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  1. Digital Boom
    Digital Boom 28 April, 2022, 21:26

    But he has no QB tho

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  2. Reuben Blanco
    Reuben Blanco 28 April, 2022, 21:26

    1st WR taken , suck on that haters !

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  3. ke lin
    ke lin 28 April, 2022, 21:26

    "The Drake from London not from Canada" lol

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  4. Ronnie J Dio
    Ronnie J Dio 28 April, 2022, 21:28

    I cant believe atl drafted the 4th best wr in tje draft

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    HOPE HOPE 28 April, 2022, 21:37

    Terrible. Falcons are poverty for life. There gonna regret this

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  6. Miaz Clark
    Miaz Clark 28 April, 2022, 21:38

    We need to trade back

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  7. Shawn D. Dawkins
    Shawn D. Dawkins 28 April, 2022, 21:46

    I am not a Falcons fan because I like the Steelers but Falcons fans do y'all like Drake London? He looks like a Tight End he might be a threat.

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  8. Christopher Damper
    Christopher Damper 28 April, 2022, 22:29

    Welcome to ATL

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  9. Big Debo
    Big Debo 28 April, 2022, 23:58

    Fox always speaking facts

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  10. Pete Montfort
    Pete Montfort 29 April, 2022, 00:00

    What expert said that?

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  11. 541turbo
    541turbo 29 April, 2022, 00:19

    whos that limp wrist Spencer guy?

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  12. Stephen Ugbah
    Stephen Ugbah 29 April, 2022, 00:30

    Garett Wilson has the routes and good the air … I’m taking garett

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  13. Preston Spencer
    Preston Spencer 29 April, 2022, 00:46

    I'm gonna take the former WRs advice and not some random dude with a mic lol

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  14. Isaiah H
    Isaiah H 29 April, 2022, 00:54

    WR1 imo

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  15. Walter Strozier
    Walter Strozier 29 April, 2022, 00:58

    Falcons will falcon

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    BLOCK TALK PODCAST 29 April, 2022, 01:28

    6 ppl on the board but only one WR amongst ppl who didn’t play WR. Watch how everybody agrees with the non WR lmao.

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  17. Savage galla
    Savage galla 29 April, 2022, 02:01


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  18. Wanda Meadows
    Wanda Meadows 29 April, 2022, 04:38

    We cant get to the opposing QB nor protect our own QB, ok lets draft a WR. This is like an SNL skit.

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  19. TheHerbinLegend
    TheHerbinLegend 29 April, 2022, 05:48

    Great pick got the most physically gifted receivers in the draft and best hands in the draft

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  20. Treyyy Sleezyyy
    Treyyy Sleezyyy 29 April, 2022, 05:52

    Fox stfu loser the season hasn’t happened yet. You don’t know sh*t 😂

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  21. Emperor Scoop
    Emperor Scoop 29 April, 2022, 05:55

    He is our # Calvon Johson’s son kyle pitts is # 1

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  22. The champ Ishere
    The champ Ishere 29 April, 2022, 07:54

    Naw… plenty of OT/DT ILB available and take a WR who was hurt. If that was the case Jameson Williams was available and played in the SEC .

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  23. Taylor Rodriguez
    Taylor Rodriguez 29 April, 2022, 08:48

    Falcons being the falcons

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  24. David Matheny
    David Matheny 29 April, 2022, 09:09

    I trust Harry Douglas the most for WR analysis, but I am still questioning immediately trying to fix the WR room when pass rush has been non-existent in Atlanta since John Abraham. Maybe we luck up on an under the radar guy in the 2nd round as an EDGE, but we could have picked a guy like Pickens or Metchie in the 2nd Round and still been pretty set.

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  25. Hatch
    Hatch 29 April, 2022, 09:56

    Once Ridley comeback. That’s a nice trio

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  26. S Dresden
    S Dresden 29 April, 2022, 10:25

    Based upon the current parameters of ball, no team in the league can cover both Pitts and London effectively for four quarters without an exceptional pass rush. Talking heads watching God get busy.

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  27. Marcos Rosado
    Marcos Rosado 29 April, 2022, 11:31

    Drake is such a cancerous name

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  28. McK McK
    McK McK 29 April, 2022, 11:40

    I don't follow the Falcons at all but I knew they would take a WR.

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  29. Vue Lee
    Vue Lee 29 April, 2022, 12:30

    Might as well take another WR round 2. The unstoppable John Metchie.

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  30. big14black
    big14black 29 April, 2022, 13:54

    If not for the Calvin Ridley suspension the Falcons could've used that 8th pick on a pass rusher which they desperately needed. 18 Sacks as a team over a 17 game schedule is pathetic.

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  31. CM
    CM 29 April, 2022, 14:49

    Dominique always hates on the falcons. Get out of here

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  32. Darrick Harris
    Darrick Harris 29 April, 2022, 15:05

    I agree with Harry. Making the contested catch is more important in the NFL. You have the best of the best out there. How often are you really going to get that mush separation. Can you position yourself to make the catch? That’s what matters. Julio was great because he made contested catches and had crazy YACs. Tony G. (although not a WR) was successful because he could make contested catches.

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  33. C. Parker C.
    C. Parker C. 30 April, 2022, 06:48

    Matt Millen loves this pick.

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  34. Zachary Montgomery
    Zachary Montgomery 30 April, 2022, 08:12

    Why does he constantly have 2, 3, 9(🙄) guys on him? Because his QBs at USC were constantly under throwing him and he had readjust midroute to go and make those contested catches. And at only 20 years old, he has plenty of time to develope with Kyle Pitts. Love the pick as an Falcons fan.

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  35. Vinnie
    Vinnie 30 April, 2022, 09:01

    Man these guys r horrible tv and hard to watch and listen too they r SOOO DULL AND BORING ITS SAD THIS IS WHAT ESPN HAS BECOME

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