Film Room: How Can the Minnesota Vikings Counter the Star-Studded Los Angeles Rams?

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  1. rick albuquerque
    rick albuquerque 22 December, 2021, 10:50

    Double Donald

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  2. Clinton Reisig
    Clinton Reisig 22 December, 2021, 10:54

    Must be playoff level these last games of the regular season

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  3. GG YY
    GG YY 22 December, 2021, 11:15

    Bet under, vikes going to get killed. 😂.

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  4. John Gramer
    John Gramer 22 December, 2021, 11:19

    3:00 that is NOT Von Miller

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  5. Chris Smith
    Chris Smith 22 December, 2021, 11:28

    RIP Mason Cole

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  6. Savageboy 84
    Savageboy 84 22 December, 2021, 11:29

    If jefferson can beat Ramsey he is going to be one of the best receivers in the leauge

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  7. Bro Montana
    Bro Montana 22 December, 2021, 11:33

    SF have embarrassed the Rams the last 5 meets. The vikes have a very ideal blueprint on offense and defense. Vikes and SF are VERY similar teams and should have zero complications, locking Donald up with a double team and Ramsey choosing theilen or JJ. Can't pick all of the WRs. This game is winnable and coach needs to get off his ass and encourage the team to want it more!

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  8. dave jones
    dave jones 22 December, 2021, 11:45

    There are many things the Vikings can do to help control Donald. If they are going to do 5 step drops with Cousins and play straight up man blocking then it will be a long day for Vikings. They need to get Cook going right away and mix in more play action then they have all season. C.J Ham should see more action helping to chip Donald then releasing into the flat and rolling Kirk out.If the rams get pressure with the front 4 all game….it's going to be a loss. Rams are not the Bears.

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  9. Mike LaMothe
    Mike LaMothe 22 December, 2021, 13:29

    That's NOT Von Miller at 3:00

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  10. p1utotreyy
    p1utotreyy 22 December, 2021, 13:32

    Yeah von Miller looks nothing like that 💀💀💀💀

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  11. NewbieSoda
    NewbieSoda 22 December, 2021, 13:36

    Difficult game.

    Possible to beat them but takes precise play calls and not pulling a classic Zimmer.

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  12. TheBlkhwkcrew
    TheBlkhwkcrew 22 December, 2021, 13:36

    The key to this game is if the Vikings can play like their lives depend on it for a full game. This team can beat anyone if they play up to their potential. Unfortunately this coaching staff has failed to tap into it.

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  13. Paul Harmon
    Paul Harmon 22 December, 2021, 13:58

    Minnesota will have to run some misdirection plays in the zone scheme to really frustrate the Rams D Line. When you run it do swing blocks. Roll Kirk out of the pocket to throw. Use Cook and Conklin in the pass game. Conklin might be the guy everyone is overlooking right now. TE might be the key.

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  14. Ntimidation
    Ntimidation 22 December, 2021, 14:00

    Vikes fan here. Vikings will lose.

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  15. Kirk Favre
    Kirk Favre 22 December, 2021, 14:16


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  16. cole shields
    cole shields 22 December, 2021, 14:19

    Play clean, and move the chains 3-4 yards per play if you have to. Keep that ball away from the Rams offense. This by far will be their greatest test. Someones gonna put up double digits against the other. Whoever wins is winning by 2 scores.

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  17. God teach me to pray your word
    God teach me to pray your word 22 December, 2021, 18:24

    the Vikings have been such underachievers, I am loosing interest ! Who wants to root for an underachiever ?
    I would rather root for overachievers that is 6 and 8 !

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  18. Arthur A Bethea
    Arthur A Bethea 23 December, 2021, 02:06

    The Minnesota Vikings defense are going to have their hands full this weekend. But thankful we do have good Talent. Go Vikes .

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  19. Dave Medina
    Dave Medina 23 December, 2021, 03:38

    It should be ""MANDORTY" that coach Mike Zimmer watch this show over & over for at least one hour before team practice, Kirt too, hell the whole team.

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  20. Tom Walsh
    Tom Walsh 23 December, 2021, 06:48

    Cooper Kupp is the offensive threat, Pete a couple more clips on his play would have been nice. Love your videos, keep up the good work. Skol!

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