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  1. Krak Head
    Krak Head 22 December, 2021, 05:51

    NFL cannot be sued for fixing games, they are legally structured as an Entertainment entity, exactly like the WWE.

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  2. Costa Rican Sportsfan
    Costa Rican Sportsfan 22 December, 2021, 06:18

    Refs have been horrible in general this season

    Way worse than last year. Look at MNF that game was littered with bad calls

    But when a team gets bad call after bad call it looks rigged

    Look at the bucs game vs the bills last week, 3 no called dpis on tampa, which led to the bills losing the game

    But what really seals the deal for me on this is that the game was moved for benefit of the rams and then all the calls went against us. Like the holding on 3rd and 12. He WAITED until the play was finished and threw the flag when he didn’t make it. If you see holding, especially if its on a CORNER who is ISOLATED WITH THE RECEIVER you throw that flag up right there and then people claim its just a bad call vs rigged. And the PI, in a game that has become so receiver friendlv not being thrown there is bullshit

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  3. john doe
    john doe 22 December, 2021, 08:44

    Starting the video at quarter 4 when a winnable game turns into complete mediocrity and Wilson can't do anything.

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  4. john doe
    john doe 22 December, 2021, 10:05

    "Hand off on 3rd and 6?!!" This is what every Seahawk fan with a brain said on that play.

    They were so predictable. Except the occasional run when they should call pass… this reeks of Bevell 2.0.

    Fire the coaches.

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  5. NinjaDragon
    NinjaDragon 22 December, 2021, 10:35

    Russ is so inconsistent maybe it is time to move on. Nice to hear you tonight not making excuses for him. Pete Carroll why Dallas hasn't gotten the ball more this year is a fireable offense in itself. He's clearly the best RB on the team i've been saying it all year all he does is produce. Time to fire Pete and trade Russ this era is over i think.

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  6. Ryan Ostenson
    Ryan Ostenson 23 December, 2021, 10:55

    hey brandon! not sure if u view these comments after ur streams, but i wanted to say this. it’s about our quarterback russell wilson. i am one who listens to and watches numerous sports talk shows such as the herd, dan patrick, rich eisen, and even first things first. besides first things first, all of these media outlets NEVER seem to put russell’s feet the fire, even after he has a noticeably bad game, as this last one was. this makes me so frustrated! like why? colin cowherd just ignores russell’s bad game and blames it all on pete. sick of the media always sticking to their agendas and always taking this angle like russ is so much better then not just the seahawks franchise, but it feels like this city as well. maybe it’s just me but i see it time and time again. anyways man i love your streams, i may not always comment but i am always, always listening. thank you for your commitment to this channel, and as always. go hawks !!!

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  7. WiredSpeaker
    WiredSpeaker 23 December, 2021, 12:45

    Is Russ afraid to take off and run?..I just don't get it. His run threat is what teams feared and now it's completely gone. He's only 34 and still has plenty of speed. I feel he's robbing this team of alot of points… Not cool when your 35 million dollar QB just shelves the talent that made him so good. There were so many running lanes open for Russ…the Rams were not respecting his run threat at all. He could have easily rushed for an additional 60-70 yds and forced the Rams to adjust and leave openings elsewhere.

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  8. Jeff Evans
    Jeff Evans 23 December, 2021, 12:52

    I would rather watch the mma refs than Harbough coach in Seattle!!! If He comes, I will leave! I don,t have enough tears to watch that shit!!!

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  9. Ms Stella Fay
    Ms Stella Fay 23 December, 2021, 18:29

    The NFL is fixed.

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  10. P Money
    P Money 23 December, 2021, 20:18

    I really think it’s time for Russell to be with a great quarterback guru. Whether that happens here, or somewhere else, it really occurs to me that it’s time for him to embrace changing his game. He just doesn’t have the legs he used to, and that was such a huge part of his game, that happens! People get older they get slower it’s just a part of life. I’m a lifetime Seahawk fan, and that guys givin me a hell of a ride that I will never forget! I’m quite certain he has already played his way into the Hall of Fame, but if he wants to be mentioned with the top 10 QB’s(we all know who they are) he needs to improve dramatically at pre-snap read, and the Quick, short passing game! Tom Brady, and Peyton Manning did not take a lot of sacks, and it’s not because they played behind Hall of Fame offense of lines, although they were good, and it’s definitely not because of their ability to run! Russell needs to find that, and I hope that he can, unless he becomes a ram, I’ll root for him anywhere he goes🤠

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