Film Study: MVP? Kirk Cousins continues playing well for the Minnesota Vikings

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  1. Michael Howell
    Michael Howell 20 October, 2021, 17:01


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  2. Styks 27
    Styks 27 20 October, 2021, 17:05

    He should be in the conversation

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  3. HarmCity410
    HarmCity410 20 October, 2021, 17:11

    Cousins has been looking good, I don't want to like him then I heard him mic'd up and now I like him smh

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  4. BaronVonBielski
    BaronVonBielski 20 October, 2021, 17:14

    I don’t think anyone’s claimed he’s a one read QB. He’s known for seeing a defense and going through his reads really well.

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  5. Look-at-Curry-man
    Look-at-Curry-man 20 October, 2021, 17:18

    Kirk is a MVP candidate when he has protection

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  6. Jimmy Kidwell
    Jimmy Kidwell 20 October, 2021, 17:20

    Cousins mvp? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Stop, I'm gonna pee!

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  7. California Dreaming
    California Dreaming 20 October, 2021, 17:21

    As Jerry Seinfeld might ask, “What’s the deal with Kirk Cousins?” Cousins is an enigma. As of February of this year he was 7-35 against teams that went on to have a winning record during that season, absolutely dismal it seems. He can’t beat good teams. But he has really nice passing mechanics and throws a beautiful ball, that’s for sure. And he has better than a 6 this year on his TD-2-INT ratio — terrific as 3 is very good — and he’s better than 2 for his career. His passer rating is over 100 and his completion percentage is almost 70. If you look at his stats and his passing ability you say, “Wow!” but if you look at important games he’s won you say, “What the f—-!?” Cousins is an absolute enigma to me and I will never figure him out, even if I live to be 100. Which ain’t gonna happen.

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  8. MrNoblemanoflove
    MrNoblemanoflove 20 October, 2021, 17:27

    Kirk has his phaser set on stun, and he's blasting away his critics. Kirkules unchained

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  9. Nic Vogel
    Nic Vogel 20 October, 2021, 17:34

    If Kirk is clean, he can be top 5, if Kirk is pressured, maybe bottom 10 some days. This is our o line playing a bit better than most years and he is doing his thing- we will see if it lasts. We call it the Kirk Coaster in MN. Strap in and see what happens. Never a dull moment in Minne

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  10. J.D. Asuncion
    J.D. Asuncion 20 October, 2021, 17:36

    It's kirktober babeyyyy

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  11. Takman Klan Killa 187
    Takman Klan Killa 187 20 October, 2021, 17:39

    MSU legend

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  12. David K
    David K 20 October, 2021, 17:42

    I've always respected Kirk Cousins, starting from his QB days at Michigan State. He may to be elite, but he can be very good in the right system.

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  13. wvang0013
    wvang0013 20 October, 2021, 17:51

    He won the Lions and Panthers games. Kirk should be in the MVP race.

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  14. Cody Vandal
    Cody Vandal 20 October, 2021, 18:10


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  15. Dominic Faison
    Dominic Faison 20 October, 2021, 18:21

    Meh…. I’d say their defense won them that game. Panthers offense couldn’t sustain drives and kept turning ball over. Eventually your defense gets tired of being on the field

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  16. Tony Stadler
    Tony Stadler 20 October, 2021, 18:42

    first play is zone unless bottom corner free styling

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  17. The QC
    The QC 20 October, 2021, 18:52

    100k comin!

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  18. Styks 27
    Styks 27 20 October, 2021, 19:29

    Thielen told the media that he makes the same TD catch in the same play at the same place last he was there LMAO

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  19. Ken Bagwell
    Ken Bagwell 20 October, 2021, 23:57

    Kirk has a new LT that's enhancing his superpowers.

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  20. Lil Pherbert
    Lil Pherbert 21 October, 2021, 03:01

    Kirk is playing like a top 6-7 QB right now. It sucks that others on the team are letting him down now. Really the Vikings should be Atleast 5-1 with the bs fumble week 1 and Joseph missing against the cardinals. Kirk is the man now

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  21. Lil Pherbert
    Lil Pherbert 21 October, 2021, 03:03

    Kirk is straight balling but I know our kicker is gonna lose him more games. He was honestly rly bad against Carolina. He wasn’t even close on those last 2 FGs and the one against the cardinals is inexcusable as well.

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  22. William Butcher
    William Butcher 21 October, 2021, 03:13

    If he keeps it up, he's one of the best offensive players of the year

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  23. nowledge
    nowledge 21 October, 2021, 08:16


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  24. June Nathan
    June Nathan 21 October, 2021, 09:40

    SKOOOOOLLL VIKINGS WOOHOOO!!!. There are some qb's who gotta have a stout o line to function well. Kirk is one of them along with Tua. (Remeber when tua was behind alabamas o line) Mr J Kreuger, We want to see a film breakdown on FIRST ROUND PICK CHRISTIAN DARRISAW, the bigger Rashawn Slater basically (in my vikings minded biased/not biased, opinion) since this is only his second game but the guy is a rock of ages

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  25. John Q
    John Q 21 October, 2021, 11:07

    With that new brick wall rookie LT, Kirk's gonna get even nastier.

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  26. Eloy Anzualda
    Eloy Anzualda 21 October, 2021, 11:21

    Can you talk about Darrisaw?

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  27. Jones Williams
    Jones Williams 21 October, 2021, 19:37

    Why did the browns defense make him look awful yet they look HORRENDOUS vs everyone else ?! 😭

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  28. Anthony Cendejas
    Anthony Cendejas 21 October, 2021, 22:49

    Our new LT is going to be very good Kirk had clean pockets all day against the panthers but ik it’s a lot of football left to be played SKOL

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  29. Victor Lozano
    Victor Lozano 21 October, 2021, 22:52

    Dak Prescott will out play him in two weeks

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