1. Michael Lee
    Michael Lee 15 March, 2022, 11:30

    I am hoping the Blake restructure is hinting who they will draft in the 1st round. Lloyd plese!!! Dream draft is that we get Kayvon at 5 (doubt it), trade down to between 13 and 15, and get Lloyd. There he defense is more or less fixed. We got our edge, strengthened our LB corp, and that will go a long way of helping out our secondary; especially since I expect Bradberry to be traded.

    Both Blake and Shep, in my opinion, won't get much of a better deal. It is a win win for the Giants and the players.

    Moving Saquon doesn' make much sense to me. First his deadcap number is close if not the same as his slary,so no cap savings, and who will be the number 1 RB with the same talent level. I expect a lot from Saquon this year. I did not expect much from him last year since it takes about two years to comeback from his injuries. Yes, he is in his 5th year, but the comp pick I suspect will be the same (roundwise) as if we traded him for a 3rd next year. Again, no real reason to trade in my opinion.

    Last thing if Kayvon is not there at 5; I can see Joe pick a certain QB he has scouted twice last year. A lot will change if Watson gets moved. Also if we sign a "bridge" QB will determine the direction Joe is thinking at QB. In my opinion all the "hppy" talk regarding DJ is just a smoke screen. That is if he even takes another snap. My spidy senses says that the neck is worse than people are letting on. No proof; just a feeling. If Joe does draft this QB I would sit him for the year. Again, if Joe signs a "bridge" QB, and Watson stays in Houston I can see Joe drfting the QB. A creative QB makes up for a medicore O-line. Cincy, Chiefs, Rams, and other teams prove it. That is why getting the QB right is so important. Not having a QB capable of forcing DJ to get better is one of the reasons why DJ has not shown appreciable improvement. Why improve if your job is totally secure? Competition brings out the best in people. Sorry DJ is not nor has ever been the answer at QB. Last thing on the line; Joe believes that he can find value in the later rounds unless there is a can't miss stud in the earlier rounds. Neal is the really only one I see, but I expect the Jags to pick him p with the 1st pick.

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  2. Michael Lee
    Michael Lee 15 March, 2022, 15:42

    Saquon's slaary for next season is completely gueranteed, so there is zero cap savings if we move him. All f the trade talk I hear is only a 4th rounder. If he does as well as I think he will the compensatory pick will be more valuable. Also Glowinski is a better run blocker, and so was Shane (if he comes back). This favors Saquon having a better season, and like I said a 2nd year will be better than the 1st year back from an ACL. Adrian is a freak, and should not be the measuring stick we measure productivity after coming back in the 1st year.

    Bradberry trade makes more sense. He has a dead cap of 9million pre June 1st with 12 million in savings. Post June 1st 8 million dead cap this year and 1.5 million next year with a 13 million cap savings. I really don't like the top two CBs in the draft. Stingly only had one good year, and is coming off an injury. Gardner is a bit too handsy. Kind of reminds me of Eli Apple, and we know how ell he worked out. Granted I haven't looked too much into those tow but I have concerns. Sad thing is we are so screwed with the cap I think Jackson will slide over to CB1 and CB2 will be open competition. But if we get both Kayvon and Lloyd that will help the secondary since we will have a pass rush for once.

    I wouldn't mind signing Carter to a 1 year team friendly prove it deal. He was coming off a torn Achilles , and was showing signs of improvement. That is why team friendly 1 year deal. Want to make sure it is legit.

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  3. Tutto Azzurri
    Tutto Azzurri 17 March, 2022, 21:06

    Saluti from our entire rugby team n Italy to all giants fans around da world…👋🏻🇮🇹

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