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  1. WoodwardSports
    WoodwardSports 24 March, 2022, 16:26

    Quarterback or Defense?

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  2. Zarkon
    Zarkon 24 March, 2022, 20:22

    Willis is not good. Id rather have hamilton

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  3. A_BruhMan
    A_BruhMan 24 March, 2022, 20:26

    Lions PLEASE just wait until next year! I believe in Brad Holmes will make the right decision. Its just frustrating when fans get caught in the hype of QBs EVERY FUCKING YEAR! I rather gamble on QBs next year even if we fall in the 20s (😂 Which I doubt happening) cause we still have the draft capital. I just want the best possible QB prospect we can get, not reach for one just cause we need 1

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  4. Anthony Arslanian
    Anthony Arslanian 24 March, 2022, 20:39

    great argument for Willis. Great Show!

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  5. Jacob Stodghill
    Jacob Stodghill 24 March, 2022, 21:01

    Qb mobility was the difference between the Lions close wins and wins…Malik Willis can at least make the throws Goff made this past season.

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  6. Andrew McKinney
    Andrew McKinney 24 March, 2022, 21:13

    Yes yes yes

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  7. Eduardo Alejandro Parrao Suárez Peredo

    I CAN'T understand the logic supporting picking Willis at #2 and saying at the same time "you're not drafting a pocket passer". I mean, how many run first QB's have won the SB in NFL history? Haven't we learned yet that you don't need the best athlete at that position? (GOAT Brady?) We need to search for the right attributes around a great QB and it all starts with the evaluation of how well he functions INSIDE the pocket. So far, not impressed with Willis just look at his most recent performance at Senior Bowl with 2/4 passes for 11 yards Passer rating 73.1 VS Sam Howell (under similar conditions) 6/9 for 67 yards passer rating 129.2 just as an example

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  8. Clyde worsham
    Clyde worsham 24 March, 2022, 22:11

    That was a great and informative conversation…literally my thoughts on why we should draft Willis…lions fan since 1990

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  9. Lukas Broderick
    Lukas Broderick 24 March, 2022, 22:27

    Stop with the Malik Willis talk man, we dont need him yet! Build around Goff first, THEN take a QB next year

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  10. Aaron Robinson
    Aaron Robinson 24 March, 2022, 22:49

    Malik Willis will change the culture.

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  11. Aaron Robinson
    Aaron Robinson 24 March, 2022, 22:51

    I feel like if they don't draft Malik Willis this gone be like Justin Herbert all over again.

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  12. Ron C
    Ron C 24 March, 2022, 23:03

    OK everyone is looking at this ass-half backwards ….everyone can agree you need a franchise QB. Detroit in 2020 HAD a franchise QB that won a SB (even if it was in '21 on another team). Even the Stafford haters are lying to themselves, he is a SB winning QB. That is why I wanted him (Stafford) to win this year. Detroit had Stafford they were also rans for 12yrs ……build the O-line like they are. Build the D-line like they are …..the only teams to BEAT the GOAT were 2 Giants team with dominate DL & I believe the Eagles did the year they won. So this BS they have to draft a QB this year is nonsense. Now I trust Holmes, if he drafts Willis I'm good with him too.
    My ideal is have a O-line so good anyone can complete a pass 40yds down field. Then even a OK passer would look good if he has a lot of time to make and complete a pass.

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  13. Jimmy Macaroni
    Jimmy Macaroni 24 March, 2022, 23:05

    Yes. Can’t believe I’m saying it but I’m convinced. And they won’t pick high enough next year to get the same level of talent. Great show, thanks!

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  14. Ali Haidar
    Ali Haidar 24 March, 2022, 23:09

    Guys, we do not need to talk ourselves into this. Use your gut and remember there's a plan c'mon

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  15. CJ Decker
    CJ Decker 24 March, 2022, 23:12

    Has Brad Holmes deviated from his plan? Not that I know of. Holmes once said you build your roster THEN you get your QB. The Rams, they drafted their QB of the future and he now plays in Detroit. Goff took the Rams to the Super Bowl. He lost, but like so many other QBs, Goff lost to Tom Brady. Hardly a slight. THEN, the Rams took an elite QB from Detroit and won the Super Bowl. The Rams DID NOT draft Stafford. They mortgaged the franchise to get him and it paid off. As good as Malik Willis is, he will not be the savior of the Lions. First and foremost, Brad Holmes has to stick to his plan, complete his roster with talent that can win, AND THEN draft or trade for your QB. Cleveland may be the next team who completed their roster, THEN traded for their QB, Deshawn Watson. Pay attention. This frenzy over Willis is smoke and mirrors. THE MEDIA ARE FOOLS. WATCH THIS – When Detroit was 0-10 Thibodeau was their darling. After the OSU game, the media clamored for Hutchinson. Then came the combine and the media fell in love with Hamilton. NOW, after the Liberty Pro Day, the media is in another frenzy for Malik Willis. Give it a rest. The Lions need a DE. An edge rusher who can dominate. They need a DE first, then a LB, S, and a WR, probably in that order. Thank God, Brad Holmes is our GM. If the media were the Lions GM, they wouldn't have hired Brad Holmes in the first place. Trust the professionals, boys.

