The Miami Dolphins Report w/ Omar Kelly 10 18 2021

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  1. Phin-Addict Fury with Larry K.
    Phin-Addict Fury with Larry K. 18 October, 2021, 18:16

    Big O dropping knowledge again. Agree

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  2. smasher50
    smasher50 18 October, 2021, 18:22

    what's with Dolphin fans , don't you see a dead horse.You just keep beating this non directional team hoping to bring it back to life.after six games its obvious that this horse just has no life. Sorry to say its time again to wipe the slate clean and start over.this time around start off with the front office first . if you look at any good team they have a very good front office.from president of operations ,general manager down to coaches.if you don't have this your not going nowhere

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  3. yu dodis
    yu dodis 18 October, 2021, 18:26

    I’m not changing my expectations. I want 10 wins this year. I don’t give a damn how u get there, just get there

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  4. Anwar Deluna
    Anwar Deluna 18 October, 2021, 18:30

    I never understood why Flo didn't bring in a Wade Phillips or someone with head coaching experience in the first year besides Caldwell?

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  5. Josh Sackett
    Josh Sackett 18 October, 2021, 18:56

    Omar says “I won’t call that ass hole, Camflo.” 🤣🤣🤣

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  6. William Ko
    William Ko 18 October, 2021, 19:02

    Omar is on his knees in front of Flo. Crystal clear.

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  7. Chad Hickes
    Chad Hickes 18 October, 2021, 19:03

    Why is Big O and Omar arguing over Mike Geiseki not running to the first down markers?! That is receiver 101.

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  8. Vivian Martin
    Vivian Martin 18 October, 2021, 19:22

    Good morning football one of the guys sais tua should be traded because of that interception it was terrible thing you've ever seen. Trevor Lawrence threw a freaking interception.was that a beauiful interception?

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  9. Tony Risi
    Tony Risi 18 October, 2021, 19:42


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  10. Ronvega00
    Ronvega00 18 October, 2021, 19:44

    Omar Kelly is tge 'bright' dude that sold us Tua as a generational QB. Tua might still make a jealous a QB IF he stays healthy which is a truly big IF,but a GENERATIONAL QB? Only o. Omar's crack dream. As to Grier just drafting ignore a d Jackso. Gets him not only fired ut ki ked out of football, and of the draft was all xonsensus the Fire them all

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  11. . Polo
    . Polo 18 October, 2021, 19:49

    Cam Flo? Are you serious dude with the disrespect? …. Big O you were on flo’s nuts and now you pulled a completely 360 so quick dude.

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  12. J-Boy
    J-Boy 18 October, 2021, 19:49

    I’m done this man said Devante Parker is tough 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

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  13. Harry Gayton
    Harry Gayton 18 October, 2021, 19:57

    Flo got rid of coaching threats it seems! AND NOBODY is lining up to go to south Florida

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  14. Humble Legend
    Humble Legend 18 October, 2021, 20:00

    Big O is dead right, Tua just needs an offensive coordinator who actually WANTS him and will call plays to use his talent properly!

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  15. Spicy Claros
    Spicy Claros 18 October, 2021, 20:12

    Nick saban

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  16. Justin Figueroa
    Justin Figueroa 18 October, 2021, 20:16

    We've had the 4th most difficult schedule so far, moving forward we have the 31st. Games should be won.

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  17. Sports Media
    Sports Media 18 October, 2021, 20:21

    My thing is with Tua any qb can look good against Jacksonville these days. A good test with Tua will be in 2 weeks at Buffalo. Let’s not forget what happened the last time he was there.

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  18. Sports Media
    Sports Media 18 October, 2021, 20:29

    Travis Kelce called Mike G a top 5 TE I’ll take kelce word over Kelly’s any day.

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  19. AKWBeats
    AKWBeats 18 October, 2021, 20:43

    Anybody who play Madden would have seen that play coming.

