1. PistolGang Poppe
    PistolGang Poppe 18 November, 2021, 15:13

    Man I ain’t gone lie to y’all bro I been a rams fan since I was born and y’all don’t need to be worried about a car we need to focus on winning a super bowl and playing my physical online needs to be more aggressive they need a fire in them I’ve seen them get bull rushed like it nunthing

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  2. Tyrone Thompson
    Tyrone Thompson 18 November, 2021, 16:39

    Nice car

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  3. Jesus Loves You.
    Jesus Loves You. 18 November, 2021, 16:43

    that is a stunningly beautiful car 🙂 you did an amazing job working on it.

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  4. BigmeanMotherfu*cker
    BigmeanMotherfu*cker 18 November, 2021, 16:44

    nice 👍🏽

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    THE GREAT FOOCH 18 November, 2021, 16:51

    This is the same car I got my first….. uh.. kiss in..

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  6. MR MOVES X2
    MR MOVES X2 18 November, 2021, 17:07

    An absolutely beauty

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  7. Matthew Nguyen
    Matthew Nguyen 18 November, 2021, 18:05

    That is car is soooo sexy. It’s also my dream car so it’s even better to see a Ram driving it

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  8. BigKev427
    BigKev427 18 November, 2021, 19:12

    Nice ride I had one myself LFG RAMS

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  9. Mike Malick
    Mike Malick 18 November, 2021, 19:34

    The BIGGEST problem with The RAMS right now is Sean McVay's play calling! His abandoning of the running game has put a boat load of pressure on Mat Stafford shoulders. Monday Night 43 pass plays to 9 running plays! I don't want to hear well he was playing from behind. RAMS will be playing from behind the next 7 games if they don't commit to running the ball first and foremost. McVay has lost his ability to reason because he thinks he has the best QB in the league and they can throw the ball and nobody can stop them. Teams are rushing 3-4 and covering UP everyone so Staff is forcing throws into double and triple teams. McVay is destroying this season with his EGO!!!!!!!!!

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  10. Nick Jordan
    Nick Jordan 19 November, 2021, 00:02

    Yeaaaa Greg. I remember my dad working on that thing forEVER haha

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  11. Dino
    Dino 19 November, 2021, 02:41

    OC Native. Let’s go Rams!

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  12. Bryan Castillo
    Bryan Castillo 19 November, 2021, 04:53


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  13. Daniel Rivera
    Daniel Rivera 19 November, 2021, 11:51

    Awesome Build!!! She's a Beauty!!! Bring it to the Parade SB Champs 2022! 🏆

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  14. Beardedsoul78
    Beardedsoul78 19 November, 2021, 14:07

    Love old schools

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  15. Thomas Blanco
    Thomas Blanco 20 November, 2021, 12:51

    That year was my first car too!

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  16. frank zappa
    frank zappa 20 November, 2021, 21:17

    Motor City Muscle.

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  17. Paul Beltran
    Paul Beltran 20 November, 2021, 21:21

    Seems like you are the only one playing ball. Keep up the great work .also 54 always hustling.

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  18. tossed but not sunk ss
    tossed but not sunk ss 21 November, 2021, 00:24

    67 with the 396 is my favorite car , such beautiful cars they use to make. Now everything is made to crush and buy a new one. How many of us would even think about keeping most cars today to do what we do with even 80s and under cars and trucks.

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  19. HODLCRO4DLife
    HODLCRO4DLife 14 December, 2021, 00:49

    That's Greg Gaines Folks who just Ran Down Cardinals QB Kyler Murray for a loss Let's GO RAMS!!!… Oh and Beautiful Car Greg Gaines💯

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