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Jameis Winston Media Availability 3/28/22 | New Orleans Saints

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New Orleans Saints reach deal with 17 undrafted free agents

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  1. Saints Now by Chat Sports
    Saints Now by Chat Sports 29 April, 2022, 21:01

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  2. Jeremy Gates
    Jeremy Gates 29 April, 2022, 21:36

    Was hoping for brisker…don’t know ANYTHING about Taylor but at first glance, it looks like a BIG reach….so, I’ll say C-

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  3. duane jessup
    duane jessup 29 April, 2022, 21:37

    Saints love Tennessee players.

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  4. texasmusk
    texasmusk 29 April, 2022, 21:43

    He will be steal of draft.

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    WHO DAT NAITION 29 April, 2022, 22:16


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    WHO DAT NAITION 29 April, 2022, 22:16


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  7. Jeremy Gibbs
    Jeremy Gibbs 29 April, 2022, 22:25

    Saints also drafted Malcom Jenkins as a CB and made him a safety and we won the Super Bowl his rookie year. It’s been done before. Let’s Geaux.

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  8. gary v
    gary v 29 April, 2022, 22:33

    IDK but I'm mad Lsu was there and we didn't take him.

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  9. Anything goes viral
    Anything goes viral 29 April, 2022, 22:46

    Carson strong next

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  10. Michael Till
    Michael Till 29 April, 2022, 22:53

    I trust D. Allen he turned our defense from one of the worst in the league to a top 10 defense if he sees something in this guy who r we to criticize

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  11. Wayne Brownlow
    Wayne Brownlow 29 April, 2022, 22:59


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  12. Gundam
    Gundam 29 April, 2022, 23:10

    Dude got range size and closing speed … in Coach Richard I trust this is a steal further down the road

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  13. The Real Gaming Export
    The Real Gaming Export 30 April, 2022, 00:05

    Our main needs are WR and OT. We good on QBs (Jameis and Taysom, opinion don't like Andy). So we are kinda a complete team for this season. Our TEs are good maybe be great. They are just injury prone. Including Taysom if you include him. But he shouldn't be blocking much. He should be used for screen passes.

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    TheSNOTTBALL 30 April, 2022, 00:52

    The Saints blew this draft. They made a good move by ending up with two first-round picks and then outsmarted themselves at the last minute. Why in the world would you trade the whole back half of your draft to move from 19 to 11 as though they were running out of wide receiver somehow? And then you take the smallest frailest wide receiver on the list. What what will this kid bring to the table that Deonte Harris can't? We needed 2 offensive lineman two wide receivers and a safety. Or two offensive linemen wide receiver and a solid running back and a safety. And we had better get real about our linebackers situation Demario Davis is getting older even though he's still top-tier at linebacking position but Pete Werner is not going to fit the bill

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  15. Marvin Norman
    Marvin Norman 30 April, 2022, 01:28

    Let's sign Jarvis Landry

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  16. Lifeislikeaboxofchocolates
    Lifeislikeaboxofchocolates 30 April, 2022, 03:03

    Honestly DA hasn’t missed on any of the DB’s he’s taken so I’ll trust him on this one

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  17. Joe Dog
    Joe Dog 30 April, 2022, 03:04

    ill give saints an A if they draft a RB with their next 3 picks. right now B.

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  18. Audemars
    Audemars 30 April, 2022, 03:58

    Like the first 3 picks
    Now look for another CB TE RB QB

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  19. Lo Pan
    Lo Pan 30 April, 2022, 04:26

    What's up with Adebo

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  20. Pelicans NOLA
    Pelicans NOLA 30 April, 2022, 06:02

    Tell your boss that Who DAT Nation have your back 🏈⚜️💥💯

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  21. Elijah Walker
    Elijah Walker 30 April, 2022, 07:40

    I played with him when he was at coffee county, he was our rival and terrorized us for three years

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  22. yogurt lyfe
    yogurt lyfe 30 April, 2022, 11:28

    They drafted taylor for the corner position Dennis Allen said in his press conference.

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  23. Chase Wainwright
    Chase Wainwright 30 April, 2022, 12:06

    Dennis Allen knows what he’s doing, I trust him and Mickey did their HW on this guy. And Kris Richard is a good DB’s coach and I feel he can fix anything that is wrong.

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  24. deidrich kemp
    deidrich kemp 30 April, 2022, 13:22

    Didn't like it myself but don't hate it good grade

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  25. Joseph Washington
    Joseph Washington 30 April, 2022, 15:30

    They fk up not getting a qb. Because that injury Winston had. That don't heal like what people think.

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  26. zack willoughby
    zack willoughby 30 April, 2022, 16:27

    Happy with the pick we need players who love tackling and from what they've been saying he's all about hitting people so I'm bout it.

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  27. chin turner
    chin turner 30 April, 2022, 17:22

    Anybody still waiting on New Orleans to draft a QUARTERBACK!!! STILL WAITING AFTER THREE YEARS 😪

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  28. Asclipiadis
    Asclipiadis 30 April, 2022, 18:41

    Who says we aren't gonna look at Tyrann still? Taylor could be another hybrid like P.J. Williams

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  29. Brian Edwards
    Brian Edwards 30 April, 2022, 19:19

    So we spent a 2nd round pick for a corner at best 5th on the depth chart. Nakobe Dean was there

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  30. Shawn Gautreaux
    Shawn Gautreaux 30 April, 2022, 19:34

    Speed is good but not what anyone expected. Too early. C

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  31. Shawn Gautreaux
    Shawn Gautreaux 30 April, 2022, 19:36

    Dennis Allen said he is staying as CB

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  32. Shawn Gautreaux
    Shawn Gautreaux 30 April, 2022, 19:37

    Olave A+, Penning B+

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  33. Victor Edmonds
    Victor Edmonds 30 April, 2022, 21:26

    This mean nothing in terms of us getting the Honey Badger. DA said he see Taylor as a corner and a special teams guy.

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  34. Dj Dsmooth
    Dj Dsmooth 1 May, 2022, 09:15

    it can't be a damn reach if you don't have a 3rd and 4rth …you don't work for the Saints

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  35. wesley s
    wesley s 1 May, 2022, 09:16

    LOve this guy he converted from WR his freshmen year. He is very smart and will probably be able to convert or slide where ever Allen wants him. B+ overall IMO

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  36. Dj Dsmooth
    Dj Dsmooth 1 May, 2022, 09:16

    he doesn't have to prove anything to you

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  37. cory jackson
    cory jackson 1 May, 2022, 11:59

    Tre McBride was the pick…mark my words we will regret it !!! Even a blind man could see that…i dont know how in the hell u leave him on the board at pick 49!!!!

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