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  1. Juwan Buchanan
    Juwan Buchanan 18 October, 2021, 15:22

    It's like some of us have selective memories. 😂

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  2. Youtube GM
    Youtube GM 18 October, 2021, 15:53

    Yo Mobby! You almost at 5K subs. We need to get your ass 5K subs because you're the best.

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  3. E Tonomus
    E Tonomus 18 October, 2021, 15:55

    Stop with all the negativity…if ANYONE thought this season was going to be winning games with a bunch of undrafted players & no star players … then just go jump off a BRIDGE OR building.. this fan base is so stupid.. yal always want instant success & never let a regime build a quality team .. JUST A BUNCH OF KOOL AID DRINKING RETARDS.

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  4. Marshall Sumner
    Marshall Sumner 18 October, 2021, 15:59

    This is that kick in ass, told you so about this team that a lot of fans need

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  5. PrideTimeB
    PrideTimeB 18 October, 2021, 16:05

    Gotta give respect where respect is due 💯
    Called it from Day 1

    Give this man his respect 😤

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  6. Edward Jr
    Edward Jr 18 October, 2021, 16:17

    "Ahhhh, the facts are strong with this one." (Pai Mei voice)

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  7. Lion Rumble 81
    Lion Rumble 81 18 October, 2021, 16:21

    This is hilarious facts and flaming the LIONS! I love it! This is much needed!

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  8. smoky orbit
    smoky orbit 18 October, 2021, 16:28

    Loved the rant at the end

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  9. Jeff Harns
    Jeff Harns 18 October, 2021, 16:38

    Thank you so much for your content. I have learned so much from you especially when you break down games. Although I will have to respectfully disagree with you on the rebuild process. I believe you should wait until 2023 to draft a quarterback. That way you can have him on a 5 year rookie deal and hopefully you will have all the other pieces in place. Giving him the best chance to win. And thank you so much for watching your language. I really appreciate that 🙂

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  10. Camping in the forest
    Camping in the forest 18 October, 2021, 16:51

    Dude you made a whole "Told you so!" Video, didn't need to remind me…I told you back then, Kool aid tastes good! How bout them Lions?

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  11. apocalypse_559
    apocalypse_559 18 October, 2021, 16:56

    S.O.L We ain't never going to be a contender team. And many years to come on continuous years of losing. No disrespect, but Goffs trash. I gave him the benefit of a doubt. But no more.

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  12. Greg Charley
    Greg Charley 18 October, 2021, 16:58

    You know I been waiting for you to make a video like this

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  13. Lionspride 99
    Lionspride 99 18 October, 2021, 17:00

    Mobby is a Detroit lions prophet😂😂😂 guy doesn’t miss

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  14. Kevin Alexander
    Kevin Alexander 18 October, 2021, 17:18

    I'm a late subscriber and I'm glad to be subscribed.

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  15. Simp Skylark
    Simp Skylark 18 October, 2021, 17:28

    Teryl Austin should’ve been our head coach. He should’ve been our head coach after Caldwell and he should’ve been brought back for the new regime.

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  16. Simp Skylark
    Simp Skylark 18 October, 2021, 17:34

    Brad Holmes was secretly paid by the rams to apply for the Detroit GM position and Send Jared goofs terrible contract for Mathews stafford to Detroit. The rams added 3 picks just to make it seem believable

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  17. Camden
    Camden 18 October, 2021, 17:43

    Mobbydamus 💪🏾💪🏾

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  18. Honolulu Blue Sparty
    Honolulu Blue Sparty 18 October, 2021, 17:50

    Spot on Mobby ! I admit it…I was excited and hopeful for Goff….come to Detroit and prove everyone wrong. I was trippin…now I’m really pissed we extended his bad deal and won’t be able to trade him for a bag of chips. What was Brad Holmes smokin’. He was that close to Jared and still believed in him? Extend the contract before he earns it….what?

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  19. CH
    CH 18 October, 2021, 18:05

    I’m honestly concerned you’re waisting your time on this.

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  20. Chris Mason
    Chris Mason 18 October, 2021, 18:06

    Film above feelings. Y’all called it

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    NOT A LIONS FAN, BUT 18 October, 2021, 18:12

    My man Dan Campbell is a matured version of Matt Patricia

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  22. Steven Vargo
    Steven Vargo 18 October, 2021, 18:27

    Okay, can you throw out some "experienced" coaching candidate other than Marvin Lewis who's a 9-win coach at max? It's easy to point out the problem, without providing any solutions.

