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  1. Anubis
    Anubis 2 January, 2022, 16:49

    I think he has a mental problem

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  2. William Thomas
    William Thomas 2 January, 2022, 16:51

    When keeping it real goes wrong. Dumb.

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  3. Mark Mcneill
    Mark Mcneill 2 January, 2022, 16:55

    He's probably protesting white privilege.

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  4. Hugo C Garcia
    Hugo C Garcia 2 January, 2022, 16:58

    Only Simione Biles has a pass in doing stuff like that.

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  5. DrewG
    DrewG 2 January, 2022, 16:58

    Antonio Browns Brain: Questionable to Return..

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  6. Dwayne Howard
    Dwayne Howard 2 January, 2022, 17:00

    Antonio Brown just did in football against the Jets what Roberto Duran did in a second boxing match against Sugar Ray Leonard…QUIT!!!

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  7. AlexYounger
    AlexYounger 2 January, 2022, 17:12

    Strike 37 and you’re out.

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  8. Jay Bunden
    Jay Bunden 2 January, 2022, 17:17


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  9. Christopher Wagner
    Christopher Wagner 2 January, 2022, 17:21

    What a fing clown 🤡 he doesn't deserve that ring all everyone has done and this is how it's repaid Antonio just blew his last chance and will be pawning that ring and bagging groceries in no time waste of talent

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  10. sboudreaux27
    sboudreaux27 2 January, 2022, 17:21

    Who wants to bet this becomes the top story on every sports show tomorrow ?

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  11. Jalen Hunter
    Jalen Hunter 2 January, 2022, 17:31

    oh now ab cross the line

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  12. Kurt Farns
    Kurt Farns 2 January, 2022, 17:36

    Did he rip a fart on his way out???

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  13. Mada Choyka
    Mada Choyka 2 January, 2022, 17:36

    Gabrielle Union’s Grandma once told her never trusted a black man with a Spanish’s name.

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  14. Kirk
    Kirk 2 January, 2022, 17:55

    Anyone know this beat tho ???

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  15. NC Pantherology
    NC Pantherology 2 January, 2022, 17:56

    He ain't predicted nothing you commit soon it happen dude stop lying

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  16. Rick Y
    Rick Y 2 January, 2022, 18:00

    Burfict sent this man's personality and sensibilities to the shadow realm from that hit years ago. CTE is real!

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  17. Stuart Otis
    Stuart Otis 2 January, 2022, 18:02

    My How Times They Are A-Changin. I wonder how Jim McMahon would have responded if Walter Payton had just quit on the team in game 16 of the '85 season?

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  18. Chris Preymak
    Chris Preymak 2 January, 2022, 18:06

    I can't wait to see where he'll line up in next weeks game and how much time he'll get on the bench. Love it.

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  19. M. Worthy
    M. Worthy 2 January, 2022, 18:07

    Tom Brady:

    "…I think everyone should be very compassionate and empathetic toward some very difficult things that are happening."

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  20. ray Ray
    ray Ray 2 January, 2022, 18:08

    He was having a bad hair day . LOL

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  21. tom thumb
    tom thumb 2 January, 2022, 18:11

    CTE Brain, Just started with that one blow in a crossing pattern.

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  22. Rudy Gabo
    Rudy Gabo 2 January, 2022, 18:16

    This is my 2 cents. I replayed the last snap with a minute left in the 2nd quarter. Antonio Brown moved to adjacent left side and was wide-open, and I thought Brady was going to pass to him #81, but instead elected to go for over 25 yards to Evans, and the pass was intercepted. Last week he had 10 receptions for 101 yards and was the hero. Today he did not get more than 3 passes. It does not make sense at all. He is not a saint and he does not plan to go to heaven…he plans to go to the Super Bowl. Personally, I will be pissed off too…someone in this blog said maybe management is sabotaging his bonus, or, I think that maybe he also wants to get 200 yards or more during the regular season to reach a certain milestone in receiving and join or top the list of elite receivers. Personally, I think he is the only X-factor the Bucks need for back-to-back titles. …….. …….Green Bay has Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams, YESTERDAY the Bucs have Brady and Brown. GO FIGURE !

