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  1. 58Rev
    58Rev 3 January, 2022, 15:51

    This is how you finish a season against a 2 and something team, open the throttle and let 'er run. Pats did their job, now it's on to the playoffs.

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  2. Erich Swafford
    Erich Swafford 3 January, 2022, 16:02

    Close game. Real exciting.

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  3. Hiker
    Hiker 3 January, 2022, 16:04

    This has got to be the game of the year WOW!

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  4. Seth Zempel
    Seth Zempel 3 January, 2022, 16:05

    Lawrence is the all time worst QB

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  5. ltitus8900
    ltitus8900 3 January, 2022, 16:38

    That is probably the worse quarterback I have ever seen. He may just come back next year and shut it down but this year is not his year. Y'all know who I mean.

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  6. Euclid’s Chemical Equation
    Euclid’s Chemical Equation 3 January, 2022, 16:46

    Get rid of Nkeal already

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  7. Na Bi
    Na Bi 3 January, 2022, 16:46

    Chance for Jones to trash the first pic and cement his rookie of the year

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  8. Tommy Hamilton
    Tommy Hamilton 3 January, 2022, 16:56

    after this beat down i think Lawrence will cry to go home….

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  9. DuWayne Snider
    DuWayne Snider 3 January, 2022, 17:12

    From a non- Patriots fan, I must promulgate, congratulations rookie, I'm impressed. Perhaps the best season by a 1st yr. QB since Dan Marino (1983, I was 13; dinosaurs roamed the earth LOL)

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  10. Derrick Logan
    Derrick Logan 3 January, 2022, 17:24

    The 🐆🐆🐆 Jaguars slowly strolled quietly into New England with intent on Stalking and Devouring their Prey!
    But the Patriotic Minutemen are experienced at various types of Wargames and, with Muskets Loaded, blasted The Feline Sneaky Jungle Intruders back to Jacksonville with another loss!!!

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  11. Killerwitek
    Killerwitek 3 January, 2022, 17:24


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  12. Ronnie James Dio
    Ronnie James Dio 3 January, 2022, 17:48

    Patriots fan here and I'm happy for the W. But, I truly feel like we Can't beat the better teams just yet.

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  13. Matt Koe
    Matt Koe 3 January, 2022, 18:07

    Poor Trevor Lawrence

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  14. Michael Jenkins
    Michael Jenkins 3 January, 2022, 18:55

    Patriots are upsetting. Looks like they’ll get another shot at the Bills. Hope they come out with better energy this time. Motivated to kick ass. The Bills game really let me down tremendously. That was the game to really give New England a shot

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  15. Mo Karney
    Mo Karney 3 January, 2022, 19:02

    Damn the moneyline on the Pats was only -1200. Imagine dropping $100,000 on them to win an easy $12,000 and betting another $10k for them to cover.

    $110,000 wins $22,000. If they win and don't cover the 2 touchdowns you still win $2,000.

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  16. Javier Bordes
    Javier Bordes 3 January, 2022, 19:03

    i patriots sense i was born i see all the games

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  17. Robbie Blue
    Robbie Blue 3 January, 2022, 19:34

    The funny thing is I always thought Lawrence would make a great patriot QB while in college he is still is gifted gives me Joe Montana vibes. Mac Jones is just great scouting by the patriots. Belicke might be giving AB a call next season lol

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  18. Arisette
    Arisette 3 January, 2022, 20:56

    much needed win 🙂 patriots getting their groove back on!!!

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  19. Christopher Brewer
    Christopher Brewer 3 January, 2022, 21:05

    In college Lawrence was a man amongst boys now hes a man amongst men

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  20. Bread Man
    Bread Man 3 January, 2022, 21:36

    Looks like Lawrence is a problem.

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  21. Clifford Yawn
    Clifford Yawn 3 January, 2022, 21:57

    I'm glad to see Jones is no longer sliding head first.

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  22. Victor Botellero Solano
    Victor Botellero Solano 3 January, 2022, 22:54

    Felicidades Patriots 💪
    Saludos cordiales desde Barcelona

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  23. Roland Foreman
    Roland Foreman 3 January, 2022, 22:56

    YESssssssssss!!! 💪🏽😁👍🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🤩🤩

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  24. Ernest Burns
    Ernest Burns 3 January, 2022, 22:57

    Their season would be more impressive had they played more teams actually making the playoffs. The Patriots are 7-2 when playing teams at or below a .500 win% those two loses to .500 teams and the other 7 to teams below .500 Win%. They're 3-4 when playing winning teams 3 Ws go to conference contenders Chargers, Titans and the Bills but they just lost to the Bills last week matchup up so it's more like 2 Ws, this conference may not be weak but it seems like the Patriots have the easiest schedule in an inconsistent conference.

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  25. Tyler Wells
    Tyler Wells 3 January, 2022, 23:20

    patriots wrecking the jags i mean🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦they need to chill

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  26. raymundo cuevas
    raymundo cuevas 4 January, 2022, 01:03

    Patriots will be a threat in the playoffs

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  27. Zac Bestul
    Zac Bestul 4 January, 2022, 01:19

    Mac is gonna be a Patriot for a loooong time. Guy is unbelievable.

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  28. GamingWithLee 608
    GamingWithLee 608 4 January, 2022, 01:22

    Buying a Wilkerson jersey

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  29. Grimzey
    Grimzey 4 January, 2022, 01:45

    Whenever i watch the jags i feel like I’m watching a high school football team 😂

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  30. Troy F.
    Troy F. 4 January, 2022, 01:55

    Bill was trying to ruin that rookie!

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  31. Swanky 32
    Swanky 32 4 January, 2022, 05:03

    It’s Urban Meyers fault Trevor Lawrence overthrew Ryquell Armstead in the flat on 2nd and 6 lol

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  32. Alam Saputra
    Alam Saputra 4 January, 2022, 06:48

    Mac jones 🔥🔥

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