1. Catries Johnson
    Catries Johnson 23 March, 2022, 09:44

    I agree with Stephen A

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  2. Boss Pranks
    Boss Pranks 23 March, 2022, 10:06

    I'm not about to jump to conclusions there's always two sides of a story

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  3. William Parker
    William Parker 23 March, 2022, 11:11


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  4. K Sh
    K Sh 23 March, 2022, 14:02

    Urban was great at Ohio State. Now he's a very toxic man that is who he always was just finally came to light

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  5. Yamom Loveme
    Yamom Loveme 23 March, 2022, 17:34

    You can be a racist coach in college because once those black struggling KIDS sign they belong to you and will do watever they have to do to better the situation for them and the family in the NFL they already made it and now you need those guys more than they need you 🤷🏿‍♂️

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    NIC HEMPHILL 23 March, 2022, 18:44

    Urban Meyer should NEVER be allowed anywhere near any sporting facility or leadership role in the WORLD ever again. A DISGRACE to humanity.

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  7. Mister Crockett
    Mister Crockett 23 March, 2022, 19:30

    Wonder what Steven Hate Smith is hiding 🙈, he trash 🗑

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    SUSAN JOYCE Sabo 23 March, 2022, 19:48

    Big Buckeye fan here. I am still trying to come to terms with the UFM debacle in NFL. When I first heard about his hiring by Jaguars, I thought it would be a disaster but for different reasons. I thought to myself: "If Meyer had severe headaches as a college coach (and subsequently had to retire), what until you get to the NFL!" After listening to the "Glory Days" podcast by Josh Perry and Evan Spencer (two former OSU players for UFM), I started to realize Meyer's full personality. Meyer put on a great face for the media but behind the scenes he could be insulting and disparaging to players. His winning ways in college helped to hide some of the toxic stuff. Perry and Spencer stated that "you always knew where you stood with Meyer." I hear he is back in Columbus and was seen around OSU WHAC. Meyer now has so much money that he can afford to do anything he wishes. Hope he does some good now. Note: Woody Hayes, after being fired for slugging a player back in 1978, did so much good afterwards–like volunteering at hospitals.

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  9. RussianTanksAreMadeOfPotatoes
    RussianTanksAreMadeOfPotatoes 23 March, 2022, 20:01

    Elevated level of stupidity lololol

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  10. Jeff Léger
    Jeff Léger 23 March, 2022, 20:17

    He also didn't even know who was No. 99 playing for the Rams. Anyone who watches football for one wek knows who Aaron Donald is. Just unbelievable!

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  11. Ayanna Caruso
    Ayanna Caruso 23 March, 2022, 21:29

    He’s not Kendrick Perkins?

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  12. Michael Belcher
    Michael Belcher 23 March, 2022, 21:58

    And then grown men need to perform PERIOD!!!🤣🤣🤣

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  13. Michael Belcher
    Michael Belcher 23 March, 2022, 21:59

    What credibility though lmao Jacksonville been losing 🤣🤣🤣

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  14. Jason Milner
    Jason Milner 23 March, 2022, 23:25

    Stephan A nails it! Thought he could get away with it.

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  15. Bob Wiley
    Bob Wiley 24 March, 2022, 00:19

    Meyer, what an arrogant loser. A proud Buckeye😂😂

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  16. Brian Ezell
    Brian Ezell 24 March, 2022, 00:44

    I laugh at how tone-deaf Urban Meyer comes off on that remark to Trevor Lawrence about dumbing things down for a receiver because he's from the South. Uh, Urban where did you go to college? Clemson in SOUTH Carolina. Where did your QB grow up? The Atlanta, GA area! Georgia is about as SOUTH as you can get. So you're also insulting your QB!

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  17. MILLER time 11b
    MILLER time 11b 24 March, 2022, 01:25

    Steve a smith is such a racist douche bag

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  18. Francis
    Francis 24 March, 2022, 02:58

    Marcus Spears takes are ice cold. Dude puts me to sleep with his analysis.

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  19. TheDayisMineTrebeck
    TheDayisMineTrebeck 24 March, 2022, 05:40

    At UF, 41 of the 121 players he coached, got arrested.

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  20. Mikel Keith
    Mikel Keith 24 March, 2022, 06:54

    Well, how come that's style of coaching works for Bill Belichick, what is the difference they seem to give him respect for being an *******, so why can't Urban Meyer coach the same way, and make sure that there's accountability for these young guys, when they don't act right, it worked for Bill Belichick who supposed to be the goat of coaching.

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  21. SurfWriter
    SurfWriter 24 March, 2022, 07:39

    The more I hear about Meyer and his conduct, the more repellent he seems. Arrogant, abusive, incompetent, totally full of himself, and a petty dictator. I'm glad he can't get away from the image he created as the monumental flop in Jacksonville. There's some justice in that.

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  22. Ced M.
    Ced M. 24 March, 2022, 10:32

    Perfectly spoken!!!

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  23. Enzie Innovations
    Enzie Innovations 24 March, 2022, 10:44

    The Jamarcus Russell of coaching

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  24. Steve Reilly
    Steve Reilly 24 March, 2022, 11:46

    Coughlin is just an old school guy who is stuck in his ways…he's been a winner in the nfl …Stephen a can't compare him to meyer

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  25. Ronnie Southern
    Ronnie Southern 24 March, 2022, 12:27

    Now urban Meyer can cry mental health and all is well.

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    MIKE GUERRA 24 March, 2022, 13:49

    Stephen A was defending Meyer all year but he’s been pouncing on Kyrie every chance he gets. Now he’s switching it up.

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  27. Big Mike
    Big Mike 24 March, 2022, 16:37

    I sure liked this show way better when Max was on it…

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  28. CoolGuyDoingCoolThings
    CoolGuyDoingCoolThings 25 March, 2022, 01:51

    There are plenty more coaches just like him at the college level

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  29. UhOh Urban
    UhOh Urban 25 March, 2022, 02:38


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  30. Mystery Hombre
    Mystery Hombre 25 March, 2022, 06:35

    Now that college stars are going to get paid, things are about to change big time…

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  31. D1 Heat
    D1 Heat 25 March, 2022, 09:04

    I don’t see how you can coach a nfl team watch film on the rams and don’t know who Arron Donald is he effects every play

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