Trouble in Giants Land as Employees Take Shots at Each other on Twitter | A Franchise in Disarray

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  1. Mike V
    Mike V 30 December, 2021, 00:02

    George Young fellas. Nfl forced them to bring him in and fix the dumpster fire

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  2. Gary C
    Gary C 30 December, 2021, 00:14

    I've been a Giants fan since 1990 and I've never seen it this bad.

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  3. Amazing Guy
    Amazing Guy 30 December, 2021, 00:24

    What a mess

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  4. pasGedden7
    pasGedden7 30 December, 2021, 01:21

    When a team sucks this bad. ITS ALWAYS MANAGAMENT AND THE OWNERS FAULT. 100%

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  5. NYCtvnyc
    NYCtvnyc 30 December, 2021, 01:37

    no links out the locker room so now we care about what employees say now coaching staff but employees.i guess joe judge is doing something right.

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  6. Giant Obsession
    Giant Obsession 30 December, 2021, 02:20

    WEAK SHOW. Learn some history if you want to be relevant.

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  7. Allen Saunders
    Allen Saunders 30 December, 2021, 02:32

    It's ownership we know that. Can't fire the owner . Unless ownership gets a clue nothing will get better

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  8. ayoo_sheed
    ayoo_sheed 30 December, 2021, 04:53

    I’m telling you every week i say to myself it can’t get any worse than what it is…and it gets worse!!!😩😩😩

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  9. Joseph Clark
    Joseph Clark 30 December, 2021, 05:06

    Something about Pat Hanlon that I never liked. I recall back in the day he had a big mouth.

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  10. Jack Chessa
    Jack Chessa 30 December, 2021, 05:06

    If it were not for Pete Roselle making Wellington Mara hire George Young the Giants would have zero Super Bowls.

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  11. da1nonlyMAPH
    da1nonlyMAPH 30 December, 2021, 05:58

    George Young

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  12. tim marks
    tim marks 30 December, 2021, 09:04

    As long as Mara calls the shots…… Get someone in here who can rebuild this mess

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  13. JOEYdaMUSH
    JOEYdaMUSH 30 December, 2021, 09:09

    Why do you both pronounce “organization” that way! It’s annoying af. Are you guys British or something?? 😆

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  14. tim marks
    tim marks 30 December, 2021, 09:11

    John needs to face facts…… His old methods don’t work……

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  15. tim marks
    tim marks 30 December, 2021, 09:13

    Reece was terrible…..

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  16. Anthony D’Onofrio
    Anthony D’Onofrio 30 December, 2021, 10:46

    Stop going to games this organization has lost it’s way complete shit show but yet that stadium is sold out but you got your free Pepsi

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  17. Pam Burke
    Pam Burke 30 December, 2021, 11:26

    I saw Pat’s tweet, but somehow missed the response from the anonymous scout. Is it still there?

    I was shocked to see Pat’s tweet.

    Have you gone to Steve’s Tweeter feed? Comments are reserved for those he mentions. Other than that, you can’t comment on his Tweets. That’s shady.

    This team is a mess. I really hope they get out of their way.

    I found what Anthony said about Reese and the leaks interesting.

    Now I’m wondering who leaked keeping Joe Judge and Daniel Jones??? What able GM will want the job under those conditions?

    Also, the Chris Mara thing with being upset by being called an asshole is why this team has “character” players over talented players. Again, it’s a mess.

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  18. kevin tenreiro
    kevin tenreiro 30 December, 2021, 11:47


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  19. Robert Edwards
    Robert Edwards 30 December, 2021, 11:49

    The Giants organization is hiding something..I wouldn’t be surprised if they are in bed with the Gambling institutions because it’s more money under the table covering the spread corruption is everywhere

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  20. yoowuzgud
    yoowuzgud 30 December, 2021, 11:56

    The Giants organizationally have done literally everything the wrong way. Just look at the winning teams in the NFL. Even the so-called “family-owned” teams have football guys running their personnel departments – not family members.

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  21. Richard Mulvaney
    Richard Mulvaney 30 December, 2021, 12:02

    I vote for you guys to join the Giant front office. Your clear thinking is necessary to turn the page on this weak organization,

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  22. Jay Ball
    Jay Ball 30 December, 2021, 14:40

    Fire Joe Judge! And get a new quarterback!

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  23. Kandyman
    Kandyman 30 December, 2021, 14:43

    What happened to John Dorsey in Cleveland? Thought he was highly regarded but didn’t last long there

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  24. Muted Growl
    Muted Growl 30 December, 2021, 19:05

    Carl Banks himself said fans read too much into some of these titles the ownership gives themself.

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  25. Muted Growl
    Muted Growl 30 December, 2021, 19:20

    What an overreaction

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  26. Paul Mancini
    Paul Mancini 30 December, 2021, 21:09

    I heard the NFL Office is strongly suggesting to Owner John Mara to relocate the Giants to London which originally the NY Jets were going do

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  27. kiddtuffnuff
    kiddtuffnuff 30 December, 2021, 22:49

    all you idiots were talkin playoffs before the season so stop blamin the front office its not their fault everyone got hurt and played like shit.Be honest and we can go to the tape of some of you guys callin for 9 or 10 wins ,that means getty and the front office did their jobs .point the fingers at the players coaches and even the the doctors,but leave the front office alone

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  28. Geo fromNJ
    Geo fromNJ 31 December, 2021, 09:47

    This episode is a little weird. These two guys are bemoaning the fact that John Mara makes football decisions when he's not qualified, yet in prior episodes they faulted Dave Gettleman for making poor draft decisions and disastrous free agent signings. In response to this inconsistency they would probably say that Mara should bring in outside expertise and give him full autonomy. But if they say this, they're claiming that Gettleman didn't have full autonomy in which case Gettleman should not be criticized for his decisions. I happen to think that Gettleman had full autonomy and that his idiocy is the reason the Giants are a mess. Of the many Gettleman disasters was his thinking that Manning had another year, resulting in Gettleman passing on Josh Allen, which led to his reaching for Daniel Jones the following year. Another disaster was trading down and drafting head-case Toney instead of drafting Micah Parsons.

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  29. Joseph Doyle
    Joseph Doyle 1 January, 2022, 21:16

    That’s not how you pronounce Mara

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