Chicago Bears Offensive Line Moves

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  1. Mickey
    Mickey 21 February, 2022, 20:22

    Not sure why coach but this video isn't showing for me on your channel. I wasn't able to watch but a minute live but thankfully was in my history.

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  2. Jacob Slichter
    Jacob Slichter 21 February, 2022, 20:33

    That breakdown of the Cleveland game woes was so illuminating (and sobering). Thank you!

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  3. Mickey
    Mickey 21 February, 2022, 20:51

    My two guys to walk are Ifedi and Daniels. You covered why. I think Daniels fits the mold for an athletic Guard but is too pricey and a bit too timid. I would bring Mustipher back as a cheap backup player but definitely not as a starter.

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  4. Pat Gallagher
    Pat Gallagher 21 February, 2022, 20:58

    Excellent breakdown. very informative.

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  5. Alfred Lyman
    Alfred Lyman 21 February, 2022, 21:43

    I'd like to keep Wilkerson to see what this staff could do with him. He's got size and youth on his side

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  6. Joey di fabio
    Joey di fabio 22 February, 2022, 00:01

    Fire intro and loving the content keep it up brother!

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  7. Emmett Blow
    Emmett Blow 22 February, 2022, 01:00

    Ifedi,Wilkerson,Daniel's possibly

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  8. Thai Hill
    Thai Hill 22 February, 2022, 07:23

    Dang! You forgot me T! It's all good bro, I don't need attention like that anyway! I'm here to take up all the knowledge you can give me! Just remember months from now that I'm a o.g.fields soldier!

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  9. Eflat
    Eflat 22 February, 2022, 09:36

    The technical quality of these videos needs to improve which I am sure they will with time and experience. I will be sticking around in the interim because the content is excellent. Content trumps video quality:-)

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  10. SBC Burgos
    SBC Burgos 22 February, 2022, 10:00

    No to Cody Whitehair at Center, he is a terrible football snapper

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  11. Jack DeCaluwe
    Jack DeCaluwe 22 February, 2022, 11:55

    Another great breakdown! I’d like to get rid of ifedi and whitehair. If we can get daniels a little cheaper I think he’d be a better fit than Cody because of his youth. Cutting Cody should save some money too.

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  12. Cornelius Squalls
    Cornelius Squalls 22 February, 2022, 13:53

    Loved your breakdown and your assessment of our O linemen and their free agent replacements! I hope we can get one of your suggested free agents!

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    DC COULTER 22 February, 2022, 15:45

    Thanks for the content

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  14. schasbo
    schasbo 22 February, 2022, 21:07

    Appreciate the explanation of Thomas Graham. If he is a better fit for Flus’s defense and he can possibly start or see more playing time, that may help the drafting holes faced this year by Poles and Williams, do you agree?

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  15. Foster Covers
    Foster Covers 23 February, 2022, 04:31

    Coach check your math Laken around 9 mil

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  16. Foster Covers
    Foster Covers 23 February, 2022, 04:33


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  17. Foster Covers
    Foster Covers 23 February, 2022, 04:33

    Good job…l d check the actual roster though.

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  18. julius williams
    julius williams 23 February, 2022, 15:45

    Ifedi and Wilkinson. Cut.

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  19. Richard Long
    Richard Long 25 February, 2022, 21:05

    Keep up the great work. How good are our lineman without an idiot coach?

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  20. Richard Long
    Richard Long 25 February, 2022, 21:06

    Mustier, Ifedi, bye

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  21. Terry On Demand
    Terry On Demand 26 February, 2022, 00:24


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  22. Gilberto Treviño
    Gilberto Treviño 26 February, 2022, 10:24

    Peters idedi wilkinson mustipher out

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  23. Jeff Adams
    Jeff Adams 26 February, 2022, 21:09

    Jesper Horsted was underutilized in the offense last year. No doubt about that.

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  24. Rich Lo
    Rich Lo 26 February, 2022, 22:50

    Good stuff..we have long ways to go due to our LT and RT positions not solidified

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  25. Darryl Sprowal
    Darryl Sprowal 27 February, 2022, 01:23

    White hair,Daniel’s ifedi,Wilkerson all out!

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  26. Darryl Sprowal
    Darryl Sprowal 27 February, 2022, 01:33

    Oh and mustier OUT!

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  27. Captain1 Jones
    Captain1 Jones 27 February, 2022, 11:03

    Like your analysis. To many YouTubers treat this like fantasy football picking players they like. No expert but you have to take into consideration the scheme the team will be running. Then choose players accordingly.

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  28. Travis Green
    Travis Green 27 February, 2022, 21:28

    That's why they got fired… never had competition.. Justin Fields on practice squad, no reps with the 1s until Andy got hurt.. 😳 😬..
    Ifedi shouldn't have started over Borom week 1..
    How do figure out on what you got without competition? See what happens this year..

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