1. Las Vegas Raiders Report w/ Mitchell Renz

    Should the Raiders hire Eric Bieniemy?

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  2. Dante Nappi
    Dante Nappi 17 October, 2021, 06:02


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  3. Michael Elias
    Michael Elias 17 October, 2021, 06:23

    Iam sorry but with Greg Olsen play calling and our terrible oline Raiders are going to lose! We cant stop the run and stupid penalties at crucial times are killing us.

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  4. WSC
    WSC 17 October, 2021, 06:25

    Pass on Sleeping With Bieniemy.

    And replace Chucky heads with Madden BOOMs !!

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  5. Micky Bloo
    Micky Bloo 17 October, 2021, 06:57

    Let’s just say it, we were saved from Gruden by Gruden himself. I agree it wasn’t likely he’d bring a sb to Vegas with his stake playbook. It was being felt for the last 12 months anyway

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  6. Gold Tau
    Gold Tau 17 October, 2021, 07:42

    Anywhere but that trash organization. That team died with Al

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  7. Jay Wash
    Jay Wash 17 October, 2021, 07:45

    Just win baby's is corny as hell…do the raider skulls

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  8. Danny Flowers Jr
    Danny Flowers Jr 17 October, 2021, 08:00

    2 No, keep Mayock

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  9. Jumping Jackjeebs
    Jumping Jackjeebs 17 October, 2021, 08:10


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  10. D Filipino
    D Filipino 17 October, 2021, 08:28

    No why

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  11. Josh Benakovich
    Josh Benakovich 17 October, 2021, 09:46

    The next 2 QB draft classes are going to suck. We need to keep Carr

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  12. John Overdorf
    John Overdorf 17 October, 2021, 10:08


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  13. My 2-Cents
    My 2-Cents 17 October, 2021, 11:30

    Mayock being fired would be a sign Mark Davis was over the Gruden 2.0 project.

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  14. Derek Rogers
    Derek Rogers 17 October, 2021, 12:06

    Derek Carr needs to light a fire under his team and make them move or get burned

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  15. Derek Rogers
    Derek Rogers 17 October, 2021, 12:10

    Wahlberg burgers

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  16. Derek Rogers
    Derek Rogers 17 October, 2021, 12:11

    Watson was partying and he didn't tip so the lady's want compensation 😆

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  17. K.e. Nownlane
    K.e. Nownlane 17 October, 2021, 12:42

    Everybody acting funny but if we get Eric Bienemy we going straight to the super bowl

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  18. K.e. Nownlane
    K.e. Nownlane 17 October, 2021, 12:45

    Yeah I think if we get a new coach I think car is gone because at the end of the day car he not really mobile and that's what the NFL is going to and if we get Eric bienimy maybe car stays but I think if we get a new head coach car is gone

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  19. K.e. Nownlane
    K.e. Nownlane 17 October, 2021, 12:47

    But that's what I'm saying the NFL needs to stop it don't matter about the money you see how I even white people think they got money that's not what we talking about if you're not going to run this situation right it don't even need to be a NFL that's the whole point it don't matter about the money and see that's the problem that's how the NFL got y'all thinking y'all don't have no other hustles it's nothing else for y'all to do because all you think of oh they got money they going to take care of us get your own thing going

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  20. Hayward Kelly
    Hayward Kelly 17 October, 2021, 12:57


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  21. Gillbert Moses Jefferson
    Gillbert Moses Jefferson 17 October, 2021, 13:07

    Ben Roethlisberger was accused in a rape and he is still in the league

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  22. Di4ANIMAL
    Di4ANIMAL 17 October, 2021, 14:52

    OMG… why … now Raiders have to hire a Black Coach..
    How about Hire the best person for the Job.. Raiders have lead the way for Minorities in office and Coaching Positions.
    Stop the madness ..

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  23. coty witcraft
    coty witcraft 17 October, 2021, 14:53

    Shouldn’t have lost his job if he didn’t work for the nfl at the time.

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  24. Calvin Spencer
    Calvin Spencer 17 October, 2021, 17:22

    We can win with what we have right now.worry about the now, not what's to come.

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  25. ewinfrey1977
    ewinfrey1977 17 October, 2021, 18:58

    No to Bienemy. Raiders wont hire him because of his past and that's why no other team will either. Only the Chiefs dont care about the past and don't say anything about Gruden the Raiders didn't know

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  26. Cecilia Kaminski
    Cecilia Kaminski 19 October, 2021, 14:58

    Gray and proud of it , If Rich Bisaccia won his first Game as a Head coach let him carry out the season, If it's not Broken what are they try to fix, as AL would say Just WIN BABY. From RAIDER's pass time winning three SUPER BOWL RINGS. If RAIDERS OFFENCE and DEFENCE keep playing when beating DENVER they looked like RAIDERS pass. RAIDERS have what it takes go for glory victory the RING.

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  27. Denny Carroll
    Denny Carroll 19 October, 2021, 16:14

    You think gruden had to go is your life perfect you never said or did anything

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  28. Denny Carroll
    Denny Carroll 19 October, 2021, 16:15

    Want to bet Al Davis has said worst then that

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  29. louren velasco
    louren velasco 19 October, 2021, 16:25

    JG was the patse for the NFL dirty laundry, notice, none of these 600thou. Are available to the public! Nor the reply 's this is NOT due process! I know Gruden likes to do some 🍸 drinking, and for sure said some bad shit, why isn't the NFL releasing those emails? Cause they do contain some terrible shit about them Godel needs to go too

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  30. louren velasco
    louren velasco 19 October, 2021, 16:26

    Wait till the end of the year to talk about the head coach

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  31. louren velasco
    louren velasco 19 October, 2021, 16:36

    About Mayock; I want to see the next draft, without a Gruden influence, I do believe Mayock is most like AL, picks the most talented regardless of anything else, and values character

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  32. t perry
    t perry 19 October, 2021, 17:29

    Hire the guy you have right now

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  33. Ponciano Vizcaino
    Ponciano Vizcaino 20 October, 2021, 07:55


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  34. Cristian espinoza
    Cristian espinoza 21 October, 2021, 21:02


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  35. BP Lup
    BP Lup 21 October, 2021, 21:27

    You got my click now I'm heading out.

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  36. MR. BEAR
    MR. BEAR 22 October, 2021, 13:31

    BIENIEMY will not come to Vegas he has a assault charge on a woman so cancel him out!!!

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