Atlanta Falcons Are on the Clock With the 8th pick

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  1. Nick bagnulo
    Nick bagnulo 28 April, 2022, 23:37

    malik still there

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  2. Nick bagnulo
    Nick bagnulo 28 April, 2022, 23:38

    Make sure our next qb is SET UP
    build Around the qb 1st

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  3. iNdosOuL Vision
    iNdosOuL Vision 29 April, 2022, 00:40

    My mouth was watering for Evan Neal to fall to Atlanta smh I knew ny was gonna take him tho

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  4. Hurricane Malco
    Hurricane Malco 29 April, 2022, 01:13

    Why are people wanting the Falcons to draft a QB this year when it’s better QBs coming out next year

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  5. Wanda Meadows
    Wanda Meadows 29 April, 2022, 05:26

    If they were going offense it made no sense to move on from Matt Ryan this year & be responsible for most of his 2022 salary. Receiver's need a QB to throw them the football & a young receiver coming into a system where there's a franchise QB & stability (JULIO) is one thing but that's not what's happening in ATL right now. Also you cant make the comparison to Tampa because they have Tom Brady & we have Mariota. The Falcons have built the team backwards for decades now. Football starts at the line. What happens in the first 4-5 seconds after the football is snapped is what decides games on both the Offensive & Defensive sides of the ball. When ATL drafted Julio they had a great offense in place offense. This is the same old draft approach & the reason the Falcons defense & pass protection has been so bad. Falcons have been extremely fortunate to have had Ryan who never missed games but now they have an injury prone QB. This new organization has been a disaster.

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  6. Wanda Meadows
    Wanda Meadows 29 April, 2022, 05:47

    What you call "Professional Analyst" are just entertainer's. This should be VERY OBVIOUS to everyone because they miss on more of there predictions than they hit. Its like no one cares about track record & the so called professional sports analyst are never held accountable & people still put stock in what they say & treat them like royalty. Just had to make this point cause im tired of people acting like they have an "inside scoop" when they are really just choosing to believe some personalities info.

    As for the Falcons there MAIN PROBLEM has been getting pressure on the opposing QB & protecting there own. Your fooling yourself if you think WR solves this issue in any way, shape or form. This pick is the opposite of OBVIOUS & its something the Falcons have done for decades. When they drafted Julio it really wasn't a huge NEED & he got time to develop chemistry with Ryan. So now you pick a WR you expect to start day 1 but you haven't addressed your decades long problem at the LINE nor do you have a franchise QB that can work on chemistry with that WR? This is ass backwards & its even WORSE because people are believing London is going to produce at the NFL level like he did in a weak Collegiate Conference. Take Pitts for example, he struggled out of the gate & he had a proven great QB working with him. Now take that same Falcons offense from last year & remove Matt Ryan & add Mariota. Do you think Pitts would have even accomplished similar statistics? It all begins & ends at the LINE! WR's are at the third step of the play & the third person to touch the ball. It all starts were the ball is snapped. Its common sense.

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  7. Brian Little
    Brian Little 29 April, 2022, 06:49

    And we got Auden tate 6’5

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