1. Lucas Films
    Lucas Films 17 October, 2021, 15:10

    He just got 17 points for me…saved my fantasy team.

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  2. JahNuhThun Dee The One And Only
    JahNuhThun Dee The One And Only 17 October, 2021, 15:11

    Texans are really gonna pull a 2020 Jaguars: win their first game then lose the rest

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  3. HalloweenSponge
    HalloweenSponge 17 October, 2021, 15:11


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  4. Retro-IImmortal
    Retro-IImmortal 17 October, 2021, 15:11

    Top 8 RB in the league don’t @ me

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  5. Rofik Nuzren
    Rofik Nuzren 17 October, 2021, 15:13

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    NEXT GEN PRODUCTIONS 17 October, 2021, 15:13

    Jonathan Taylor is a Dark Horse for OPOTY

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  7. PAC
    PAC 17 October, 2021, 15:13

    I hope Wentz can keep proving his haters wrong. He's not a bad QB at all in my opinion.

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  8. Maio nayz
    Maio nayz 17 October, 2021, 15:13

    You know your coach loves his players when he gives them the touchdown when they deserve it

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  9. Casey Magee
    Casey Magee 17 October, 2021, 15:14

    The fantasy gods hate me

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  10. Lockie T
    Lockie T 17 October, 2021, 15:14

    If Pitman was half-assed with the blocking that would have been a TD. This is why you get WRs that can actually block too…

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  11. T Movchan
    T Movchan 17 October, 2021, 15:17

    I remember people spouting how Wentz is done and hurts is da man. I dont hear too many people sayin' that anymore !!!!! Looks like philly be "hurtin'"… love it !!!!

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  12. Purav Shah
    Purav Shah 17 October, 2021, 15:18

    i swear to god if i get another Gronk USAA add imma riot

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  13. bruce lau
    bruce lau 17 October, 2021, 15:19

    Hopefully Carson Wentz can still continue to doubt those haters wrong , cause man if he can still maintain this, shoot this might be the Carson Wentz of old

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  14. baseballboy447
    baseballboy447 17 October, 2021, 15:19


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  15. Erick
    Erick 17 October, 2021, 15:19

    Spread the Gospel Repent from sin and give your life to Jesus and God

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  16. thedarkemissary
    thedarkemissary 17 October, 2021, 15:20

    Wentz's best plays are handoffs. Facts.

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  17. Simon'e
    Simon'e 17 October, 2021, 15:25

    Man is better than derrick henry

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  18. Hotticket
    Hotticket 17 October, 2021, 15:30

    Texans couldn’t beat many college teams.

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  19. John_Mark
    John_Mark 17 October, 2021, 15:30

    yeahhhh taylor to score….yes💰💰

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  20. DSR317
    DSR317 17 October, 2021, 15:33

    Colts win out rest of regular season…make playoffs.

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  21. LuckyDude
    LuckyDude 17 October, 2021, 15:36

    Texans defense demonstrates how not to tackle.

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  22. Michael Hughes
    Michael Hughes 17 October, 2021, 15:38

    Good job letting Taylor finish what he started.

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  23. Allen Bass
    Allen Bass 17 October, 2021, 15:48

    Take Culley back Baltimore.

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  24. Chio
    Chio 17 October, 2021, 16:03

    Learn how to block 11

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  25. Certified Yam Inspector-DaddySmokesYams
    Certified Yam Inspector-DaddySmokesYams 17 October, 2021, 16:12

    Pittman with that weak ass block

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  26. John F Gray
    John F Gray 17 October, 2021, 16:12

    Tannyhill was injury prone early in his career in Miami, but seems to have been better in Tennessee, so it can happen

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  27. b t s n
    b t s n 17 October, 2021, 16:15

    massive week from taylor. feed him more

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  28. Stanley Ezen
    Stanley Ezen 17 October, 2021, 16:16

    This kid is special. I used him in madden with the Bucs and he kept getting yardage after yardage

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  29. R • CASH
    R • CASH 17 October, 2021, 16:34

    Best in the game 🔥

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  30. Lucas S
    Lucas S 17 October, 2021, 16:53

    Too easy!

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  31. TappatopShotta
    TappatopShotta 17 October, 2021, 17:35

    Pittman Jr. blocking was horrible

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  32. cyclopean_ʌV
    cyclopean_ʌV 17 October, 2021, 19:21

    I still can't believe this dude wasn't taken in the top 10-12

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  33. Bleuda
    Bleuda 17 October, 2021, 20:18

    Best Running Back through 3 years in the history of a college football! Glad to see it translating to the pros.

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    SUBZZRO 18 October, 2021, 01:19

    See Frank? That’s what happens if you let Jonathan Taylor run the damn ball!

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