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  1. Andres Sandoval
    Andres Sandoval 20 December, 2021, 16:04

    Fangio needs to stay but shurmur needs to go. The Linebackers have been a pleasant surprise You guys are right.

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  2. Eddie Duarte
    Eddie Duarte 20 December, 2021, 16:06

    Let drew play for the rest of the season, Teddy needs to call it for his own safety ,I’m tired of hearing development hopefully he plays well enough we’re he can be a part of a package deal for big name quarterback, does he have team like teddy no does league respect him no he had a chance yesterday look at Baltimores backup almost won game quit with excuses he’s history soon

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  3. teddy2427
    teddy2427 20 December, 2021, 16:20

    You think eric bieniemywould be a top coaching candidate for the Broncos next year?

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  4. Darryn Urueta
    Darryn Urueta 20 December, 2021, 16:40

    I'm not sold on keeping Fangio after this season, but Shurmur HAS to go, no question!!!

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  5. Eric Blackman
    Eric Blackman 20 December, 2021, 17:11

    Miss you guys. Thinking about coming back to Twitter but it won’t be as Big E

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  6. Eric Blackman
    Eric Blackman 20 December, 2021, 17:12

    Coaching staff is not good. I think we need a new coaching staff and a good quarterback and we’ll be good.

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  7. Eric Blackman
    Eric Blackman 20 December, 2021, 17:27

    Shurmur is incompetent as a play caller. It’s been frustrating watching his predictable play calling.

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  8. Flippant Booch
    Flippant Booch 20 December, 2021, 17:52

    If fangio stays he can’t be in full control, Paton and others need to step in cus fangio could wreck a season with his decisions (ex. Teddy as the starter)

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  9. 804xBroncos4Life-Gx
    804xBroncos4Life-Gx 20 December, 2021, 18:17

    I think Drew should finish the season definitely. Any realistic chance at the playoffs died yesterday.

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  10. turtle4614
    turtle4614 20 December, 2021, 18:24

    Fangio will forever challenge ridiculous plays and it seems he's getting worse at clock management. He's a DC not a HC. Like I said at beginning of year we do well enough to not be terrible, not make playoffs and get nothing in draft. We NEED an owner and then accountability.

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  11. Jimbo Slice
    Jimbo Slice 20 December, 2021, 18:58

    Eli Apple is some strait cut..

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  12. Jimbo Slice
    Jimbo Slice 20 December, 2021, 19:14

    As always.spotnon content fellas.. Damn good show!! It gonna do what it do I am gonna.ride for my squad regardless.. In Paton!! Love his scouting and choice of players as well as money moves..

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  13. Maurice Johnson
    Maurice Johnson 20 December, 2021, 20:05


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  14. David Lyons
    David Lyons 20 December, 2021, 20:08

    I'll preface this by saying I don't think Lock should be our long term QB. I no longer believe. However I never liked the Teddy pick as a starter either. This notion that he's the guy is patently absurd. From multiple angles the Teddy pick didn't make sense. For one, amazing as Surtain is, opting to not draft a QB suggested to me the Broncos believed Lock needed one more year of development with a proper training camp that he didn't get the year before. Nope, he's QB2. How could they possibly fully assess him as QB without giving him one more season to bring him closer to his ceiling, whatever that may be? That being said if they believed Lock doesn't have a higher ceiling than Teddy, why didn't they draft a QB? It doesn't make sense to me either way. Is there reasonable doubt about Lock? Absolutely and to stand by what I said multiple times at the beginning of the season, Jerry Jeudy isn't why Lock performed poorly. I'm not going to get into the metrics of explaining that again to the Jeudy haters. If anything Lock hurt Jeudy's season last year. If he had a competent QB passing to him last year he would have easily gone over a thousand yards.

    As to coaching. Shurmur needs to be fired. Would like to keep Fangio as a defensive coordinator and maybe promote Munchak to head coach. I think giving someone inhouse an opportunity at the job would be an easier transition than bringing in a new head coach who isn't familiar with the team and the organization. Either way we need a new head coach who isn't playing for job security.

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  15. Jeffrey Lynn Hecker
    Jeffrey Lynn Hecker 20 December, 2021, 20:55

    why can the new england coaches take a rooky to the play off the first year. Where as Denver staff has sucked with Drew Lock.

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  16. Jeffrey Lynn Hecker
    Jeffrey Lynn Hecker 20 December, 2021, 20:57

    the head coach is to old to be flexable enought to be a great head coach.

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  17. Jeffrey Lynn Hecker
    Jeffrey Lynn Hecker 20 December, 2021, 21:02

    it would be great to have Dan Quinn as head coach and Fangio as defensive cordanator.

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  18. Matt Steed
    Matt Steed 21 December, 2021, 03:37

    The shurmur hire is definitely fangios biggest mistake imo

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  19. JordaniusVonRhod
    JordaniusVonRhod 21 December, 2021, 09:52

    Best Broncos content on the internet

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    BIG MEL IZ A MILE HIGH 21 December, 2021, 11:54

    FANGIO stays as DC New head coach.

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  21. Rob .Bahmer
    Rob .Bahmer 21 December, 2021, 12:47

    Fangio has done well we are in the tops for defense and that is due to Fangio. We need an Offensive coordinator that will utilize what we have and we need a damn QB. We do not even need a super elite QB. Just not a lame ass dink and dunk when we have playmaking WR or a turnover crazy gunslinger that appears to have learned nothing in 4 years

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  22. Rob Ferguson
    Rob Ferguson 21 December, 2021, 14:30

    I'm sorry but Fangio has got to go right along with Shurmer. Where are we going to find a great QB for next season? Russel Wilson says he is staying in Seattle, Rodgers most likely won't leave GB for Den. The past 6 seasons have been sooooooo hard to watch. We have such a fantastic roster of players. We simply need a stud QB and a coach who doesn't look down all the time on the sidelines. If Fangio would take the DC position, then we keep him, but other than that, he has to go. His situational head coach IQ is LOW. PS: Let Lock play out the last 3 games. We will either see him shine or crash. TB I think, is done in Den. Peace Bronco Fans!

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  23. Facci's Cinema
    Facci's Cinema 21 December, 2021, 14:49

    Lock should def start, I think he can be a great qb buy never had the coaching or backing to do it

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  24. Brian G. Ellman
    Brian G. Ellman 23 December, 2021, 14:26

    OMG. yes give the keys to the Drew. slip the clutch. grind the gears. nothing to loose there Baby. Lock and Load there Drew

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