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  1. deeroyst
    deeroyst 30 April, 2022, 11:16

    What's goin to burn them are the contracts they're giving to 30 yr old receivers, similar to the NBA contracts with John wall and Westbrook. They're not going to earn that money. It's a young man's game phellas

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  2. Shufflin2276
    Shufflin2276 30 April, 2022, 11:18

    Dang, You got a bar to start a chat for Willis? Lol

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  3. Ben Kaldwurse
    Ben Kaldwurse 30 April, 2022, 11:21

    *when healthy

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  4. Suge Wolf
    Suge Wolf 30 April, 2022, 11:28

    Trade Goff for Lamar Jackson if Jackson wants out of Baltimore 🤔🤷🏾‍♂️

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  5. Fredric Clack
    Fredric Clack 30 April, 2022, 11:28

    🐐 🍺!

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  6. jon smith
    jon smith 30 April, 2022, 11:31

    Its nice to hear someone whose actually played the game shut down dumb arguments by those who haven't..thanks Braylon

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  7. Fredric Clack
    Fredric Clack 30 April, 2022, 11:31

    🤔 when JW is 200/10lbs!

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  8. uberlevi
    uberlevi 30 April, 2022, 11:32

    the malik chant was hilarious

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  9. Richard Jackson
    Richard Jackson 30 April, 2022, 12:10

    Yes you sounded like a moron over a 3rd rounder

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  10. MR PROSE
    MR PROSE 30 April, 2022, 12:37

    I called Detroit moving up for a receiver and why they should. 💪js….

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  11. Scam Feez
    Scam Feez 30 April, 2022, 13:17

    I see the next randy moss

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  12. Will McCulloch
    Will McCulloch 30 April, 2022, 13:50

    Too bad Hutchinson was drafted by the lions. What a abysmal team to be playing for.

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  13. c
    c 30 April, 2022, 14:38

    Why would such a great WR transfer? 179 pound broke knee wr. And we gave up 32, 34, and 66? Do you have any idea how much we could have improved our egg suckin D!! Sorry Aaron, I guess Shiela makes the picks!

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  14. Faz
    Faz 30 April, 2022, 14:49

    Wow chanting for Willis at 12! Terrible. So glad Holmes didn’t have this same mindset

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    FANTASTIC FLUENCY 30 April, 2022, 20:58

    No COCAINE analogy, just pure reporting?? ReFRESHING… I can watch this with my friends AND family…. Love Braylon, and Ryan… wonderful combo. Will highly consider re-subscribing with more of these sport journalism gems… Bravo fellas – nicely done.

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  16. Sagittarian King
    Sagittarian King 30 April, 2022, 22:41

    BEAST MASTER!!!!!***

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  17. Americana Dreaming 🇺🇲
    Americana Dreaming 🇺🇲 30 April, 2022, 23:19

    Yall need to breakdown how the rest of the NFC did for those us that are not keeping track.

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  18. Tyler Randall
    Tyler Randall 1 May, 2022, 01:19

    This is a bust waiting to happen. 0 character from this kid. His draft interview was embarrassing to watch. You should be ashamed of yourself for endorsing this jackass.

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  19. Arthur Fonzarelli
    Arthur Fonzarelli 1 May, 2022, 08:30

    Guys are missing the big point though these receivers aren't that much better compared to what they're going to get paid compared to the first rounders get paid the saving is huge. It's not how good you are it's how good you are in relationship to your salary that's all the way general managers look at it and they have to in the NFL

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  20. Tracy Payne
    Tracy Payne 1 May, 2022, 09:36

    @woodwardsports, man yall got some seriously toxic people as part of your message board community.

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  21. Jamie Fasbender
    Jamie Fasbender 1 May, 2022, 09:50

    The Stafford trade and this trade up for JW two best trades in team history. Period. Bar none! Well done Brad Holmes, we’ll done! 👏🏻 👏🏻 👏🏻

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  22. Judeus Samson
    Judeus Samson 1 May, 2022, 11:02

    Lions signed DJ Chark to a one year deal most likely to ease Jameson Williams into the rotation for this year. After that it’s most likely the Amon Ra and Williams show

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  23. jasonpeterson8
    jasonpeterson8 1 May, 2022, 11:19

    Hamilton, was EXACTLY who I thought they should take…💯%. But you just gotta love the Williams pick. Sneaky, sneaky, Brad Holmes is. AND I LOVE IT!!! We finally have a regime that gives a damn.

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  24. koreanzombie420
    koreanzombie420 1 May, 2022, 11:35

    As a Detroit Lions fan, it makes me sick that whole bar was chanting for Malik Willis. Our fan base is dumb as hell.

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  25. Jack Johnson
    Jack Johnson 1 May, 2022, 11:58

    Idiots man Willis was clearly never going to go in the first been saying since this draft process started Willis is a reach in the fourth round and I was called the idiot.

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  26. Lionheart
    Lionheart 1 May, 2022, 13:14

    Lol 😂 u guys wanted Malik Willis. Nobody wanted him so we made the RIGHT choice by passing on him.

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  27. Lionheart
    Lionheart 1 May, 2022, 13:20

    It would be a SOL Lions move to trade up to get Willis. That’s why I don’t get they mindset of some of these fans. Obsession over a player nobody else values.

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