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  1. Tourettes Guy
    Tourettes Guy 18 October, 2021, 08:22

    Patricia MaHomies will get beat like a rented mule by Tom Brady and the Buccaneers again in the Superbowl!

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    LAMONT WATERS 18 October, 2021, 08:25

    Everytime I hear Patrick Mahomes talk I just sit there waiting on him to say, where's Miss Piggy?

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  3. G O
    G O 18 October, 2021, 08:26

    getting 3 turnovers n only scoring 13 is tuff

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  4. andreas jalkander
    andreas jalkander 18 October, 2021, 08:27

    Hahahah nick wright is the worst🥱🤣

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  5. Bills Mafia Member India
    Bills Mafia Member India 18 October, 2021, 08:34

    Nick can never evaluate without wearing red specs

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  6. J1538
    J1538 18 October, 2021, 08:42

    Wilds kids must whisper Latin in his ear randomly and scare the crap out of him lol

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  7. Zev Royce
    Zev Royce 18 October, 2021, 08:47

    When cowboys beat bad teams they get no credit cheifs do it and they are favorites????

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  8. Allen Taylor
    Allen Taylor 18 October, 2021, 08:49

    Nick is such a tool

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  9. Nathaniel Medina
    Nathaniel Medina 18 October, 2021, 08:54

    All of a sudden chiefs receivers can’t catch that first int wasn’t his fault but the second one that was just dumb by mahomes

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  10. Chris Newburn
    Chris Newburn 18 October, 2021, 08:57

    Jenny has Bobby Brown jaw.

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  11. K.Y.N.G GeeChee
    K.Y.N.G GeeChee 18 October, 2021, 08:57

    Cowboys play Eagles they beat no o e Chiefs beat the football team it's a great win 🤔

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  12. Devin Williams
    Devin Williams 18 October, 2021, 08:58

    Nick lol stop it's washington. There not back yet

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  13. Robester D
    Robester D 18 October, 2021, 09:28

    Mahomes was doing some special special stuff in this game

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  14. daquan beamon
    daquan beamon 18 October, 2021, 09:37

    It was Washington

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  15. B Favz
    B Favz 18 October, 2021, 09:54

    Hey Nick get Mahomes meat package out your mouth sheesh

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  16. Baby Goat
    Baby Goat 18 October, 2021, 10:18

    Man nick always talking in the background dam stfu 🤬

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  17. CJ Turner
    CJ Turner 18 October, 2021, 10:30

    Patrick Mahomes Threw 2 Interceptions
    But Hey,If Brady Would Of Done That And Came Back,Nick Hater Would Of Still Downed Him

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  18. Chris Pregot
    Chris Pregot 18 October, 2021, 11:25

    whispers " I care about em" haha

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  19. Detravion Washington
    Detravion Washington 18 October, 2021, 12:44

    Kermit the frog voice

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  20. shadowbanned
    shadowbanned 18 October, 2021, 15:48

    Yiddish is not a ancient language Jenna. How about sumerian?

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  21. Jayson Terry
    Jayson Terry 19 October, 2021, 03:15

    I mean mahomes could throw 4 picks and they would still blame the defence

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  22. Dwayne jack
    Dwayne jack 19 October, 2021, 06:19

    Because of the economic crisis and the rate of unemployment, now is the best time to invest and make money 💯

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