Should Pittsburgh Steelers Mason Rudolph Have Gone Into The Game Earlier Vs Kansas City Chiefs

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  1. soulsaxdb
    soulsaxdb 27 December, 2021, 17:48

    Hell no I have seen enough of Mason he has nothing he doesn't connect with college teammate wr James Washington but Joe Burrow connects with Chase LSU teammates

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  2. Tanner Kelley
    Tanner Kelley 27 December, 2021, 19:23

    Because Mike Tomlin is a dumb coach . The Steelers need to draft a quarterback

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  3. Bob Wannamaker
    Bob Wannamaker 27 December, 2021, 19:34

    Mason was the highlight of the game. Throwing guys off of him! Rumbling down the field!

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  4. Mike Northmore
    Mike Northmore 27 December, 2021, 20:07

    Imo I’d like to c Mason give it a go for the last two games and maybe Haskins too to c if we can mind some magic love u #7 but I think maybe just maybe it’s time to sit down and c how u can help with the younger q b s . # maple tron # clay pool let’s keep ‘em I just got a salute to service jersey thanks lmfao # let go Steelers 👌🤟🤟

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  5. Ernest Pacheco
    Ernest Pacheco 27 December, 2021, 21:23

    Mason went toe the toe with Baker in college and he's better than darnold and Goff . Unfortunately he has not had the opportunity to develop and grow like a typical rookie ,because Tomlin has held him back.coaching is the problem here guys. Remember ? Neil Odonald got us to SB once 🙏. Mason has the heart and he feels like a Steeler to me… let him play…♎💪✌️

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  6. Jim Taggert
    Jim Taggert 28 December, 2021, 08:44

    This could be ben's last game! The Cleveland Browns will make him eat dirt! And maybe make him cry again too!

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  7. Mark Anthony
    Mark Anthony 28 December, 2021, 09:19

    How many more times do we want to see Mason? He had a whole season with Ben was out to prove that he was the guy and he still hasn’t been that guy. He comes in and do a little bit of mop up when the game was over and Kansas City wasn’t even playing all their starters and we are right back to Mason. Man please!!! Get Marcus Mariota and give it a rest.Or at least give Haskins a chance in game situation outside of preseason.

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  8. DS_Colbster
    DS_Colbster 28 December, 2021, 11:32

    Ben asked to stay in if y’all saw that

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  9. Terry Breedlove
    Terry Breedlove 28 December, 2021, 12:18

    Sit Ben and lets see what Mason can do. Lets face it we are not Play Off contenders and wouldn't make it past the first game if we limp in somehow. So play Mason and give him more game experience.

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  10. Yung OG
    Yung OG 28 December, 2021, 15:08

    This is why they suck!!! How do you let a player make coaching decisions. They let Ben control this team and we haven’t won since. And now he’s super wasssssssshed and they still let him call the shots. Ben ain’t doing nothing but playing for yards and completions. Not for winning a super bowl. That’s why he checking it down at the last play of the game knowing we need a TD. All y’all do is baby Ben he had his career like bye

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  11. James Warfield
    James Warfield 28 December, 2021, 15:20

    Mason has practice with the first team every week since he got drafted. Strictly a baccup

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  12. Joseph Silva
    Joseph Silva 28 December, 2021, 16:18

    TERRIBLE Management…they knew this was going to be Ben's last year, therefore, they should have given Haskins and Mason some Play time EXPERIENCE…they had 10 quarters of five last games to do this and never did. All i heard was accuses "that they need to play better or learn from their mistakes." they certainly learned to lose better and by bigger scores. Now they will have to start all over again…sorry but NOT happy and tired with excesses…

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  13. Davis Mcmillian
    Davis Mcmillian 28 December, 2021, 20:03

    Start either one. See what ya got. Ben's season is over anyway.

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  14. David Bonnick
    David Bonnick 28 December, 2021, 22:44

    Doesn't matter who is qb no playoffs this year. Bench #7 try haskins last 2 games.

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  15. Tanapol Chuksrida
    Tanapol Chuksrida 29 December, 2021, 00:09

    Should this have even been up for discussion?

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  16. Anthony Burton
    Anthony Burton 29 December, 2021, 11:14

    Mason Rudolph should never have been put in because mason is worse at his best than ben is at his worst

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  17. Tristan Stone
    Tristan Stone 29 December, 2021, 12:44

    Should have yanked BR#7 at the Half enough is enough

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  18. ChrisXCXCX
    ChrisXCXCX 29 December, 2021, 14:12

    Ben is too slow with this crappy line. He gave the offense some fresh air. Bench ben.

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  19. Benny Miles
    Benny Miles 29 December, 2021, 16:21

    i wish they would give haskins a shot i think he could develop into a good QB1

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  20. Make Punk Rock Great Again
    Make Punk Rock Great Again 29 December, 2021, 18:30

    Mason Rudolph had the reigns in 2019… he was outscored by the defense for three weeks in a row…🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

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  21. Jake McBride
    Jake McBride 29 December, 2021, 20:33

    Let mason start the next game Ben ain’t carry anything in any week he has been horrible almost every week till we are down 28 points then he gets throwing when they are playing soft

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  22. Charles Torres
    Charles Torres 29 December, 2021, 21:23

    We need Rudolph and Haskins in to get them some time on the field and I think Haskins is better than Rudolph.

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