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  23. mottthehoople684
    mottthehoople684 2 January, 2022, 18:55

    Antonio Brown is an accident looking for a location… you have to lay the odds in Vegas he doesn't commit a felony within the next 3 years

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  24. Dino Gentile
    Dino Gentile 2 January, 2022, 19:49

    Guy needs a brain scan no joke

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  25. truthistruth
    truthistruth 2 January, 2022, 20:45

    What's the name of the beat?

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  26. Earl Mott
    Earl Mott 2 January, 2022, 20:47

    Mad props to the exquisite ear on the O' Jays sample. Straight fire 🔥!!!!!

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  27. gil randall
    gil randall 2 January, 2022, 21:09

    Mental health is real hopefully AB gets the help he needs

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  28. Dre Dre
    Dre Dre 2 January, 2022, 22:03

    Pretty sad honestly. How about trying to get to the root of it all.. This isn’t new with him.. I pray God keeps his hand on him and when it’s over we will all have a different story once they tell us CTE was at play. Praying for AB. 1love

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  29. John
    John 2 January, 2022, 22:16

    Hes gonna go make bank fighting youtuber Logan Paul in a boxing match.

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  30. D. St. Michael
    D. St. Michael 2 January, 2022, 22:50

    This just sucks.

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  31. The Cornered Fanatic
    The Cornered Fanatic 2 January, 2022, 23:10

    the thumbnail is like Tom Brady is Facetiming me about AB.

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  32. Victor Gonzalez
    Victor Gonzalez 2 January, 2022, 23:51

    I love how certain people jump to conclusions, control the narrative, BUT admit they don’t know the whole story. That’s called damage control or preventing damage to the Money Maker (N.F.L.). Maybe just MAYBE he’s tired of playing, he’s tired of the drama, he’s tired of the finger pointing, he’s tired of getting talked down to, he’s tired of getting blamed and used for a scapegoat. Tom Brady didn’t appear to be talking to him professionally, disrespected the man right before this happened. It’s just another job just more money everybody, anybody can quit however or whenever they want to, who can say what’s professional or who needs some type of help like he’s having a mental breakdown. He quit, so what, move along, next story, stop with the drama, the cover ups and excuses, leave him alone I’m confident he’s a lot happier now so be mature people and wish him luck on his next mission.

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  33. Dejuan Fields
    Dejuan Fields 3 January, 2022, 02:42

    Dam Antonio ( y'all nothing but drama ) Brown least wait till after the game ya kids probably watching bro

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  34. Justin James Wilson
    Justin James Wilson 3 January, 2022, 02:50

    Instrumental name?

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  35. Michael Lansden
    Michael Lansden 3 January, 2022, 04:05

    Was Told To leave By ariens….bottom line!!!

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    What is the name of the music in the background?
    Absolutely loved it!

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  37. Just Da Facts
    Just Da Facts 3 January, 2022, 05:56

    AB: "Ain't no way in hell…John Madden gonna overshadow ME"

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  38. Duck4212
    Duck4212 3 January, 2022, 07:09

    I'll never understand people just simply throwing their careers away. It's an honor and a privilege to be good enough to play in the NFL but I guess some don't care. I am sure Tampa will find someone to replace him. I doubt he will ever fully recover from this episode. No team wants to deal with people like this.

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  39. Just Da Facts
    Just Da Facts 3 January, 2022, 07:47

    HYPOCRITICIAL ENABLERS: "This has to be CTE. This goes beyond football. AB needs help now"

    ALSO HYPOCRITICAL ENABLERS: "OHHH…I hope the (insert team here) gets him. That would be awesome!"

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  40. BuddhaLove77 #NewCultureofPeace
    BuddhaLove77 #NewCultureofPeace 3 January, 2022, 17:00

    Yes they tried to force an injured player on the field, then made it look like he did it for no reason!! That is the scandal! IT WASN"T ABOUT BONUSES!!

    They then tried to make a guy with mental health issues LOOK UNSTABLE when they knew why he walked off the field!!

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  41. Dinghy Doppler
    Dinghy Doppler 3 January, 2022, 19:09

    He doesn't wanna play in Arians No Fun League. Good on AB

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