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  1. Chiefs Report by Chat Sports
    Chiefs Report by Chat Sports 23 March, 2022, 13:14

    Chiefs Kingdom: What is your 1-word reaction to the Tyreek Hill trade?

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  2. Kary Cook
    Kary Cook 24 March, 2022, 00:37

    For crying out loud,, quit crying like a baby dude,,,,

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  3. Terry G
    Terry G 24 March, 2022, 00:49


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  4. Afterthoughts of Solitude
    Afterthoughts of Solitude 24 March, 2022, 01:05

    Not a bad trade, you're overreacting. They kept Clark because getting rid of him now will cost a lot of dead cap money, next season will be manageable. This guy is clueless. Smdh.

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  5. Phil R
    Phil R 24 March, 2022, 01:10

    Hill got greedy when he saw what Adam's got from the Raiders. Can't pay everyone the bug money. Yes he is dynamic but he could have accepted what the Chief's offered knowing he was still with the best quarterback in the league but the little man wanted the money. He only had one year left on his contract so….let him walk. I trust the organization when it comes to these decisions and they gained cap money. You can't pay everyone Patrick Mahomes money.

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  6. Red Eagles
    Red Eagles 24 March, 2022, 01:13

    He wanted out what else u want us to do? Adams set the deal hill didn’t wanna be here we setup ourselves for future cleared money usually like ur vids this one idk hill wanted 30m we can’t give that to a WR ever that’s way to much he wanted out of KC pretty clear he did him and mahomes weren’t off field friends it appears or this been brewing for a min wasn’t invited to his bachelor party or wedding but most of the offense was there but him 🤷‍♂️ mahomes doesn’t seem bothered by him bein gone either he def signed off on this so doesn’t bother me ✌️ to em

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  7. Nav454
    Nav454 24 March, 2022, 01:19

    Good luck getting out of the AFC West this year.

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  8. Brad Slaughter
    Brad Slaughter 24 March, 2022, 01:22

    You sounding a crybaby with blinders on living in the past. look at the last couple years of 1st 3 round picks. Gay, Bolton, Humphrey, ring any bells, not to mention Smith even later. Veach knows how to use picks.

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  9. Curtis Jr
    Curtis Jr 24 March, 2022, 01:49

    As a Chargers fan yes I’m happy Tyreek Hill is gone but, with 70 million in available cap and a bunch of picks not to mention ANDY REID AND PAT MAHOMES. You guys are just going to re-tool and ensure the protection of your top 3 QB. Andy Reid’s playbook is the largest in the league you guys will be fine and I hate to admit it.

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  10. Greg Goodwin
    Greg Goodwin 24 March, 2022, 02:26

    He wasn’t a team player asking for that much. He’s a selfish showboat thug!

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  11. Greg Goodwin
    Greg Goodwin 24 March, 2022, 02:28

    He’s not worth 30 million!

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  12. KCchips58
    KCchips58 24 March, 2022, 02:29

    at leat frank clark is still here!

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  13. KCchips58
    KCchips58 24 March, 2022, 02:35

    thank u hill for your years as a chief

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  14. Shane Farrell
    Shane Farrell 24 March, 2022, 04:02

    Everyone should realize that teams sometimes have to do this. Brady made multiple Super Bowl runs with multiple receivers. They are clearly utilizing the Patriots sell early mentality. That worked out pretty good for them. BTW, Vegas still has the Chiefs winning the AFC West & right up there as being in the Super Bowl equation. The Chiefs have multiple needs to fill & now they can do it. I loved Hill, but if they play their cards right, you can make an argument that they will be a more well rounded team. 🧐

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  15. william kuehl
    william kuehl 24 March, 2022, 07:41

    Your analysis of the Hill trade is so off the mark. The trade was excellent for both teams. Chiefs A+ trade grade. The Chiefs options are now unlimited. They can parlay the picks and $26.2 million in salary cap into 6-8 players depending on if they trade up in draft for a top wr possibly #10 Giants. They could now trade for cb Bradberry, wr's Metcalf or Locket, rb's Barkley or even McCaffrey. Sign DE's Clowney and Ingram and CB Gilmore. Then draft DE w 2nd rnd pick. Depending on the route the Chiefs take the WR group could be Jameson Williams or (1 of the other top wr's in draft) DK Metcalf, Smith Schuster and Mecole Hardman. Even w these possible moves you still have plenty of solid draft picks left over and salary cap space for 2022 and 2023. The Chiefs will be substantially better on both offense and defense as the result of the Hill trade. Hill was the best player on Chiefs even ahead of Mahomes talent wise technically but remember the off the field issues, his 2 drops early in this past season both turned into ints. and one was a pick six along w other key drops and don't forget his td drop early in Superbowl vs Bucs and his $30 million per year salary. He won a SB w Chiefs along w Mathieu and Watkins which was great but they all gone now but still appreciated. Frank Clark would have been also added to this list but restructured his contract. The Chiefs just solidified their future for the next 3-5 years and possibly for the remainder of Mahomes contract with this trade.