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  16. michiganmcbride
    michiganmcbride 24 March, 2022, 23:22

    You put Willis behind that line with those wr (cephus is a game changer) and the lions will be unstoppable.

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  17. TUDK
    TUDK 25 March, 2022, 00:41

    Realistically Goff can’t throw accurately or even 45-50 yards and he can’t run, he plays scared

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  18. Stefan XIX
    Stefan XIX 25 March, 2022, 00:54


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  19. Adam Leibinger
    Adam Leibinger 25 March, 2022, 01:10

    I couldn’t disagree more with this guy. You’re not drafting him to be a pocket passer? What? Name how many QB’s on SB winning teams, let alone successful teams that don’t have a QB who can drop back 30-40 times in the pocket and beat you. Also, him saying “what does an Aiden Hutchinson do for you really?” Are you kidding? Umm, he forces the opposing QB to get the ball off in less than 30 seconds, which we’ve given QB’s that past 5+ years. What a joke. The host is right.. you need the culture and overall team talent level to be in the right place before you bring in a raw QB. Don’t tell me we’re just a few players way from having that. We aren’t.

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  20. Ken2win
    Ken2win 25 March, 2022, 01:29

    Go getem! Like no Hesitation

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  21. Pheardom
    Pheardom 25 March, 2022, 01:30

    No. Stop the Post-Combine / Pre-Draft Day insanity. You've lost your bearing, You're completely numbnuts crazy to pick the Liberty University 7-5 regular season QB as #2 in the NFL Draft.

    Go drink some water.

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  22. D
    D 25 March, 2022, 02:45

    Listened to this live and loved the conversation with Scott. Interesting and insightful!

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  23. R F
    R F 25 March, 2022, 02:46

    Is Malik Willis better than Trey Lance or Tua Tagoviola ?

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  24. Sean Mont
    Sean Mont 25 March, 2022, 02:52

    I really hope this is all part of the plan to get some other team to trade up.

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  25. Mark Orum - Orum's Forum
    Mark Orum - Orum's Forum 25 March, 2022, 02:52

    I know it!!! I'm going to fall in love with Willis and I'm blaming Scott lol.

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  26. mark drangstveit
    mark drangstveit 25 March, 2022, 03:04

    NOOOO!! You'd ruin the entire culture the lions are trying to build! Give Goff one more year now that he's building CHEMESTRY with the wrs!!! I'm not even a Detroit lions fan, or haven't been until Dan Campbell came to be the coach
    I saw the lions play with pride all damn season and it finally started to click toward the end of the season! DRAFT O LINE!! Get Goff the best oline in the league and watch him flourish, if he can't after this season who ever is drafted at QB will have a great advantage in the north!

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  27. Cindy Sanders
    Cindy Sanders 25 March, 2022, 03:42

    Why not go after Baker Mayfield?

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  28. Evan Alexa
    Evan Alexa 25 March, 2022, 04:24

    This needs to happen

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  29. Steven Spinazzola
    Steven Spinazzola 25 March, 2022, 06:41

    Defense ..defense ..DEFENSE ….stop the stupid talk

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  30. Dee Money
    Dee Money 25 March, 2022, 07:14

    Not a lions fan, but I could see them maybe trading down a few picks and still landing willis, while also adding some future premium picks .. Granted, jacksonville could absolutely trade down as well with a team like the falcons or the panthers who could possibly go for willis.. I think its fascinating how high his draft stock has risen after that amazing pro day the other day… He went from a fringe top 20 pick to potentially top 5

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  31. Richard Steele
    Richard Steele 25 March, 2022, 07:40

