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  1. SkYhilLtRibes
    SkYhilLtRibes 31 December, 2021, 00:16

    Ironic how Joe Barry said "this group has taken pride in defending the run" when the Ravens and Browns was running down their throats two weeks in a row. GB got lucked out that's all i can say. You guys needs to play with a sense of urgency instead of living on fumes toward the end of the 4th quarter. You can get away with a win during the regular season relying on empty fumes toward the end of the game but you're not gonna win playing like that in the playoff. GB needs a serious wake up call…and I hope soon before they get into the playoff.

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  2. Goosby Goosby
    Goosby Goosby 31 December, 2021, 01:19

    This group has taken pride in defending the run? Is he serious ? Packers gave up 600 plus yards in the last 3 games I hate the run defense

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  3. Joe
    Joe 31 December, 2021, 03:00

    To much base defense

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  4. Barry E
    Barry E 31 December, 2021, 03:21

    As a Whole defended the run Well? I think it is 4.8 Yards per Carry makes them last in that category If that is Well what is Poor?

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  5. Barry E
    Barry E 31 December, 2021, 03:25

    1 additional thing Last Three games against the Run could not be Worse

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  6. Barry E
    Barry E 31 December, 2021, 03:38

    The Glass is Half Full Mentality is Great – To A Point – At some point the Glass is shattered – I am Glad he said we have got to play the run better – No doubt about it. That remark came after he said overall we have played the run well. The attitude is too soft to win a championship – If they turn it around it will be the team not because of this coaches weak attitude

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  7. Jesus Garcia
    Jesus Garcia 31 December, 2021, 04:24

    You need to work on the run game or we wont get anywhere, go packs!

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  8. Moe Three
    Moe Three 31 December, 2021, 05:10

    If that d from last year can hold Derrick Henry to less than 100 I know this day can work

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  9. Ryan Jaeger
    Ryan Jaeger 31 December, 2021, 07:20

    Most passive coordinator ìn the league. No scheme and scared to blitz when it matters most! They will lose because of his unwillingness to die on the sword. He rather die by death of a thousand papercuts. So disappointing as he was supposed to be aggressive. Lol. Not at all. Pettine part 2.
    Let's hope he learns quickly or is gonna hurt come playoffs! Hope I'm wrong.

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  10. Ryan Jaeger
    Ryan Jaeger 31 December, 2021, 07:26

    When they say this guy brings energy….. they obviously haven't been around people that truly do bring the energy. He's so….. uninspiring when he talks. No energy.

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  11. Crusader1815
    Crusader1815 31 December, 2021, 08:26

    aaahm… you know.

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  12. Ruben Parker jr
    Ruben Parker jr 31 December, 2021, 10:39

    Did he not watch the Run Defense last Saturday?

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  13. DDD Pheth
    DDD Pheth 31 December, 2021, 11:38


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  14. Fabian Nino
    Fabian Nino 31 December, 2021, 12:08

    Baltimore and Cleveland are two of the best running teams in the league so can't say I'm too surprised

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  15. Ana V.
    Ana V. 31 December, 2021, 13:08

    With Kirk cousins being out. We should know they are running Cooke as many times as they can.

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  16. The Weird Kids
    The Weird Kids 31 December, 2021, 17:22


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  17. James Barry
    James Barry 31 December, 2021, 18:54

    Great Job Joe…
    The Pack is Back!!🏈

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  18. Steve G
    Steve G 31 December, 2021, 23:15

    Last I checked Chubb is still running down Lombardi Ave.

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  19. johnstjohn1987
    johnstjohn1987 1 January, 2022, 06:26

    Don't trust Defense in Playoffs especially the NFC Championship. Can't stop a nosebleed.

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  20. Danny Green
    Danny Green 1 January, 2022, 09:23

    Haven't seen em stop the run in weeks lol

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  21. Greg Miller
    Greg Miller 1 January, 2022, 14:54

    Barry needs to have his corners play at the line of scrimmage. Just seems they've been doing what Pettine did. A lot of soft coverage not wanting to give up the big play. Challenge Justin Jefferson, don't give him a 10 yard cushion

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  22. Donald Davenport
    Donald Davenport 1 January, 2022, 15:04

    ya have to get that run defense together because if ya want home field ya gotta protect this house GO PACK GO

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  23. Willam J
    Willam J 1 January, 2022, 20:50

    Stopping the run has been an issue since the loss to the 49ers 2 years ago. Nothing was changed. Same exact personal same issue. This was total neglect by the GM.

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  24. Ron
    Ron 1 January, 2022, 21:37

    220 yards rushing against this D? That’s atrocious. Reminded me of the Niners in the NFCCG. That won’t get it done. At all.

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