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  20. Christopher Powell
    Christopher Powell 18 October, 2021, 20:46

    Yeah the coaches did it last year but they're not doing it this year our backs are against the wall either put up or shut up

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  21. heyyoitsmebrian
    heyyoitsmebrian 18 October, 2021, 20:47

    ya gotta Stick with Flores …… they messed up by signing a boatload of guys in 2020 and then moving on from them after only 1 season. shaq lawson i understand … but Van Noy they shoulda kept. these guys have/had a team chemistry and you need Vets on the team, not all rookies. ESP on the O-line….. shoulda kept Flowers. if Tua was healthy all those games i think they win that Raider game and Colt game.

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  22. heyyoitsmebrian
    heyyoitsmebrian 18 October, 2021, 20:49

    plus Shawn Peyton who everyone thinks is a top 5 coach had multiple 7-9 seasons until they drafted Alvin Kamera and Lattimore. should they have fired Peyton???

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  23. . Polo
    . Polo 18 October, 2021, 20:50

    23:17 – FACTS OMAR … what I’ve been saying the past three weeks about Big O… and a lot of other dolphins fans.

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  24. Joe Flynn
    Joe Flynn 18 October, 2021, 20:51


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  25. Ron
    Ron 18 October, 2021, 20:51

    Mike Gesicki besides Tua is the only one playing with fire🔥 and emotion.

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  26. Will Cronan
    Will Cronan 18 October, 2021, 21:30

    Paul Langford…One the many picks relegated to the ash heap if Dolphin mediocrity.

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  27. AquaOrange1
    AquaOrange1 18 October, 2021, 22:49

    I def don't think Flores is worse than Cam Cameron 😀. What he did year 1 with practice players and year 2 with overall defense was impressive. Where he deserves 100% of the blame is not finding the right OC, OL coach, as well as getting rid of guys like KVN, Lawson, Flowers, Karrass after just 1 season. Players who were a big reason we won 10 games at year. Theres no doubt Flores is to blame but bcuz of what he did last 2 seasons I think u gotta give him a fair chance to bounce back, he earned it.

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  28. AquaOrange1
    AquaOrange1 18 October, 2021, 22:53

    Our offense looked better but defense sucked! The only hope on offense is that Tua only played 2 games, not counting Bills game. The OL had a best game of the season so far protecting the QB and this OL unit only played 2 games together. So hopefully they build off that and get better. If Tua plays good rest of the season, one or both of the OCs might be back next year. But if the OCs continue to struggle than u either gotta find and sign legit experienced OC to run the offense. At the very least I'd go after top OL coaches and see if u can lure them in to Miami.

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  29. dolfan1993
    dolfan1993 19 October, 2021, 00:38

    You spent half the fucking show arguing over Gesicki! So damn annoying

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  30. jagpack18
    jagpack18 19 October, 2021, 00:41

    I love when Omar and O get into it. Keep it real

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  31. Slickrickdog411
    Slickrickdog411 19 October, 2021, 00:44

    Paul Langford best play was a 44 yard return from a Interception vs. the Jets in a Monday Night game in 87. Paul wasn't a high pick so don't understand why they used to bash him. He had 4.49 speed long arms could jump but couldn't play the ball you're right. His son was in the draft as a receiver a few years ago but wasn't drafted..

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  32. xFATALx
    xFATALx 19 October, 2021, 00:45


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  33. Ron
    Ron 19 October, 2021, 01:00

    I trade Devante Parker to the Saints for whatever we can get. I cut Fuller and get the 10m back and bring Bowden off of IR. Trade Howard to the Cardinals for LB Isaiah Simmons and start Needham outside and let Holland play the slot.

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  34. Senatra 305
    Senatra 305 19 October, 2021, 06:17

    Sheen breaks down because he gives his all and he actually blocks. Gesicki blocks scared to get hurt. They ask gesicki to run route not block unlike shaheem. Shaheem can't play because they ask him to block he can't with bad shoulder.