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  23. Kel
    Kel 18 October, 2021, 18:45

    Wait until the season is over before patting yourself on the back. I am pretty sure you did not predict all these injuries and close losses. For now you look like Nostradamus to some, but your predictions was based on a team that should have fielded all their starters and would lose most of their games. That did not happen. Worse than that has happened. No team can win with what has happened to the Lions that has so called lack of talent. The Lions are a M.A.S.H. unit or a band of Sick Bay Commandos in which nobody predicted. If you had predicted all that, then you are THE MAN, but at least wait to the end of the season. Any bum that did not watch film could have predicted the Lions would be bad this season. And since the season is lost by your determination there is no need to watch games. Just let the Kool- Aid drinkers suffer the doom of losing every week. But I will say this, you do a great job of breaking down film and is very entertaining at times. PEACE !

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  24. senoir butta
    senoir butta 18 October, 2021, 18:49

    @DERGOMOBBY PRESENTS LIONSCAM  who shouldve the lions hired as a new hc to begin with?

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  25. bloo12356
    bloo12356 18 October, 2021, 19:45

    Mobby is never wrong. Or if he is wrong, we'd be better off if he was right. Thats why I stick around for so long

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  26. Drew Soss
    Drew Soss 18 October, 2021, 19:47

    Mobby a physic 😂 He really predicted everything before it happened

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  27. Larry youguessame
    Larry youguessame 18 October, 2021, 20:01

    10 times receivers open 20 yards downfield Goof throws a 2 yard dumpoff 🤦‍♂️

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  28. Nick Fox
    Nick Fox 18 October, 2021, 21:37

    Mike Valenti ass 😂

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  29. AL DAVIS
    AL DAVIS 18 October, 2021, 22:22

    23:25 holy shid, if we had a young talent search for a year, instead we continue to do old has-been signings for another decade. 👴🏿

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  30. Ken2win
    Ken2win 18 October, 2021, 23:34

    Goff is A$$! He don’t care about winning or losing he’s rich 🤑 30 million a year I wouldn’t be mad either

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  31. WeezyD313
    WeezyD313 19 October, 2021, 02:09

    I fuck w it.. Sauce Gardner #1 overall 🤷🏾‍♂️

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  32. Rx Kharx
    Rx Kharx 19 October, 2021, 03:40

    I’m gonna make the league respect the Lions on Madden 22 😁

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  33. MARC Dr&co
    MARC Dr&co 19 October, 2021, 06:25

    The coaching ain’t bad jarred Goff is trash and Patricia and Quinn set them back for a few years we all knew this was going to be a bad year but Goff is worst than I thought but you right Dan did hype it up

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  34. Jake King
    Jake King 19 October, 2021, 09:13

    Mobby for GM

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  35. kdoggg
    kdoggg 19 October, 2021, 09:59

    mobstradamus strikes again, the realist shit I heard. Talk that shit my g

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  36. big mike
    big mike 19 October, 2021, 11:59

    Mobby you gone get your respect one day bro

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  37. Marshall Miller
    Marshall Miller 19 October, 2021, 18:33

    I have no problems with staff right now. I don’t like Goff and Will Harris . We have lost multiple games because of those two players.

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  38. Wynston Williams
    Wynston Williams 19 October, 2021, 19:12

    As a Vikings fan I like your Chanel bro keep up the good work G 💪🏾💪🏾

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  39. Bronze56K
    Bronze56K 19 October, 2021, 23:25

    The difference between the Lions and Red Wings: Steve Yzerman actually told the fanbase that we’re gonna be ass for a few years and we’ve gotten better every year since.

    The Lions are scared to say this openly because they need that ticket money

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  40. Kevin Hicks [Substitutes]
    Kevin Hicks [Substitutes] 20 October, 2021, 00:53

    I hate to think about if we make the trade with Carolina and get that 8th pick, with the 7th we still take sewell and with the 8th we take Justin fields, maybe golladay resign cuz of fields with hockenson ready to ball and swift ready to take that next step 😔😔😒😒. I wish we could have nice things 💀😥

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