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Falcons vs Panthers REACTION

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  1. Browns Revenge
    Browns Revenge 27 April, 2022, 13:47

    The chances the pathers will trade for Faker are the very same chances someone is willing to buy the sunken titanic. I mean if you want to destroy your franchise on purpose for decades, to become the team with the more INTs and fumbles in the league go get him, and Emily and the commercials.

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  2. D22 Williams.22
    D22 Williams.22 27 April, 2022, 14:15

    Panthers had Joe Brady at OC and failed to draft the perfect QB for Brady's offense – Mac Jones. The Carolina front office is a mess. Rhule is toast.

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  3. sdraiderfan83 -
    sdraiderfan83 - 27 April, 2022, 14:16

    Why is NO ONE talking about Baker to Minnesota??? Cousins isn't the answer. Baker needs to prove himself. Baker has already won a road playoff game… at the worst it will bring a QB battle between 2 quarterbacks with a lot to prove!!

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  4. Thomas Price
    Thomas Price 27 April, 2022, 14:27

    No Mayfield 🙅🏻‍♂️

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    †RVSTY TEVSPOON† 27 April, 2022, 14:46

    Imagine getting baker when you literally have Sam who is the same thing

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  6. Unction
    Unction 27 April, 2022, 16:15

    Carson Strong is by far the best QB in this draft.

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  7. California Dreamin’
    California Dreamin’ 27 April, 2022, 16:23

    Hopefully Jimmy G stays and continues to train up Tre

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  8. California Dreaming
    California Dreaming 27 April, 2022, 16:39

    There once was a quarterback named Baker,
    When it came to football he was a faker.
    Whines like a b—-h,
    The Browns did him ditch.
    He’s about as good as this year’s Lakers.

    (OK. I’m teasing. I’m no Baker fan but he gets a bit of a bad rap. He has a strong arm — he can launch it 70 yards — although he tends to airmail a few passes. I know that OBJ hates his guts.

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  9. Francis
    Francis 27 April, 2022, 18:20

    The panthers GM should never play poker.

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  10. Francis
    Francis 27 April, 2022, 18:24

    It's almost possible to feel bad for Baker, almost.

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  11. John Halliday
    John Halliday 27 April, 2022, 22:40

    GM babbled nothing. Shame.

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  12. Burton Ray
    Burton Ray 28 April, 2022, 06:20

    The QB's that are out on the market are crap! Carolina needs to get their head out of their asses….

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  13. Burton Ray
    Burton Ray 28 April, 2022, 06:22

    Sam Darnild- trash
    Cam Newton- washed up

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  14. Josh D
    Josh D 28 April, 2022, 08:31

    I would argue the Browns are still a crap organization.

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  15. _notCam_
    _notCam_ 28 April, 2022, 23:53

    Panthers need oline

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  16. Rich H
    Rich H 29 April, 2022, 16:33

    All Jimmy G does is win however… Not sure what the Panthers will do but Jimmy must be on the list if affordable.

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