1. Auburn-TitansFan
    Auburn-TitansFan 20 March, 2022, 17:00

    They’re going to go to another super bowl

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  2. Brandon Beard
    Brandon Beard 20 March, 2022, 17:29

    With this new o line burrow will be mvp and a super bowl winner. Can't wait to watch this offense this season. Burrow will go off the charts

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  3. Gifted Ruler
    Gifted Ruler 20 March, 2022, 17:56

    They are going to the superbowl with this line. That line looks dominate. That's scary

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  4. Stephen Webb
    Stephen Webb 20 March, 2022, 18:31

    Who Dey !

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  5. Cincinnati Pedal Steel
    Cincinnati Pedal Steel 20 March, 2022, 18:34

    I told ya we were gonna get him.

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  6. mc shooter
    mc shooter 20 March, 2022, 18:36

    Get u a new qb

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  7. Chickengenius420
    Chickengenius420 20 March, 2022, 19:29

    Glad you understood the only weakness was the o line. If it wasn’t for perines drop in the division game the Bengals would’ve blown the titans out

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  8. bill jenkins
    bill jenkins 20 March, 2022, 20:21

    No more 8-9 sack games for the bengals

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  9. Smokey mcpott
    Smokey mcpott 20 March, 2022, 20:28

    Let's go

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  10. Heath Folck
    Heath Folck 20 March, 2022, 20:28

    Revamped the whole line for the better besides left guard which I think they will address in draft

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  11. andrew fraser
    andrew fraser 20 March, 2022, 21:07

    Issues issues. Issues. Dont get to excited

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  12. mc shooter
    mc shooter 21 March, 2022, 00:22

    What was the one weakness for the titans can someone explain

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  13. Luna Ranger
    Luna Ranger 21 March, 2022, 02:53

    As a Rams fan, I will forever look at the Bangles differently. They have my respect

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  14. Brew Spitta
    Brew Spitta 21 March, 2022, 03:06

    Still can also bring back rieff and also Carman was a solid protector also before his injury we all ready for 2022

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  15. Steven Crosio
    Steven Crosio 21 March, 2022, 09:35

    Contract Update: Bengals gave Collins 3-Years $30 Million Dollar Deal but in reality it's more of a 2-Year $20 Million Dollar deal worth $22 Million the 3rd year was added to help prorate the deal and spread Cincinnati Bengals' cap charge!!

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  16. BGill 40
    BGill 40 23 March, 2022, 00:47

    Wooo hooo I’m so hyped!! Who Dey

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