Randy Moss Tells Justin Jefferson That He's Heading to the 2022 Pro Bowl


  1. AfterMC
    AfterMC 20 December, 2021, 19:06

    No duh Justin is insane

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  2. Abdikadir Yusuf
    Abdikadir Yusuf 20 December, 2021, 19:06


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  3. Maxwell George
    Maxwell George 20 December, 2021, 19:07

    Big W tonight

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  4. VikingsxSaints
    VikingsxSaints 20 December, 2021, 19:08

    Yessir jj is a beast.
    I had no doubt in my mind that he would make the pro bowl! Great job jj. Keep working! 🔥🔥🔥💜💛

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  5. Skol Vikings
    Skol Vikings 20 December, 2021, 19:08

    Lets go 💛💜

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  6. Exxiie YT
    Exxiie YT 20 December, 2021, 19:11

    Man do I love this team

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  7. Darth Bobo
    Darth Bobo 20 December, 2021, 19:13

    Two legends.

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  8. Topsy Kretts
    Topsy Kretts 20 December, 2021, 19:18

    So glad MN has a stud in Jefferson. Hopefully we can use his prime years to win a Superbowl

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  9. Sacred Weirdos
    Sacred Weirdos 20 December, 2021, 19:19


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  10. Toua Vang
    Toua Vang 20 December, 2021, 19:24

    Lol that's awesome

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  11. Clinton Reisig
    Clinton Reisig 20 December, 2021, 19:24

    ❤️ U 2 ballers

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  12. Bookem
    Bookem 20 December, 2021, 19:25

    Top 3 WR

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  13. Tyler Kelly
    Tyler Kelly 20 December, 2021, 19:26

    Glad we traded diggs for him

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  14. Jackson Schultz
    Jackson Schultz 20 December, 2021, 19:26

    2 iconic legends who have changed the game. Skol 💜💜💛💛

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  15. Jimmy Woodington
    Jimmy Woodington 20 December, 2021, 19:28

    Two Vikings legends 1 hof and 1 on the way to the hof after his career is done skol Vikings forever

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  16. Rex Rogers
    Rex Rogers 20 December, 2021, 19:32

    SKOL!!! That made me feel good!! Awesome! 😎😎

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  17. Patrick Carroll
    Patrick Carroll 20 December, 2021, 19:47

    He's got swagger, but remains humble. I hope it stays that way

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  18. Josh
    Josh 20 December, 2021, 19:54


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  19. Jermaine Lee
    Jermaine Lee 20 December, 2021, 20:06

    Lifetime viking fan best two vikings ever

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    MIKERUPTION 20 December, 2021, 20:20

    Congrats JJ!

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  21. skyler hietala
    skyler hietala 20 December, 2021, 21:25

    Randy the goat 🐐 Moss!

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  22. Jackson Conley
    Jackson Conley 20 December, 2021, 21:42

    Jefferson might be the best receiver the Vikings had since Randy Moss.

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  23. AntonioElTigre
    AntonioElTigre 20 December, 2021, 21:42

    Great segment.

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  24. Homer Alaska Life
    Homer Alaska Life 20 December, 2021, 22:16

    Are we finally going to get a blow out? In a game that we shouldn’t even be leading, of course. I’m so sick of our terrible defense.

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  25. MN
    MN 20 December, 2021, 22:36

    Imagine if Jefferson played for a non-Zimmer coached team.

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  26. sweeney
    sweeney 20 December, 2021, 23:26

    I’m soooo glad Justin doesn’t act childish like other young receivers. Chase Claypool. Justin is very respectful.

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  27. Jesse Wiehn
    Jesse Wiehn 20 December, 2021, 23:37

    Doing the dance at the end funny

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  28. Palmer Stewart
    Palmer Stewart 20 December, 2021, 23:48

    I hate the Vikings cus I’m a packers fan, but you can’t not love Justin Jefferson and randy moss

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  29. ljvue
    ljvue 21 December, 2021, 00:01

    Playing catch with Randy Moss and Steve Young. Nuff said…

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  30. p marlen
    p marlen 21 December, 2021, 00:15

    Such a talented kid.. u don’t need the Illuminati dum shit choose the light Luke

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  31. Zach Johns
    Zach Johns 21 December, 2021, 00:27

    Steve Young still throws a bullet- even casually!

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  32. DBS
    DBS 21 December, 2021, 01:54

    Randy is a viking. Sorry pats fans. Skol. So happy it's all love now.

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  33. Legoat James
    Legoat James 21 December, 2021, 02:05

    Steve young throwing missiles

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  34. Terrel Tripp
    Terrel Tripp 21 December, 2021, 03:40

    I mean randy was good and all but imagine just chilling and catching passes from Steve young , JJ prolly doesn’t even know about Super Bowl Steve

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  35. Deandre Mahan
    Deandre Mahan 21 December, 2021, 08:54

    Don’t ever leave bro

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  36. Rob Johnson
    Rob Johnson 21 December, 2021, 10:11

    A fun moment for Justin. I lost it seeing Young do the griddy, because he's not bad at it. 😆

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  37. andan04
    andan04 21 December, 2021, 11:23

    Glad to see an athlete appreciate the honor for what it is rather than (cough Brady cough) act like it's beneath him.

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  38. swag lord
    swag lord 21 December, 2021, 12:37

    Steve young can still put a little heat on that ball

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  39. Dalton Voss
    Dalton Voss 21 December, 2021, 14:08

    This Kid will be The Leader of the Team for Years to Come

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  40. Michael boyd
    Michael boyd 21 December, 2021, 14:49

    Both Garrett Bradbury and Mason Cole were pretty much man-handled against the Chicago defensive line Monday night. What is going on with Wyatt Davis? Is he still injured? This young man was one of the most talented interior linemen in the country at Ohio State! Have the Vikings forgotten him? Would like to get the story on Davis right now.

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  41. Corey Schmidt
    Corey Schmidt 21 December, 2021, 23:37

    It’s so cool to see an og Vikings legend with an up and coming Vikings legend

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  42. Brandon King
    Brandon King 22 December, 2021, 06:45

    Damn, Steve Young looks just like Kirk Cousins when he does the griddy 😂

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  43. Blamo 92
    Blamo 92 24 December, 2021, 04:55

    Do y'all realize how legendary this is

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