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  1. DR. Detroit
    DR. Detroit 29 April, 2022, 15:41

    nice step, I am so amped for the 23 season man…

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  2. Nathan Barnhart
    Nathan Barnhart 29 April, 2022, 15:49

    Jameson was definitely pissed that his ex teammates went before him. If he didn't have the injury in the NC game, he was the number 1 WR in this years draft.
    Brad Holmes and Dan Campbell are showing promise and I cannot wait to see this team finally start winning and making the playoffs.

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  3. danzo 626
    danzo 626 29 April, 2022, 15:51

    I am not high on hutchinson at all but man am i praying i'm wrong. Jamo got me hype tho

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  4. Christine Orlando
    Christine Orlando 29 April, 2022, 15:54

    Will feel a lot better about draft if we get a LB and S today.

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  5. David Herbst
    David Herbst 29 April, 2022, 15:57

    The Lions are finally drafting like grownup football professionals. This is exciting. Goff is a good QB. He got a good team to the Super Bowl. Let's Give him a good team here, and see what happens.

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  6. Adham Beydoun
    Adham Beydoun 29 April, 2022, 15:58


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  7. Pro Ben Fetchak
    Pro Ben Fetchak 29 April, 2022, 15:58

    I hope the lions have lots of success this season

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  8. DC 8091
    DC 8091 29 April, 2022, 16:01

    A+!! Got two of the best, including, fucking up our division opponents with a low risk trade up!

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  9. Jay Nosowsky
    Jay Nosowsky 29 April, 2022, 16:07

    I wrote 3 months ago, my dream draft for lions would be kayvon and Williams….never thought in a million years we would go get Williams…my mind is blown

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  10. DC 8091
    DC 8091 29 April, 2022, 16:12

    Jamison Williams song; Bombtrack- Rage. “Burn Burn Yes I’m I (yorure) Gonna Burn! 🔥”!

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  11. Ryan Zarzecki
    Ryan Zarzecki 29 April, 2022, 16:12

    Fleeced the Vikings! Not to mention we have 1st round picks next year! If anyone had doubts on Brad Holmes, this should relieve all doubts!

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  12. JamesDunmore99
    JamesDunmore99 29 April, 2022, 16:23

    I think it’s probably a B+ / A- first round. I’m really happy with the two picks and I’m confident that Jamison will be okay after the ACL tear, but there’s always that chance that he’s not the same player and he loses a step.

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  13. Chad Fletcher
    Chad Fletcher 29 April, 2022, 16:28

    I’m telling you the Vikings 100% thought we were gonna pull a SOL move and move up for Malik Willis… Maybe we should thank all the previous inept GM’s!!

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  14. Trucking with The Burks
    Trucking with The Burks 29 April, 2022, 16:31

    Im excited 😊

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  15. Fredric Clack
    Fredric Clack 29 April, 2022, 16:33

    👀🧀 🗣️ show & Your Right- POed!

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  16. Fredric Clack
    Fredric Clack 29 April, 2022, 16:35

    Lil TRON!

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  17. TWENTY
    TWENTY 29 April, 2022, 16:53

    I dunno if Id of given Minnesota 3 great picks. I think this was the one time they should have stood pat and used all 3 early picks on defense. (DE, LB, S) But hey brightside is its quite possible they landed the best players both defensively and offensively in this draft.

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  18. A to Z
    A to Z 29 April, 2022, 17:07

    I was glad they took Aidan. That made me happy.

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  19. Penultimate
    Penultimate 29 April, 2022, 17:29

    They killed it imo. That trade up was amazing. I can't believe the Vikings made that deal. And we got the guy I wanted, Hutchinson. Couldn't be more happy.

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  20. ML916
    ML916 29 April, 2022, 18:32

    Not even a lions fan but I gotta say you guys crushed the 1st round

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  21. MMS1346
    MMS1346 29 April, 2022, 18:51

    Goff is going to have a great year. They finally gave him the weapons. The haters will cry but actual Lions fans will be celebrating.

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  22. Carson Claws
    Carson Claws 30 April, 2022, 02:01


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  23. eebbzz
    eebbzz 30 April, 2022, 02:27


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  24. Zaryko
    Zaryko 30 April, 2022, 02:44

    Disagree about goff

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  25. J.K. Hinneburg
    J.K. Hinneburg 30 April, 2022, 10:37

    Willis??? You just lost your credibility!!!

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  26. Lisa Delorenzo
    Lisa Delorenzo 30 April, 2022, 12:26

    He is on schedule to be ready by trading camp and we only really gave up 1 pick.

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  27. Lisa Delorenzo
    Lisa Delorenzo 30 April, 2022, 12:27

    Goff has no excuses now.

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  28. A W
    A W 30 April, 2022, 20:07

    The Lions have the best draft every year. Doesn't translate to wins, but it's the one time a year to be excited.

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