    You need to address the DEFENSE! This argument is easy they need a edge rusher, even if the players coming back has a strong year. Need safety to get a better in the defensive backfield. You need at least one linebacker and maybe another corner that fits our cornerback puzzle. Then we can address the Wide Receiver or maybe two in the draft. We need a good tight end to get us closer to a better team ready to.make the move with a solid playoff teams. Excluding free agent fills in round 2 & 3. Next year we get the final pieces the quarterback, high talent players on any positions, the shiny pieces that make Lions fans happy. I know these discussions are planned out and today your argument was kinda meat-headed. Let's not be bone headed like past Lions and draft a quarterback as a high pick until we get the rest of our pie. Next thing you know we have a high paid rookie quarterback and whenever the team looks flat on offense the fans are booing our veteran quarterback. Then asking for the new guy, why not he got drafted at number 2? Is what the fans will be clamouring for.. I can feel very confident that we can get a great quarterback at around pick 15 next year. We can't keep repeating the same thing over and over. I trust our management more than someone on any podcasts, and talk smack out or out both sides of their mouth. I know you want to increase your views but to someone who has kept track of the Lions 5 decades and want them to be winners before I die. I analyze rosters every year for all the teams including The NFC Central, West and North whatever division we have been in. I pay attention to the wheeling and dealing going on during all phases of player moves. I especially pay attention to the North and to the Teams I feel are going to be in the mix when the season ends. What's wrong with doing it the right way?No matter how that game keeps evolving it is not hard to see the creme of the crop. I rather stick with Goff this year hope he stay.s healthy and the team gels on offense and we make a run this year. Then we can trade up to quarterback that will get us to being a well respected team that is expected to win. You build the team around the players, then you draft the players that fit our strengths. Goff I do not believe is our long term leader, but he did take the Rams to the Super Bowl with a team that had alot of talent just not all the pieces. Do I expect Goff to the Super Bowl this year? No, but I would not be upset but I will always want to build the team with smart moves and not be taking bigger risks. Plenty of talent at quarterback next year and if you follow how the draft has strong years and moderate talent year in an year out. Too many bust quarterbacks in the top five. We got two first rounders right now next year and it would not upset if we trade down in the top 9 or 10 and get our player. Plus another pick in the third and forth this year and another 1st round pick next year. To me that is a win for the Lions either way. If they can get the edge rusher of their liking then they can t get a safety, linebacker, and a couple wide receivers, tight end cornerback and another linebacker and safety. This draft is set up for the Lions needs and we can get surprises picks that work out from later rounds. Have a plan and build the team from both sides of the ball out then back. Just like the Management has built for the bottom down. Before long with a little time and patience we have a great quarterback and then a back up that can come in and with not much a drop off. The team would have been built and a good quarterback can lead this team to even the Super Bowl and even win. Plenty of not good quarterbacks have been and won mediocre talent or over hyped that is not the talent once thought. The Team has a plan and might change how team can be built. They might draft a running back that is on the level of Billy Sims or any great running back or better yet Barry Sanders gets in football shape and the Lions can sign.him off the street and come in and score a touchdown on a hole that Emmett Smith never saw. What you are doing is playing poker and winning a bunch of chips and you amassed a large sum of money and then throwing it all it in and getting Rodney Pete, Steve Long, Andre Ware and many examples of failed high picks, you are in panic mode when you have the upper hand. Yeah it has been said this is not a strong class of Quarterbacks. But as soon as get to the pro days everyone has got excited and the see a strong arm we get really impressed. If someone wants to.move up to get a quarterback or even an edge being that Jacksonville made them forced them to get the desired pick. I think this draft is going to be very interesting and may the Lions do the smart thing and not panic and build more than a team that record goes up and down each year. No more getting closer but not good enough and then letting our talent leave and have to try again. No more overhauling our team every few years to suit the new coaches. Why can't the Lions be a dynasty. We were a dynasty in the 50's in it to win it and won three times. New England can do it in the free agent era proves it can be done.They have got by without top picks. Since they win they get players mostly that fit their system. How many successful players the Patriot's let go and they draft another replacement and they are running deep in the playoffs and winning it all. The players go to other teams and they don't work out. The top teams find a way that works with a plan and they stick with. Happy ut they change with the evolution of the game. One year soon I believe with a little luck the Detroit area and past Detroit residents that never liked the Lions will come out of the woodworks and claim the Lions as Their Team. Even with the fly by night fans that show themselves will not be bothering me as much as I was always rooting for my Team and it will mean more to me. The Lions are not just my team but they are a tradition. Thanksgiving with my Mom's large family. Throwing fastballs with my Uncle and cousins before the game and halftime, so many good memories. Hopefully lot of great ones in the near futur.e. no arm chair quarterbacks on the internet knows what's best.

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  32. William Alberts
    William Alberts 25 March, 2022, 07:40

    Andre ware 2

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  33. Jacob Stodghill
    Jacob Stodghill 25 March, 2022, 10:05

    Malik Willis coming in on every 3rd and short would be nice, since the Lions suck in that category.

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