami Smith
    Cynthia Myami Smith 30 April, 2022, 19:18

    I'm loving this so much! I've never seen Grier smile like this!! Miami Mike came in to make us all happy I feel!!! LFG!!!! 🐬🐬

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  6. Vivian Martin
    Vivian Martin 30 April, 2022, 19:22

    Neither one of y'all talk.that Good about tua.

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  7. SheldonABQ
    SheldonABQ 30 April, 2022, 19:25

    SKY Thompson Dolphins Nailed IT!

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  8. J. Wilks
    J. Wilks 30 April, 2022, 19:26

    ERIK EZUKANMA ran alot of Jet Sweeps….just saying

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  9. TheLiverpoolKing
    TheLiverpoolKing 30 April, 2022, 19:28

    The part that I love the most was at the end where Grier said they disagreed on players but worked through it. It shows me that both of them have a backbone and are also willing men that will compromise. Beautiful to see a GM and Head coach act like this. Never thought the day would come lol

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  10. HauzU46
    HauzU46 30 April, 2022, 19:30

    Still good picks. Now Undrafted player's signings

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  11. SheldonABQ
    SheldonABQ 30 April, 2022, 19:39

    18.00 minutes of full attention!!! We have 4 positions that have improved. inside/outside LB's Perfect! WR/QB Yeah Baby! Keep Up the BESTWORK

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  12. Beals007
    Beals007 30 April, 2022, 19:44

    I've got a good feeling this year we're going to go far

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  13. Jeff Naslund
    Jeff Naslund 30 April, 2022, 19:49

    Getting excited

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  14. maurice perkins
    maurice perkins 30 April, 2022, 19:59

    coach drip seems to be slurring a bit.

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  15. NSNBC
    NSNBC 30 April, 2022, 20:05

    This is what complaining about the mics get you. They went and got the most sensitive mic.

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  16. Jiano Joel
    Jiano Joel 30 April, 2022, 20:06

    Lost my hearing .. thanks

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  17. Matthew Upchurch
    Matthew Upchurch 30 April, 2022, 20:09

    Does anyone know who is going to snap Tua the ball

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  18. Big D
    Big D 30 April, 2022, 20:15

    Who is the coach really gonna be, Grier or McDaniel?

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  19. GlassHousecp
    GlassHousecp 30 April, 2022, 20:32

    Mike looks and talks like he's stoned or drunk🤔

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  20. Mike 91MDK
    Mike 91MDK 30 April, 2022, 20:33

    Pretty decent draft imo, considering no first or second rounders. Even though they passed on 0-linemen, they have signed a few as UFAs. Can't hurt to add ANY from wherever lol

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  21. Rodolfo Soriano
    Rodolfo Soriano 30 April, 2022, 21:01

    Coaches are so much happier 😂🤣😂❤ Something special about to happen

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  22. John Fernandez
    John Fernandez 30 April, 2022, 21:09

    Love all the hard work. Let’s go get the trophy now.

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  23. Apoc Morrow
    Apoc Morrow 30 April, 2022, 23:08

    It's hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that we drafted the K St QB in round 7, while Donovan West and Alec Lindstrom were both available. Why do these guys think it is acceptable for us to have Dieter as our starting center? That is NOT going to work!

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  24. MrBaldylocks13
    MrBaldylocks13 30 April, 2022, 23:15

    JC Tretter please

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  25. platovid4
    platovid4 1 May, 2022, 04:04


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  26. Bryan Calderan
    Bryan Calderan 1 May, 2022, 08:59

    All they need is a couple fat ass blunts straight up !! Nd ÉriK is on d team !! FoshO

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  27. Bryan Calderan
    Bryan Calderan 1 May, 2022, 09:08

    Bottom line we winning the Súper bowl !!!!!

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  28. Kevin Warnimont
    Kevin Warnimont 1 May, 2022, 11:16

    I honestly didn't know Grier could laugh, it's good to finally see it🙂. For someone supposedly on the "Hot Seat", he looks pretty comfortable with this team and coach combination.

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  29. roconer01
    roconer01 1 May, 2022, 14:14

    Lets Go!!!!! Fired up!!!

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  30. Ryan .305
    Ryan .305 1 May, 2022, 17:01

    We had a decent draft, but respe t to the Bills… they're looking like a top flight organization top bottom. Can't wait till we get there like them and relive our rivalries of before. All in all, Go Miami and I hope this is the season to something special.

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  31. Michael Smith
    Michael Smith 1 May, 2022, 17:33

    I think Mike smoked some Yoda with Greir before the press coconference. 😂

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  32. USC88
    USC88 2 May, 2022, 02:10

    Wow that sound with ear phones in 🤦‍♂️

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  33. Jackermy Sextonpike
    Jackermy Sextonpike 2 May, 2022, 20:54

    It's really insane that whatever nephew they have running sound for these press conferences can't get it to the quality of even a large majority of YouTube channels. It wouldn't take much to get appropriate equipment. It doesn't take much skill to balance the sound correctly. It's insane that I can't listen to these without earbuds and today we suffered from a crazy amount of feedback. Please just hire someone combatant. Someone with experience as a sound engineer, maybe

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  34. Bentley
    Bentley 3 May, 2022, 06:24

    Chris McDaniel Tua = greatest QB
    Hill Wilson waddle Tua = Greatest QB to ever play the game

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