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  1. Hollow
    Hollow 2 January, 2022, 15:20

    This is a problem

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  2. Danny
    Danny 2 January, 2022, 15:20

    Playoffs are over!

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  3. Kevin522
    Kevin522 2 January, 2022, 15:21

    Addition by subtraction…Bucs need to pull their head out of their a**

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  4. Luke Puckett
    Luke Puckett 2 January, 2022, 15:27

    Fuck this clown. Ik he's a beast but we can't have that, seya!

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  5. Wicked Visionz
    Wicked Visionz 2 January, 2022, 15:28

    That crack ain’t no joke🤦🏽‍♂️

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  6. Adam Bub
    Adam Bub 2 January, 2022, 15:29

    Already heard the story change a few times since this happened…Seems like nobody knows the truth as of right now and people already calling for ABs head. Why can't anyone wait until the whole situation is explained after the game in the press conferences to come to a conclusion?

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  7. Wicked Visionz
    Wicked Visionz 2 January, 2022, 15:29

    Boy that crack ain’t no joke🤦🏽‍♂️

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  8. Rich b
    Rich b 2 January, 2022, 15:30

    Such a disrespectful player. Been a problem for every team hes played for

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  9. Ronnie Graham
    Ronnie Graham 2 January, 2022, 15:38

    This guy is a basket case, maybe too many football games in the season and he thought the season was over last week. What a loser.

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  10. Darrius
    Darrius 2 January, 2022, 15:39

    Yeh he’s gonna lose his job

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  11. Brian Kobe
    Brian Kobe 2 January, 2022, 15:44
    CTE? NFL might need to close shop.

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  12. Hwy61
    Hwy61 2 January, 2022, 15:44

    I watched it happen and still don’t know what got his panties in a knot.

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  13. Coy Hawkins
    Coy Hawkins 2 January, 2022, 15:49

    Bro ab going out sad

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  14. Masio Masio
    Masio Masio 2 January, 2022, 15:54

    People act like the NFL is everything .
    AB is a real one , that doesn’t put up with bullshit ! Drafted in the 6th round .. he’s a mf 🐐

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  15. John Samuelson
    John Samuelson 2 January, 2022, 16:12

    He gone

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  16. InfuzeDcyphR
    InfuzeDcyphR 2 January, 2022, 16:12

    Fuckin Brown lmao 🤣

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  17. Tylek Entertainment!
    Tylek Entertainment! 2 January, 2022, 16:25

    Idiot SMH. This is what happened when you give a clown too many opportunities..

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    RAIDERS CRUZ 2 January, 2022, 16:30

    Clown 🤡

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  19. Rod Cobb
    Rod Cobb 2 January, 2022, 16:32

    Just goes to show people quit no matter what job they have just pure wrongful behavior man o man 🙏🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸 go Army

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  20. alvis serrano
    alvis serrano 2 January, 2022, 16:49

    Bottomline i believe its cause he is african american and treated unfairly.

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  21. Hoe Pon
    Hoe Pon 2 January, 2022, 19:04

    AB needs to be Baker Acted……hes got some serious issues!!

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  22. Rich b
    Rich b 2 January, 2022, 19:50

    Bye Bye

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  23. Ronnie Graham
    Ronnie Graham 2 January, 2022, 20:57

    Antonio Brown was informed by the New york authorities that he failed to bring the right vaccination card to New York, he had to leave immediately due to the infection rate in New York going up due to the New Year eve celebration in New York!!!

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  24. Sha Ballard
    Sha Ballard 2 January, 2022, 22:02

    I guess he forget he was employed by the NFL. Well not anymore

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  25. Tre Jaay
    Tre Jaay 3 January, 2022, 06:28

    The Steelers are cheering right now 😂

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