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  16. Michael szewczyk
    Michael szewczyk 24 March, 2022, 08:46

    Should be able to get 2 defensive studs when the smoke clears through any combo of FA (Gilmore) & draft, plus a very good wide out. Time for Reid to utilize ALL his talent, which includes his very good run blocking O-line.

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  17. Michael szewczyk
    Michael szewczyk 24 March, 2022, 08:48

    Why are you regurgitating this $30 mil garbage? Look at the deal.

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  18. Carson Hilty
    Carson Hilty 24 March, 2022, 08:52

    We didn’t have the money and we are looking towards the future where everyone else is looking to the now

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  19. Carson Hilty
    Carson Hilty 24 March, 2022, 08:54

    Tyreek also had a No trade clause and he waved it towards Miami

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  20. k2irvin
    k2irvin 24 March, 2022, 08:58

    "Veach blew it…" you really like to hear yourself talk. Veach has built this team and is highly respected league wide. You have no inside info just your self serving opinion. Hill raised the bar and decided to move on. Hill refused to restructure when given the opportunity to help the team. Why are you not talking about that?
    Done with you and your channel. Good luck.

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  21. Mark Bishop III
    Mark Bishop III 24 March, 2022, 09:43

    This was terrible analysis.🤦🏾

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  22. Mark Bishop III
    Mark Bishop III 24 March, 2022, 09:49

    Chiefs picked up $19 million in desperately needed cap space, along with 5 draft picks. I'll take it.

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  23. Mark Bishop III
    Mark Bishop III 24 March, 2022, 09:57

    What's embarrassing is the acute myopia of people who pose on the internet as experts.

    I hate losing Hill as well, but I honestly thought that I would get much more informed analysis than what you just puked onto my screen.

    I'm new to your channel — after viewing a couple videos over the past week or so …… I was considering hitting the subscribe button, but no chance of that happening now.

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  24. Curtis Eason
    Curtis Eason 24 March, 2022, 10:45

    Bad smh 🤦‍♂️ frfr Trade

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  25. playboi _reggie
    playboi _reggie 24 March, 2022, 11:05

    We got the greatness player tho

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  26. Joshua Keener
    Joshua Keener 24 March, 2022, 11:41

    Well enjoy it this will be the last view you ever get for me Fairweather fan Harrison Graham Doesn’t deserve a fucking Chiefs podcast

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  27. John Coy
    John Coy 24 March, 2022, 11:50

    Hill wasnt staying in KC. And Hill wanted to break the Chiefs Bank .Sorry you don't have a clue .
    And Moss played for minn. Oakland and New England .

    Chiefs offense will morph with the Talent they have . Hill didn't want to restructure last season .
    This is all on Hill and you need to be more professional . I'm unsubscribing from this channel its a joke .

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  28. John Bratsveen
    John Bratsveen 24 March, 2022, 14:20


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  29. Evan Townsend
    Evan Townsend 24 March, 2022, 15:59

    This is a good move. It will certainly hurt the Chiefs this year; but long term it is an excellent strategic move. Brett Veach knows what he is doing. Harrison, you are way to negative.

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  30. Donnie Newcomb
    Donnie Newcomb 24 March, 2022, 17:49

    It’s bad for all three parties hill better get used to not winning LOL don Shula’s been gone for a long time

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  31. Donnie Newcomb
    Donnie Newcomb 24 March, 2022, 17:52

    Not sure anyone understands but look at the long view and outcome of everything these guys are getting older let him go get paid yesterday division got tougher but all the teams also got a lot older

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  32. Ronald Danahy
    Ronald Danahy 24 March, 2022, 19:07

    Tyreeks production is easier to replace than Mathues on the defense, we need to improve the defense more than the offense

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    SGODEKILI 24 March, 2022, 22:03


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