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  35. Raw Benz
    Raw Benz 19 October, 2021, 07:24

    STINKY FINGERS !!!!! That was the best 👌

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  36. Lance Mcdonald
    Lance Mcdonald 19 October, 2021, 07:45

    I see jacob makes brain fart he's the worst tua doez happens y'all hypocrite

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  37. Jim Klinder
    Jim Klinder 19 October, 2021, 12:11

    Coach Flo has never been a coordinator. He's a rookie head coach and did a nice job with the team the past two seasons. As a lifelong Dolphins fan and a decent human being, I'm willing to give him some leeway. I'm hopeful that he will evolve into OUR coach. We need a couple good veteran coordinators that will give him solid support and advice, which is problematic given how Chan was treated last year.

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  38. Marcus Frazier
    Marcus Frazier 19 October, 2021, 12:45

    Karl Dorrell too

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  39. Marcus Frazier
    Marcus Frazier 19 October, 2021, 12:55

    And fire the man that his busts still play in the league? Rare to see him draft a guy that never plays in the league.

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  40. Paul Copertino
    Paul Copertino 19 October, 2021, 13:21

    I miss last year when our D actually hit people and tackled.

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  41. deebee0712
    deebee0712 19 October, 2021, 13:30

    Just because a player can block,,,that's insane to think that's what toughness is about. Gesicki gets a pass because he's a, imo, phenomenal TE

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  42. Google User
    Google User 19 October, 2021, 16:26

    TUA LOOKED BETTER BECAUSE HE WAS PLAYING AGAINST A TEAM THAT WOULD HAVE DIFFICULTY BEATING A GOOD HIGHSCHOOL TEAM! TUA BLOWS!!!!! And how good is 2 touchdowns and one INT against such a team? He didn't play that well in reality.

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  43. Daniel Vaughn
    Daniel Vaughn 19 October, 2021, 18:04

    I'd like to see Omar tell Gesicki that to his face. LOL Omar has a REALLY limited definition of tough if that's all his is…"holding my position"…smfh…get real Omar. You're ignorance is showing.

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  44. lulu leaes
    lulu leaes 19 October, 2021, 18:25

    We should win the next with the healthy of our other players.

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  45. S. Harris
    S. Harris 19 October, 2021, 21:32

    Omar all over the place with Tua.

    "The problem is compared to 2019 they don't have efficient QB play" next sentence "they had effecient Qb play yesterday"

    "Tua looked good he looked like he wasn't part of the problem"

    "Take those two plays out he's probably a top rated QB"

    "Tua wasn't part of the problem "

    Next line "don't make.excuses for mediocre QB play" 🤣🤣

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  46. Real Truth
    Real Truth 19 October, 2021, 22:23

    Flo has to act that way guys. That's the narrative for Miami, they stink. We've had 5 head coaches since 2005 & none of them could get an offensive line except when it blew up with a big mouth calling out a gay. Step back& look at it, our narrative is to stink. We haven't gotten won a SB for 50yrs & won't for another 50yrs

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  47. WebDev Dude
    WebDev Dude 19 October, 2021, 22:33

    CamFlo is a keeper

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  48. Rob Salwinski
    Rob Salwinski 20 October, 2021, 05:20

    B.Flobin hahah

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  49. sav1200gs
    sav1200gs 20 October, 2021, 08:10

    The solution to Flo's problems.. Skanky fingers 😂😂 brilliant Big O.

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  50. Roger Minnema
    Roger Minnema 20 October, 2021, 12:44

    🤣🤣🤣 Now it’s the coaching again🤣🤣🤣 WE HAVE NO TALENT and all the blame is on Chris Grier. Dude has only 3 pro bowlers drafted since 2015. Howard, Gesicki, Sanders, Parker and now Waddle are the only good players we have. Look how many free agents Chris signed last year and traded for the are not on this team. CHRIS GRIER IS THE PROBLEM……..🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Omar Kelly still thinking Tannehill sucks and couldn’t get it done is quite hilarious 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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