Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. New York Jets | Week 17 NFL Game Preview

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  1. Ninyo Castillio
    Ninyo Castillio 31 December, 2021, 10:40

    31 to 7 Tom Brady fans from Makati city Philippines onnninn LNG 😎🇵🇭..

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  2. MuFF G
    MuFF G 31 December, 2021, 11:05

    Let's Go Brandon

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  3. Xix1326
    Xix1326 31 December, 2021, 11:34

    This could make the New England game look like a good defensive performance, if Ariens wants to make that kind of a statement and if Brady has all his receivers.

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    DAN THE MAN 31 December, 2021, 14:26

    Brady plays well against the Jets

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  5. deadshot
    deadshot 31 December, 2021, 20:00

    Tamps:43 jets:3

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  6. SaltysAlbertaGeneralScooter
    SaltysAlbertaGeneralScooter 1 January, 2022, 00:22

    TB12 getting Evans over 1000 while AB slices them up. Total beat down.

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  7. Jeremiah Marshall
    Jeremiah Marshall 1 January, 2022, 00:47

    Why yah hate my jets ???? Damn…..but as a fan i know the outcome and used to it

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  8. Jim Parker
    Jim Parker 1 January, 2022, 01:58

    When was the last time a weak team like the Jets was able to score big points on Tampa? Expect the Bucs to roll up 30 or more points. Can New York's offense score 30 or more on Todd Bowles' defense?

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  9. Elias Matthews
    Elias Matthews 1 January, 2022, 05:29

    basically, the narrator is saying that the Bucs will decimate the Jets.

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  10. Herb Saron
    Herb Saron 1 January, 2022, 05:56

    24-20 score prediction by M. Dulgerian????? WTF???

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  11. Bob'sBurgers Take2
    Bob'sBurgers Take2 1 January, 2022, 09:43

    I feel a lot of fans are treating this like a meaningful game for the Bucs. Just get Miller, TJ, Grayson, Bell and Vaughn lots of snaps. They will be needed in the playoffs get their confidence up. Give the big 3 limited snaps. Don't even care if the Bucs take the L. Just get them reps and get out the reg season healthy.

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  12. Shakiem Jean Joseph
    Shakiem Jean Joseph 1 January, 2022, 10:17

    The Tampa Bay Buccaneers 🔴⚫️🏴‍☠️coming off their first NFC South title since 2007 while The New York Jets 🟢✈️defeat the Jacksonville Jaguars. Tom Brady and Zach Wilson have the same birthday with 22 years apart

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  13. jason mekush
    jason mekush 1 January, 2022, 10:33

    45 to 0 that person on panel is just plain dumb no way it will be that lop sided

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  14. Alex Murphy
    Alex Murphy 1 January, 2022, 11:21

    Jets with the upset gonna mess up everyone's parlay

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  15. wow really
    wow really 1 January, 2022, 11:24

    Jets want to beat Brady for the last decade plus but just can’t today.
    Buccaneers 34
    Jets 14

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  16. Ed Murphy
    Ed Murphy 1 January, 2022, 16:56

    Playoffs are coming. If you want your defense to get hungry and mean you first starve them. That's what happened in the loss to the Saints. Now that they are pissed off and hungry, you take them out and feed them cheap raw meat, which is the Panthers and the Jets. Then just before the playoffs you feed them same ole Panther meat again and this time at home. Now they're hungry and mean for a good meal. Defense will be ready. Question is who can they get to learn how to catch the ball between now and then.

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  17. edward kahn
    edward kahn 1 January, 2022, 17:19

    Buccaneers 45 Jets 9

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  18. Playboicartiiiiii
    Playboicartiiiiii 1 January, 2022, 19:18

    Jets win 50-17 💯😂

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  19. Dee_ 23
    Dee_ 23 1 January, 2022, 20:45

    I got the jets in this game

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  20. John Naples
    John Naples 1 January, 2022, 21:21

    On Bing they said age disparity between Brady and Jets qb zach wilson is 22 years. However they post a picture and stats for Russell Wilson who happens to of color and 33. Zach is white and 20.

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  21. Michael Lee
    Michael Lee 2 January, 2022, 00:06

    I got $10k on bucs -13. Lets do this

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  22. Alfonso Cisneros
    Alfonso Cisneros 2 January, 2022, 00:18

    Jets ,let's play spoiler. Go JETS!

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  23. J.B. MacDirty
    J.B. MacDirty 2 January, 2022, 00:20

    Bucs 31 Jets 13

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  24. Shane Burkhart
    Shane Burkhart 2 January, 2022, 00:32

    Be nice to C Tampa handle bidness from the get-go. Like twenty sumn to 3 at the half.. But u never know

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  25. Cool Man 325
    Cool Man 325 2 January, 2022, 00:39

    I think the final score will be 53-3 buccaneers win

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