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  1. RJ Eizzay
    RJ Eizzay 27 December, 2021, 11:35

    This was worse than the patriots loss last year

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    SNEAKERFLAVORZ 27 December, 2021, 11:40

    Really good video- and really well said- I’ve been a chargers fan for 20 years and have watched this team beat themselves over and over again. But we are a strong collection of fans who have been through the toughest of times. I can say this though this just makes the good times even better ! Three seasons ago when we went 12-4 and beat the chiefs in KC on Thursday night football- or when we beat the ravens in the wild card round. This team is on a rebuild with the coaching staff and players. We have an amazing Oline and receivers but we need a defense – our defense gave up 40 points to the worst offense in the NFL. It sucks – but next Sunday we will be on the couch yelling at them again

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  3. Miguel Morales
    Miguel Morales 27 December, 2021, 12:18

    Offense should not have to score 30+ a game to win that's what has been happening all season this defense is the worst I ever seen the Chargers put on field I have been following this team since 1992 can't stop the run cant get of the field on 3rd down tackling piss poor lack of effort poor coaching.

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  4. C. J. Lau
    C. J. Lau 27 December, 2021, 13:05

    I can't believe anyone is still a chokers fan. Especially anyone living in SD County. They bailed on you! It's like being one of those guys who simps on twitch thots and honestly think you have a chance.

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  5. David Denend
    David Denend 27 December, 2021, 17:37

    I told everyone that we still need to build our defense…..and it might take a couple of years. Now everyone who told me I was full of crap are all bitching about the D.

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  6. German Benitez
    German Benitez 27 December, 2021, 18:04

    I was mad while watching the game but after a few drinks i got over it because I’m not surprised in the outcome, good video

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  7. Aaron Arellano
    Aaron Arellano 27 December, 2021, 18:42

    good video being straight about this team. Chargers fan here too but this team, coach, and GM are not it…

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  8. Shawn S Chatha
    Shawn S Chatha 28 December, 2021, 01:29

    Chargers suck

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  9. WalleyeCliff
    WalleyeCliff 28 December, 2021, 11:52

    I been a fan since 78 buddy ,, same old bums keep showing up ..

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  10. Ddeven Ba6r
    Ddeven Ba6r 30 December, 2021, 03:54

    Been a fan since 2000 (Yes I experienced seeing Ryan Leaf on the sideline in the Q) 😮. They had great talent and definitely should have at least 1 SB in their great 2004-2012 era (Eff-Yu Marlon McCree, Nate Kaeding, Patriots nutthuggerz). Unfortunately, the no fun league err.. fixed entertainment league cares more about revenue and marketing – something the Chargers Ownership and Mgmt. (Spanos AJ Smith Telesco) could never create as the family have always been cheap @sses.
    Recently, Chargers didn't deservedly pay for a future star in CB Desmond King who coincidentally had a pick against Herbert in the Texans game. King was way better than nickelback Michael Davis during his stint with the Chargers. Why can't they retain and respect top performing players…?

    How can you let Hall of Famers Seau and Tomlinson walk away and retire across the country on the east coast at the end of their careers after all they had contributed to the franchise??? – very disrespectful and disgraceful not only to the players, but the fans..
    Superstar players such as Vincent Jackson, Cromartie, Chris Chambers, Wes Welker, Sproles, Michael 'The Burner' Turner, Merriman, Weddle, Jammer, Brees, Lorenzo Neal, Steve Foley, Shaun Phillips, Jamal Williams, etc. this list can do on forever it is insane. They were all let go way too early and at what cost? Not enough to win a SuperBowl or even get to the big game..
    The 1994 Superbowl against the 49ers is probably the only one the Spanos family will ever get to experience. Until new Ownership can take a hold of this team, I am afraid they are doomed for failure.. Coming from a true San Diego Chargers fan since the Seau days.. 💪

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  11. Oratorical Prowess
    Oratorical Prowess 30 December, 2021, 21:58

    if you wear shades indoors… youre not proud of your eyes, or you know you're not all that coolio bruh.

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