Zach Wilson Press Conference (12/30) | New York Jets | NFL | Week 17

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  1. Zack McCas
    Zack McCas 30 December, 2021, 15:38

    love my qb

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  2. Highly Skeptical
    Highly Skeptical 30 December, 2021, 15:39

    These are the dumbest questions … these guys actually get paid to do this ???

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  3. Billy SBC
    Billy SBC 30 December, 2021, 15:39

    The Jets are up against one of the very few teams that are favored to make the Superbowl and win it, so let's not be too demanding of Zach here, the Jets are outgunned in this game and if they can just fight hard they will have the respect of everyone when it's over. This game still means something to the Bucs, it's a tough game to have at the end of the schedule. Zach can just attack whatever gaps he sees in the defense and continue to gain experience. Go Jets.

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  4. KenobiClone
    KenobiClone 30 December, 2021, 15:41

    What are these questions?? Stop blowing Brady ffs

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  5. Jordan Kelly
    Jordan Kelly 30 December, 2021, 15:42


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  6. Jett Capson
    Jett Capson 30 December, 2021, 16:08

    New York media full of smuckhs these questions Suck😂

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  7. S1MS3MA
    S1MS3MA 30 December, 2021, 16:13

    Hey Zach I know you arent exactly playing against Brady but how does it feel to be able to play against Brady? 🤦🏽‍♂️

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  8. Nick Hunter
    Nick Hunter 30 December, 2021, 16:31

    Is this a jets press conference or a Tom Brady documentary??

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  9. rcheezy48
    rcheezy48 30 December, 2021, 16:46

    All I ask is for our OL to protect Zach…I have tickets to the last game vs Buffalo on Jan 9!! Go JETS & ZACH!!

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  10. Jack Hawk
    Jack Hawk 30 December, 2021, 16:55

    The King of NY

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  11. Derrick York
    Derrick York 30 December, 2021, 17:31

    I think the Jets are going to win this game. Zach is finally starting to roll and I won't be surprised to see the Bucs overlooking us.

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  12. Lindsey
    Lindsey 30 December, 2021, 17:48

    He looks like he is 17

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  13. audition
    audition 30 December, 2021, 18:01

    If you keep goin at this trajectory Zach, you are gonna be one of the greatest. Nice work and fun to watch, GO ZACH, GO JETS!!!

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  14. Vinny B
    Vinny B 30 December, 2021, 18:05

    That's my QB!!

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  15. C.C. Ryder
    C.C. Ryder 30 December, 2021, 18:09

    Tom Brady fan club interview.

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  16. Kenneth Smith
    Kenneth Smith 30 December, 2021, 19:22

    Ask Zach about his progression 3 straight Brady questions who gives a shit about Brady

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  17. Vibz shop
    Vibz shop 30 December, 2021, 19:46

    Dude looks like he's still in high school 🏫

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  18. Elijah Rohn
    Elijah Rohn 30 December, 2021, 20:29

    Gooo zach

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  19. david jamal
    david jamal 30 December, 2021, 20:30

    Zach looks like Josh McCown little brother!

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  20. Stanley Ezen
    Stanley Ezen 30 December, 2021, 20:38

    Go jets

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  21. Value Books
    Value Books 31 December, 2021, 00:04

    these questions are worse than what 5th graders would ask. how do these people have jobs in media? how can you be this bad at your job?

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  22. Johnny Mordechay
    Johnny Mordechay 31 December, 2021, 10:42

    I’d like to start off by saying nice cut kid 👍🏼

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